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Maleli Bula
Derek Flynn

Harlequins v Awatere. Awatere Fullback Maleli Bula goes over for a try.

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Saturday August 16: Cuddon Cycling Marlborough - Fairweathers Winter Road Series - Race 6 - Rarangi/Tuamarina Circuit - Graded - A & B Grades 55km (5 Laps), C Grade 44km (4 Laps), D Grade 33km (3 Laps).

Registration 1pm on Neal Road close to Isobel Place. Race briefing 1:20pm; race start 1:30pm. All newcomers welcome.

Prizegiving at Fairweathers following the race at approx 4pm. Please pre-register by emailing prior to 6pm Friday.

If pre-registered race fees are $5 senior/$3 junior, otherwise $7 senior/$4 junior. Sign up for our newsletter/updates by emailing and ‘like' us on facebook.

Sunday recreational ride - all year round, "it's all about the coffee" - departs at 9am from AvantiPlus Blenheim, 61 Queen St. Everyone welcome.


Saturday, August 16.

Nelson men's division 1: 3pm Marlborough Development v Richmond, Renwick.

Senior football division 1: 1pm Biddy Kate's Rangers v Central Pirates, (Swift Trophy Match) A&P 1; 1pm BV Cobras v Central, Athletic Park; 3pm Picton Utd v BV Masters, Endeavour Park; 3pm BV Development v BV Utd, A&P 1.

Division 2: 3pm Rangers Masters v Clubs of Marlborough Rangers, A&P 3; 3pm Rangers United v Pumprite Trojans, A&P 2; 1pm Redwood Tavern Masters v Redwood Renegades, A&P 3; 1pm Picton City Rangers Hammers Endeavour Park. Duty Team: Pumprite Trojans

Women's football: 3pm Rangers Sirens 2 v Redwood C&M Elec Foxes, A&P 4b; 3pm Rangers Sirens 1 v BV Chicks, A&P 5; 3pm Redwood C & M Elec Wildcats v BV Vixens, A&P 4a.

Junior football

Gold Coin Donation Day

Mini Kicks - 10am BV First Kicks v BV First Kicks, A&P 5; 10:45am Rangers Tuis v Rangers Tuis, A&P 5.

First Kicks: 9:30am BV Gold v Rangers Kiwis A&P First Kicks; 9:30am Rangers Kakapos v Picton, Endeavour Park; 10am Rangers Pukekos v BV Blue, A&P First Kicks; 10:30am Renwick A v Trojans, A&P First Kicks.

7th Grade: 10am Picton 7th v BV Rockets Endeavour Park; 9:30am Rangers Tigers v Renwick Leopards A&P 7; 10am BV Tigers v Renwick Jaguars A&P 7; 10:30am Renwick Mongooses v Rangers Phoenix A&P 7; BV Tuas Bye.

8th Grade: 9:30am Renwick Hawks v Picton Panthers Black Endeavour Park; 9:30am BV Stars v Rangers Revolution A&P 8; 10:30am Rangers United v Picton Panthers Gold Endeavour Park; 10am Trojans Fun Football v Trojans A&P 8; BV Heros Bye.

9th Grade: 10am Picton Cheetahs v Redwood Gen-I Bobcats Endeavour Park; 10am Renwick Colts v BV Spitfires A&P 4a; 10am Rangers Phantoms v Rangers Bombers A&P 4b; 10:30am BV Spitfires v Rangers Phantoms A&P 4a; 10:30am Rangers Bombers v Renwick Colts A&P 4b.

10th Grade: 9am Picton 10th v Renwick Tigers Endeavour Park; 9am BV United v Rangers Leopards A&P 4a; 9am Rangers Strikers v Rangers Renegades A&P 4b; 9:30am Rangers Leopards v BV Super Stars A&P 4a; 9:30am BV United v Rangers Strikers A&P 4b; 10am Rangers Renegades v BV Super Stars A&P 5.

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C Grade D1 R2: 9am BV Reactors v Rangers Sharks Oliver 2; 9am Renwick Dragons v Trojans Tomcats Oliver 3; 10:10am Trojans Strikers v Renwick Tigers Oliver 2; 10:10am Rangers Panthers v Rangers Rascals Oliver 3.

