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Maleli Bula
Derek Flynn

Harlequins v Awatere. Awatere Fullback Maleli Bula goes over for a try.

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Wednesday, October 15:

5.45pm Rapaura Drylands One v Grove Tavern Grovetown, Rapaura (1, 2, 3, 4)

5.45pm Rapaura Drylands Two v Forrest Marlborough Blades, Marlborough (12, 13, 14, 15)

5.45pm Renwick Whitehaven Two v Forrest Marlborough Bulldogs, Marlborough (6, 7, 8, 9)

5.45pm Renwick Whitehaven One v Forrest Marlborough Stars, Marlborough (3, 4, 5, 10)

President's grade

Week 1

Tuesday, October 14

Division 1: Grovetown Top Shelf v Marlborough McRobies Marl 6 and 7; Rapaura Drylands v Rapaura Shiraz, Rapaura 3 and 4, if wet Spring Creek; Renwick Gold v Rapaura Viognier, Marl 8 and 9.

Division 2: Marlborough Oddfellows Bye; Rapaura Gewurtztraminer v Marlborough Swallows Marl 3 and 4; Rapaura Newhawkes v Picton Power, Marl 5 and 10; Marlborough Swifts v Rapaura Pinot, Marl 1 and 2.

Division 3: Grovetown Groovers v Renwick Rebels, Renwick; Rapaura Matadors v Rapaura Sauvignon, Rapaura 5 and 6, if wet Springlands School; Renwick Re-Strung Bye; Rapaura Gladiators v Rapaura Mighty Four, Rapaura 1 and 2, if wet MGC 7 and 8.

Division 4: Rapaura Riesling v Marlborough Bjorn Again, Marl 15 and 16; Grovetown Turf and Tackle v Marlborough Deuce Bags, Grovetown; Rapaura Chardonnay v Marlborough Four, Marl 13 and 14.

Tuesday, October 21

Week 2

Division 1: Rapaura Viognier v Grovetown Top Shelf, Rapaura 1 and 2, if wet Spring Creek; Rapaura Shiraz v Renwick Gold, Marl 3 and 4; Rapaura Drylands v Marlborough McRobies, Marl 8 and 9.

Division 2: Marlborough Swifts Bye; Marlborough Swallows v Rapaura Newhawkes, Marl 6 and 7; Marlborough Oddfellows v Picton Power, Picton (QCC); Rapaura Pinot v Rapaura Gewurtztraminer, Rapaura 3 and 4, if wet Springlands School.

Division 3: Rapaura Mighty Four bye; Rapaura Sauvignon v Grovetown Groovers, Grovetown; Renwick Re-Strung v Renwick Rebels, Renwick; Rapaura Matadors v Rapaura Gladiators, Rapaura 5 and 6, if wet MGC 7 and 8; Rapaura Chardonnay v Marlborough Deuce Bags, Marl 1 and 2.

Division 4: Rapaura Riesling v Marlborough Four, Marl 5 and 10; Grovetown Turf and Tackle v Marlborough Bjorn Again, Marl 15 and 16.

Thump Sport Primary School Tennis Competition

Grading Day, Saturday, October 18.

Division 1 (all matches at 10.15am)

Renwick Aces v Bohally Nadals, MTC 6 & 7; St Marys Tahi v Rapaura Aces, Rapaura Tennis Club 1 & 2 (if wet MGC 3 & 4). Fairhall Aces v Renwick Top Spin, MTC 8 & 9.

Division 2 (all matches at 8.45am)

Bohally Bumble Bees v St Marys Rua MTC 6 & 7; Tua Marina Nadals v Rapaura Slices, MTC 8 & 9; Fairhall Smashers v Renwick Grandslams, Renwick Tennis Club; Renwick Slammers v Witherlea Aces Witherlea; Springlands Keas Bye.

Division 3 (all matches at 10.15am)

Bohally SEEZ v Witherlea Legends, Witherlea School; Bohally Aces v Springlands Moas no match, Springlands defaulting; Fairhall Federer v Riverlands Aces, MTC 10 & 16; Fairhall Flames v Renwick Spinners MTC 12 & 13; St Marys Toru v Renwick Volleys, Renwick Tennis Club; QCC Kuini Harata Tama v Redwoodtown Hot Shots, MTC 14 & 15; QCC Kuini Harata Kotiro v Rapaura Volleys, Rapaura 3 & 4 (if wet Spring Creek).

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Division 4a (all matches at 8.45am)

Riverlands Bombers v Witherlea Dragons, MTC 10 & 16; Riverlands Diamonds v Witherlea Servers, MTC 12 & 13; Rapaura Serves v St Marys Wha, MTC 14 & 15; Redwood All Girls v Fairhall Kiwis, Fairhall School; Redwoodtown Backhanders v Witherlea Whackers, MGC 1 & 2

Springlands Sparrows v Springlands Waxeyes no match, teams defaulting; Springlands Finches v Springlands Bellbirds no match, teams defaulting.

Division 4b (all matches at 8.45am)

Fairhall Servers v Rapaura Racquets, MGC 3 & 4; Tua Marina Federer v Riverlands Chiefs, MGC 5 & 6; Tua Marina Murray v Renwick Servers, MGC 7 & 8; St Marys Rima v Renwick Returners, Bohally School.