B Grade D1 R2: 10:30am BV Phoenix v Rangers Cobras A&P 2; 10:30am Renwick Lions v Picton B Endeavour Park; 10:30am Redwood Gen-I Wolves v BV Pumas Oliver 1; Bye MGC 2nd XI.

A Grade D1 R3: 9am Redwood Rovers v BV Wolves A&P 3; 9am MGC 1st XI v Trojans Young Guns A&P 1.

A Grade D2 R3: 9am Rangers Vipers v Rangers Ice A&P 2; Rangers Eagles Bye; 9am Picton A v Rangers Scorpions Endeavour Park.


Thursday, August 14 is a pack/training run or walk leaving from the clubrooms at 6pm. These are situated at Oliver Park on the corner of Weld and Cleghorn Sts. Reflector gear is compulsory. Joggers and walkers regardless of ability are welcome. Everyone is welcome to participate.

There is no pack run on Saturday. Instead see you all at the Woodbourne Half Marathon, 5km and 10km Fun Run/Walk on Sunday, August 17. Registrations will be taken at the Woodbourne Golf Club rooms between 7:30am and 9:45am on the day. Half Marathon Walk and Hybrid starts at 9am. Half marathon run starts at 10am, 5km and 10km fun run/walk starts at 10:15am.

Holders of trophies awarded in 2013 are asked to return them so that they can be updated for 2014 presentations. These can be passed to Ray and Sheila, 578-4268 or returned to them at Saturday runs.

John Western Memorial Trophy. We are seeking nominations for this year's recipient. This trophy is for someone in the club that has displayed good sportsmanship during the season. It could be that you have received care from this person or you know this person has acted in a sportsmanship way to help others during the season. If you know of someone please contact a committee member.

Loop-the-Lake Pack Run: Saturday, August 30. Please contact Allister, 577-8870 if you wish to attend so that we can gauge numbers for transport. Final details TBA but at this stage it will cost $15 each for the bus and the intended departure time from the clubrooms is 8am. Due to the terrain there will be no children's run at this venue.

Check out our website or find us on Facebook under Marlborough Harrier Club.

Coming events:

The Seddon School Tussock Run: Sunday, August 24 - Enter online at

Queen Charlotte Relay: Saturday, September 20.There are eight grades, including walkers and social (mixed). Entries are limited to a maximum of 80 teams. Entry forms are available at AvantiPlus Blenheim, Mitchell Sportspower, More FM or through the Marlborough Harrier Club website

The Molesworth Run:Saturday,November 15, this 84km distance run can be done by one person as an ultra-marathon, a two person team or a four person team. All information plus entry forms can be found on the Marlborough Harriers club website HOCKEY

Wednesday, August 13

Junior 11 a-side - 4pm, Fairlands v Arotea Kiwi, Umpires: Jack Boon/Shane Coleman; 5pm, Awatere v Renwick, Umpires: Caitlin King/Jo Campbell; 6pm, Bohally Gold v Tua Marina, Umpires: Denise Lloyd/Claudia Clarke.

Thursday, August 14

Senior women - 6pm, Kiwi v Arotea, Umpires: Di Morrissey/Claudia Clarke; 7.30pm, Marl Girls College v Beawai, Umpires: Kerryn Wood/Ruth McCaa; bye Emcee.

Friday, August 15

Senior men - 6pm, Arotea Kiwi v Beawai, Umpires: Shane Coleman/Beawai Master Nominee; 7.30pm, Beawai Masters v Marl Boys College, Umpires: Shane Coleman/Beawai Nominee.

Monday, August 18

Year 3/4 - Field 1, 3.45pm, Springlands Sticks v Fairhall Flyers; Field 2, 3.45pm, Redwoodtown Redsticks v St Marys; Field 3, 3.45pm, Tua Marina v Witherlea 1; Field 4, 3.45pm, Witherlea 2 v Mayfield; Field 1, 4.35pm, Rapaura Rockets v Renwick 1; Field 2, 4.35pm, Ward Wizards v Springlands Rockets; Field 3, 4.35pm, Springlands Arrows v Rapaura Rascals; Field 4, 4.35pm, Springlands Flicks v Seddon Green; Field 1, 5.25pm, Fairhall Firebirds v Seddon Gold; Field 2, 5.25pm, Renwick 2 v Riverlands Rascals; BYE Whitney Wizards.