KIWI Division (8.45am)

St Marys Ono v Redwoodtown Racquets, MTC 3; Rapaura Smashers v Witherlea Stars, MTC4

Rapaura Spins v RVS Aces, MTC 5.

KIWI Division (10.15am)

Renwick Slicers v Riverlands Kiwi Eagles, MTC 5; Springlands Robins v Springlands Moreporks no match, teams defaulting; Springlands Pukekos v Springlands Woodpigeons no match, teams defaulting

MTC - Marlborough Tennis Club, Parker St, Blenheim.

Renwick Tennis Club is off Uxbridge St, behind the Bowling Green (not at Renwick School).

Rapaura Tennis Club is at 770 Rapaura Rd (not at Rapaura School).

MGC- Marlborough Girls College


Tuesday, October 14

7pm: Town v Country for selected players.

Thursday, October 16 (last round)

A Grade : Liquorland v Wairau Valley Red, Table 1; Bamboo Garden v Wairau Valley Blue, Table 2; Warriors v Full of Spirit, Table 3; Arawa v Three Lions, Table 4; Squashables v Koromiko, Table 5; MOM v Flaxbourne, Table 6; Sue's Team bye.


Thursday, October 16 is opening night, with a pack run/walk leaving at 6pm from the clubrooms at Oliver Park on the corner of Weld and Cleghorn streets. Pack runs/walks are non-competitive and are made as enjoyable as possible. Join in and run/walk all events or just the ones you want to. Everyone is welcome to participate. The cost is $2 a week or $20 for the season (families $25 for the season).

For further inquiries contact Bill and Julie 572-9792, check out our website or find us on Facebook under Marlborough Harrier Club.


Saturday, October 18:

Senior: Saints Rams v United Titans; A&P1, 1pm Umpire Central x 1. Central v Central; A&P1 3pm, Umpire Saints Rams x 1. Saints Aces v Waimea Eagles; Nelson Times TBA. Saints Aces v Stoke Eagles; Nelson Times TBA

Junior: all games at A&P Park

Friday, October 17: Under-16; Saints v Central 2; A&P1, 5.40pm, Umpire Saints Aces. Central 1 v Central 3; A&P2, 5.40pm, Umpire Saints Aces.

Saturday, October 18:

Under-7 and Under-9 Tball: All coaches please meet at A&P pavilion at 9am.

All under-7 and under-9 tee ball players please meet at 9.15am at the A&P park pavilion for an introduction day and skills stations.

Any queries please phone Nathan 577 7883 or 027 497 8163

Little League: Central U11 v United, 10.30am, Diamond TBA

Central Strikers v Saints U11; 10.30am, Diamond TBA. Saints U13 v Central U13, 10.30am, Umpire Central x 1, Diamond TBA. Central Strikers v Wairau Braves, 11.45am, Diamond TBA.


Amazing ECO Race: Sunday, November 16 at Meadowbank (Taylor Pass Rd), 9:15am register and collect your map.

9.30am briefing and start. You will have until 12:30pm to complete as many stations as you can. 1pm spot prizes drawn

Visit Amazing Eco Race Marlborough on Facebook for more details.


Thursday, October 16

Year 4 Grade 1: Fairhall Smashers v Renwick Rockets, 9, 4:20; Rapaura Reds v St Mary's, 10, 4:20; Springlands Tigers v Witherlea Warriors, 11, 3:45; Riverlands Blues v Richmond View, 12, 3:45.

Year 4 Grade 2: Mayfield Juniors v Renwick Rockettes, 9, 3:45; Rapaura Hurricanes v Waikawa Wild Cats, 12, 4:20; Seddon Junior v Witherlea Chiefs, 11, 4:20; Springlands Seals v Springlands Leopards, 10, 3:45.

Year 5 and 6 Grade 1: Springlands Spiders v SM Strikers, 7, 3:45; Fairhall Ferns v Witherlea Taniwha, 7, 4:20; Seddon Shakers v Renwick Raiders, 7, 4:55.

Year 5 and 6 Grade 2: Waikawa Warriors v Witherlea Crushers, 8, 4:55; Springlands Sharks v SM Stormers, 8, 4:20; Riverlands Giants v Rapaura Sharks, 8, 3:45.

Year 5 and 6 Grade 3: Fairhall Flyers v Mayfield Seniors, 5, 3:45; Riverlands Rhinos v Renwick Razorbacks, 5, 4:20; Redwoodtown Juniors v Whitney Street, 6, 3:45; Waikawa Makos v Witherlea Honeybadgers, 6, 4:20.

Year 5 and 6 Grade 4: Witherlea Flyers v Springlands Packers, 5, 4:55; Renwick Rattlers v Rapaura Chiefs, 6, 4:55; Tua Marina Whitelock v Grovetown Gators, 9, 4:55.

Year 7 and 8 Grade 1: SM Steamers v Renwick Ravens, 3, 4:55; Fairhall Hot Steppers v Renwick Rangers, 3, 3:45; Bohally 2 v Bohally 1, 3, 4:20.