Tuesday, August 19

Year 5/6 - Field 1, 3.45pm, Riverlands Crusaders v Renwick; Field 2, 3.45pm, Springlands Stars v Tua Marina; Field 1, 4.35pm, Riverlands Bandits v Rapaura Raiders; Field 2, 4.35pm, Seddon v Redwoodtown Red & Black Sticks; Field 1, 5.25pm, Mayfield v Witherlea 2; Field 2, 5.25pm , Riverlands Racers v Witherlea 1; Field 1, 6.15pm, Springlands Sparks v Whitney Warriors; BYE Fairhall Falcons.


Simcox Stadium. Week beginning August 13


Wednesday, August 13

5.45: Horns Up v 3rd Ballers, Muppets v Howz That; 7pm: Hamstrings v Matts Team, Liquorland v ½ Doz; 8.15: Pirates v Mooses Men, Misfits v Battlers; BYE: Fitz's.


Friday, August 15

5.45: Romper Stompers v Whos House, Shinkickers v Minions; 6.30: Taimate United v ABC; Thundercats v New Team; 7.15: Man Chest Hair United v Think Tank.

6 a side netball

Thursday, August 14

5.45: Hoofhearted v Acro, Mixed Bunch v No Spring Chickens; 6.30: Pak n Gunz v Minions, Slippery Gypsy v Jackson 5; 7.15: Sexy Six v Vicious & Delicious, Cookie Munchers v Black Richards.

Monday, August 18

5.45: Hidden Talent v Untouchables, Balls Up v Backpackers; 6.30: Crack Ups v Center Pivots, YTDs v Sub Me Off; 7.15: The Fullas v Winstanley Kerridge, Maggies v MGW; 8pm: Foocus v Cool Cats, TBCs v AMI Covered; 8.45: Huggies v Nova Play.

Tuesday, August 19

5.45: On Fire v Holey Bucket, TBC v Lethal Hardcore; 6.30: Hard n Fast v Sweet As, KAPOW v Saint Clair; 7.15: Tactics v Phoenix, The World v Pimp My Side; 8pm: Bucks Angels v Minions, Sporters v Ya Dream-N.

Tenpin bowling leagues

Monday: Business House Leagues all start 7pm.

Tuesday: Doubles Bowling Leagues all start 6.30pm.


Tuesday, August 12

Premier draw:Harlequins Fairweathers v Pelorus Speights Ale House, Std1 6pm: Central ANZ Men v Tokomaru Crafar Crouch Picton, Std2 6:30pm: SMOG Bayleys v Wairau Jetz, Std1 7:30pm: Harlequins Radich Law v MGC Scaffold Marlborough, Std2 8pm:

Saturday, August 16, Gold Coin Day:MGC Scaffold Marlborough v Pelorus Speights Ale House, Std1 2:30pm: Harlequins Radich Law v SMOG Bayleys, Std1 12pm.

Tuesday, August 19

Premier draw:Central ANZ Men v MGC Scaffold Marlborough, Std1 6pm: SMOG Bayleys v Pelorus Speights Ale House, Std2 6:30pm; Harlequins Radich Law v Tokomaru Crafar Crouch Picton, Std1 7:30pm; Harlequins Fairweathers v Wairau Jetz, Std2 8pm.

Saturday, August 16:

GOLD COIN DAY - Pelorus Day at Home

Grade 1: Crt03, 10:30am; Tokomaru Toot and Whistle v MGC K.I.T.E; Crt03, 11:30am; Harlequins Woodbourne Tavern v Central A; Crt03, 2:30pm; Harlequins BPC v Pelorus Apitech.

Grade 2: Crt03, 12:30pm; MGC Crafer Crouch v Tokomaru Jnr.A, HVLK2, 1:30pm; Pelorus Marlb.Engineering v Pelorus Town & CountryBuilders; Crt04, 2:30pm; Harlequins Michael Hill v Harlequins McDonalds.

Grade 3: Crt03, 9:30am; Central B v United Makana; Crt04, 10:30am; Q.C.C. Snr.A v Harlequins GJ Gardner; Crt03, 1:30pm; SMOG Fairweathers v Tokomaru Med Food Warehouse.