Year 7 and 8 Grade 2: SM Sharks v Seddon Seniors, 1, 4:20; Kuini Harata Kikorangi v Bohally 3, 2, 4:20; Riverlands Small Blacks v Bohally 4, 1, 3:45; Rapaura Crusaders v Redwoodtown, 1, 4:55.

Year 7 and 8 Grade 3: Bohally 5 v Riverlands Warriors, 4, 3:45; Redwoodtown 2 v Bohally 6, 4, 4:20; SM Turbos v Tua Marina Fekitoa, 4, 4:55.

Year 7 and 8 Grade 4: Kuini Harata Kakariki v Fairhall Flames, 2, 4:55; Tua Marina Dagg v Renwick Ridgebacks, 2, 3:45; Bohally 7 v SM Jets, 11, 4:55; Linkwater v Ward Warriors 10, 4:55.



Wednesday, October 15

6.00: ½ Dozen v Battlers; Pirates bye.


Friday, October 17

5.45: Minions v Think Tank, 4da Banta v Toe Poke; 6.30: Thundercats v Shinkickers, Greer Vineyard Services v Hemoglobin Trotters; 7.15: Man Chest Hair United v Murder on Zidanes Floor; ABC bye.


Thursday, October 16

5.45: Cookie Munchers v Sexy Six, Slippery Gypsy v LJs Teams; 6.30: Vicious & Delicious v Minions, Gunnaz v Sophies; 7.15: Mixed Bunch v Acro, No Spring Chickens v Hortus; Speights bye.

Monday, October 20

5.45: The Fullas v Maggies, Hidden Talent v Angus Mamas; 6.30: QCC v Balls Up, Nova Play v Backpackers; 7.15: Huggies v Player 1, MGW v Always 5; 8.00: Hidden Talent v Angus Mamas, TBC v Crack Up; 8.45: Sub Me Off v Bewz.

Tuesday, October 21

5.45: Tactics v Lethal Hardcore, Saint Clair v Boomerangs; 6.30: Pimp My Side v Untouchables, Holy Bucket v Express Home Kill; 7.15: Minions v TBC, Sweet As v Hard n Fast; 8.00: Speights v Ya Dream'n, Humma v KAPOW; 8.45: On Fire v Phoenix.


Monday, October 20: Business House Leagues all start 7pm.

Tuesday, October 21: Doubles Bowling Leagues all start 6.30pm.


Sunday, October 19; Fareham Lane (5.8km west of Renwick, off SH63) ride base is about 200m along Fareham Lane, will be signed.

Open 35km, vet 9am, start 9.30am; Intermediate, Youth and Novice-Intermediate 25km, vet 9.30am, start 10am; Novice-Training and Novice 18km, vet 10am, start 10.30am; Lead rein and first ridden 4km, vet 11am, start 11.30am.

Flat vineyard ride suitable for all levels of experience and fitness, about 95% of ride is vineyard headlands and grass, suitable barefoot. Ribbons and certificates for all place getters and qualifiers, contact Heidi 570 5197 or Pam 572 2778 for further info phone for overnight camping. For more information or to register your interest


Thursday, October 16: Marlborough kids on bikes starts, held at Athletic Park, Brewer St, 4pm to 5pm Thursdays for ages 5 to 12yrs, bike skills and confidence plus some fun racing! $40 registration for 20 sessions over the summer period.

Thursday October 16: Cuddon Cycling Marlborough, The Honey Company Track Cycling Series starts, Athletic Park, Brewer St, warm-up from 5:30pm, racing starts at 6pm, graded events, race fees are $5 senior/$3 junior. Sign up for our newsletter/updates by emailing and ‘like' us on facebook.


Saturday, October 18

Round 1: 12:30pm, Celtic 2nd Grade v UCVC 2nd Grade, Horton Park 3; 12:30pm, Guthrie Bowron Renwick 2nd Grade v PinkFit Picton 2nd Grade, Renwick Domain 1; 12:30pm, Wairau CC 2nd Grade v Wairau Valley CC 2nd Grade, Renwick Domain 2.

Round 2: 3:30pm, PinkFit Picton 2nd Grade v UCVC 2nd Grade, Renwick Domain 2; 3:30pm, Wairau Valley CC 2nd Grade v Celtic 2nd Grade, Horton Park 3; 3:30pm, Wairau CC 2nd Grade v Guthrie Bowron Renwick 2nd Grade, Renwick Domain 1.

Note that full draws, points tables and match results for Senior and 2nd grade games can be viewed on our website:


Senior: Tuesday, October 14 (tonight): Club opening night at Athletic Park, Brewer St from 5:30pm. An informal non-competitive programme. Come along and have a go at whatever you want to and pick up a 2014-2015 Calendar of Events. Everyone is welcome to participate, including Children's Club members.

For further information contact Tracey 027 615 2958 or Dave 027 235 4012 or check out the Athletics page under

Membership - $5 per night casual (can go towards overall subs - first night is free), Aged 17 and under $60 or Aged 20 and under/Senior/Veteran $70. Fully paid-up Children's Club members free.

- The Marlborough Express


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