Grade4: Crt04, 9:30am; Harlequins Robinson Construction v SMOG Mayfield Motors; Crt11, 10:30am; Harlequins Mayflower v Harlequins Gen-i; HVLK1, 1:30pm; SMOG Betta Electrical v Pelorus Edridge Contracting.

Grade5: HVLK2, 10:30am; Pelorus PirimoanaHoldings v Q.C.C. Jnr.A; Crt11, 1:30pm; Q.C.C. Snr B v Harlequins AP Ltd; Crt09, 2:30pm; Tokomaru Picton Tools and Tyres v Bohally Snr A.

Grade6: Harlequins Unichem v Pelorus Syda Vines; HVLK2, 12:30pm; Pelorus Syda Vines v Pelorus Inlet Bakeries; Crt04, 1:30pm; SMOG Subway v United Mainfrieght; Crt11, 2:30pm; SMOG Pak'N Save v SMOG Langwoods.

Grade7: Std1, 9:30am; Harlequins Winstanley v Q.C.C. Jnr.B; Std2, 9:30am; MGC Yr9 v Harlequins Indevin; Std3, 2:30pm; SMOG Mitchell Sports v Central Jnr.

Social: Crt09, 10:30am; Tokomaru Social v Flaxbourne Social; Crt09, 11:30am; Harlequins McRaes v Flaxbourne Social2; HVLK1, 11:30am; Pelorus Bryant Earthworks v Pelorus McLean Builders.

Duty Club: SMOG/MGC

Gate Duty, 8.30am MGC, 9.30am Central, 10.30am HQ, 11.30am Tokomaru, 12.30am SMOG

1.30am HQ.

Junior netball

Junior 1: Crt11, 9:30AM; St Marys Pounamu v Fairhall A; Crt06, 10:30AM; Renwick 1 v Riverlands Falcons; Crt04, 12:30PM; Bohally SnrB v Q.C.C. Blue.

Junior 2: Crt04, 11:30am; Bohally Jnr.B v Bohally Sting; Crt06, 1:30pm; Renwick 2 v Redwoodtown Devils; Crt09, 1:30pm; Bohally Jnr.A v St Marys Whero.

Junior 3: Crt06, 9:30am; Bohally Mystiks v Seddon Shakers; HVLK1, 10:30am;Pelorus Owen Marine Elect. v Fairhall Gold; Crt11, 12:30pm; Bohally Flames v Springlands Stars.

Junior 4: Std2, 10:30am; Q.C.C.Green v Redwoodtown Angels; Std3, 12:30pm; Riverlands Hawks v St Marys Weka; Std3, 1:30pm; Fairhall Blue v Bohally Force.

Junior 5: Crt07, 9:30am; Renwick 4 v Richmond View Stars; Crt06, 12:30pm; Bohally Magic v Rapaura Hotshots; HVLK1, 12:30; Renwick 3 v Pelorus Bow to Stern.

Junior 6: Crt09, 9:30am; Redwoodtown Super Stars v Springlands Pulse; Crt07, 10:30am; St Marys Tui v Picton Warriors; Crt11, 11:30am; Witherlea Tactix v Tua Marina 1.

Junior 7: Crt06, 11:30am; Whitney St Wizards v Riverlands Ferns; Crt07, 11:30am; Waikawa Bay Hurricanes v Springlands Shots; Crt09, 12:30pm; Fairhall Ferns v Waikawa Bay Tigers.

Junior 8: Std3, 9:30am; Seddon TussockJumpers v Picton Shooters; Std3, 10:30am; St Marys Rua v St Josephs Hato Hohepa; Std3, 11:30am; Witherlea Stars v Renwick 5.

Junior 9: Crt12, 10:30am; Fairhall Kiwi v Witherlea Flames; Crt12, 11:30am; Springlands Magic v Waikawa Bay PopStars; Crt10, 12:30pm; Tua Marina 2 v Renwick 6.

Junior 10: Crt12, 9:30am; Springlands Comets v Seddon TussockTerriers; HVLK2, 11:30am; Redwoodtown Dynamite v Pelorus Hairy Mussel; Crt12, 12:30pm; Riverlands Sharks v Tua Marina 3.

Junior 11: Crt10, 9:30am; Springlands Attack v Springlands Rockets; Crt10, 10:30am; St Marys Kowhai v Renwick 7; Crt10, 11:30am;Rapaura Stars v Riverlands Shooters.

For umpiring details see the site today.


Sunday, August 17. Last of the winter series - Harling Park, 10am start. All welcome.


Saturday, August 16

Press Cup: 2pm Nelson College v Marlborough Boys' College, Trafalgar Park.

Tasman Under 18: 11:30 Stoke v Marlborough Boys' College, Nayland College.

Under 14.5: 12pm Renwick v Moutere, Renwick Domain 1, Dave Paul.

Under 13: 11am Renwick v Moutere, Renwick Domain 2, Hamish Macdonald; 11:15 Central v Harlequins, Lansdowne Park 3, Mike Grainger.

Under 11.5 : Renwick a bye; 10:30 Harlequins v Moutere, Lansdowne Park 4, Vaughan Warburton; 12pm Kaikoura v Waitohi, Takahanga Domain, Kaikoura Student; 10am Central v Awatere, Lansdowne Park 3, Aiden Neal.

Under 10: 10am Renwick Black v Harlequins, Renwick Domain 1; 11am Renwick Green v Waitohi, Renwick Domain 1; 11am Moutere v Central, Awarua Park 1.

Under 9 : 11am Moutere White v Central Black, Awarua Park 2a; 10:30 Harlequins v Central Blues. Lansdowne Park 7; 11am Kaikoura v Waitohi, Takahanga Domain; 11:30 Renwick v Moutere Black, Renwick Domain 3.

Under 8: Harlequins Gold a bye; 10:30 Awatere v Moutere White, Seddon Domain 2; 10:30 Harlequins Black v Central, Lansdowne Park 8; 11am Moutere Black v Renwick, Awarua Park 2b.

Under 7: 10:30 Waitohi v Awatere, Endeavour Park 3; 10am Moutere White v Harlequins Black, Awarua Park 2b; 10am Renwick Green v Central, Renwick Domain 2a; 10am Moutere Black v Harlequins Gold, Awarua Park 1a; 10am Renwick White v Moutere Magpies, Renwick Domain 2b.

Under 6: 10am Harlequins Black v Moutere White, Lansdowne Park 8; 10am Harlequins Gold v Central, Lansdowne Park 9; 10:30 Renwick Green v Awatere, Renwick Domain 3; 10am Moutere Black v Waitohi, Awarua Park 2a; 9:30 Renwick White v Moutere Magpies, Renwick Domain 3.

Sunday, August 17

ITM Cup - 2:35pm Tasman Makos v Hawke's Bay Lansdowne Park 1. Referee: Glen Jackson. Sub Control: Ian Johnston, Vaughan Warburton, Mark Andrell. TMO: Chris Wratt. AR1 Michael Lash. AR2: David Woodhouse. AR3: Mark Andrell. Referee hydration: Aiden Neal.

Curtainraiser - 12:30pm Under 14.5, Central v Kaikoura, Lansdowne Park 1. Cameron Alexander, AR 1 Vaughan Warburton; AR 2 Mark Andrell.


Draw for Thursday, August 14. A Three Lions v Liquorland - Table 1; Full of Spirit v Bamboo Garden - Table 2; Wairau Valley Red v MOM - Table 3; Wairau Valley Blue v Arawa - Table 4; Koromiko v Sue's Team - Table 5; Flaxbourne v Squashables - Table 6; Warriors bye. VOLLEYBALL

Thursday, August 14, at Marlborough Lines Stadium 2000.

Premier grade: 6pm, court 1: Treefellas v Wolf Pack, 6pm, Court 2: Uso 4 v Pickle ‘o' Plenty, 6.55pm, Court 1: Cri Clovers v Magnum, 6.55pm, Court 2: Kinoaths v Notorious D.I.G.

C grade: 6pm, Court 3: Safe Crackers v Brancott Bashers, 6pm, Court 4: The A-Team v M & M's 6.55pm: Court 3, MBC Jnr Gold v MIA, 6.55pm :Court 4, The Avengers v Meaters.

Social grade:6pm, Court 5: The Hybrids v Fijian Warriors, 6pm, Court 6: I See Neymar v Acuja, 6.55pm, Court 5: Indevin Thunderballs v Peculiar Rebels, 6.55pm, Court 6: Musseleers v Sets in the City.

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