Always blow on the (smaller) pie

Pies may shrink in size as part of healthy food guidelines for hospitals.

OPINION: The humble pie has come under the spotlight.

SATIRE: Mum keeps tot fluoride-free

Police searched the woman's house and found more teeth behind the cooker.

SATIRE: A mother has ripped out all her toddler's teeth to protect the milky trinkets from fluoride.

Common purpose

Anzac Day Service at the Seymour Square Cenotaph, Blenheim.

Marlborough RSA member and Royal New Zealand Navy veteran Terry Ford, writes about the legacy of those who fought and died.

SATIRE: Sparky's light bulb moment

The Beaver.

SATIRE: Sparky faces suspension for changing light bulb without scaffolding or cones.

Vibrant history

Steve Austin is the Marlborough Museum chief executive.

 Marlborough Museum chief executive Steve Austin talks about the importance of protecting and remembering our heritage.

SATIRE: Relax, they're not zombies

The Beaver.

Sleep-deprived harvest workers have been roaming the streets at dawn in an unresponsive daze.

OPINION: School tour shows positive future

Blenheim School, in its urban setting, faces different needs and challenges to rural schools.

I found that each school does fantastic work in encouraging our children and young people to achieve the best they can, be well-prepared for the future and to be lifelong learners.

OPINION: Lessons to be learned from drowning?

The surf line is a dangerous place to fish, but is popular with many land-based fishermen.

OPINION: The ocean is a dangerous and unforgiving environment, which we can never hope to tame.

OPINION: 'For the Bible tells me so'

Christians believe Jesus of Nazareth to be the real Messiah.

The Infancy Gospel of Thomas, omitted from the Bible, details the early childhood of Jesus and portrays a malevolent young boy.

Nga Pakiaka Morehu - While the trees are long gone the memory persists

The swamp between Picton and Blenheim, near Tuamarina.

Much of the traditional knowledge about the Wairau has been preserved in oral tradition, passed through intermarriage from earlier Ngati Mamoe and Ngai Tara ancestors to their living descendants.

Taking back "queer"

The lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT+) community want to take back the word "queer".

A young member of the Marlborough lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT+) community talks about taking back the word "queer".

Bigger trucks, bigger issues

Traffic can get congested along the section of State Highway 1 in the Kaikoura district.

The Kaikoura District Council suggests the section of State Highway 1 in the Kaikoura district is the least user friendly section of the highway in the South Island. They might be right

Recovery fees a bully tactic

Shoplifters are being issued civil recovery notices by retailers which appear to have no legal standing.

Retailers standing over shoplifters, extorting ridiculous sums of money, will only encourage further theft.

Letters to the editor

02072015 news supplied. Generic image of a letter being posted in a NZ Post letter box ahead of changes to delivery ...

Correspondents write about the new theatre, bird bangers, a protest at Okiwi Bay and the St Mary's School gala.

Letters to the editor

Critics see negative gearing as the source of all kinds of evils

Correspondents write about fresh water, Donald Trump and the change of the seasons.

Letters to the editor


Correspondents write about the ASB Theatre, freedom camping and fuel prices.

Letters to the editor

200514. Photo: 123rf.com
Stock Photo - Hand silhouette working on a laptop keyboard

blue, board, bright, business, ...

Correspondents write about the ASB Theatre and little Mac, the aero club cat.

Letters to the editor

29012013.News.Photo:Scott Hammond/The Marlborough Express.
Colin Draper ( NOT SHOWN ) (Grey Power President) post's a ...

Correspondents write about money matters, Wicked campers, Easter trading and missing fence posts.

Letters to the editor

200514. Photo: 123rf.com
Illustration - 3d illustration of opened red mailbox with letters

address, await, box, ...

Corespondents write about the ASB Theatre, Donald Trump, and the flag referendum.

SATIRE: Doctors want bowling blackballed

The Beaver.

Schools suggest staggering the ban and using tennis balls for a year.

OPINION: Blessed are the business owners

A full house at an Easter Sunday service.

Christians have a fight on their hands if they want to stop shops trading on Easter Sunday.

So who's Ned?

For the Rangitane people, the 909m peak known as the Ned is the face of celebrated ancestor Te Hau.

For the Rangitane people, the 909m peak known as the Ned is the face of celebrated ancestor Te Hau.

MP's report

Kaikoura MP Stuart Smith at his office in Blenheim.

COLUMN: "I do not consider myself a prude, but some of the statements on these vans are a bit extreme."

SATIRE: Living a 'big fat lie'

The Beaver.

SATIRE: Suspicions were first raised when the woman's friends talked about her for an hour at an impromptu coffee morning last week.

Site of significance

Pukatea, or Whites Bay, has a long and colourful history that includes the supernatural, inter-tribal conflict, and the ...

Pukatea, or Whites Bay, has a long and colourful history.

Speak up on fishing park

Environment Minister Dr Nick Smith, Kaikoura MP Stuart Smith and Minister for Primary Industries Nathan Guy announce a ...


Letters to the editor

Stock Photo - Mailbox

box, bricks, communication, copenhagen, correspondence, crown, culture, curve, danish, ...

Corespondents write about the flags in Seymour Square, customary fishing permits, freedom of speech and a planned fish farm in Okiwi Bay.

SATIRE: Let's buy a vineyard

The Beaver says Capitalist Brands wine company hope the public will help them purchase a 40-hectare plot in the Awatere ...

SATIRE: An international wine company worth a few billion dollars has started a Givealittle page asking people to help them buy a vineyard.

Get out and vote

Local Government New Zealand president Lawrence Yule is urging voters to participate in October's local body elections.

Less than half of voters turn out for local body elections. Local Government NZ wants to change that.

Letters to the editor

030712 News. Photo: Mytchall Bransgrove/Timaru Herald. 8 Letters were sent and received the next day.

- postal post ...

Correspondents write about the proposed Marlborough Sounds Recreational Fishing Park, drilling near d'Urville Island and mountainbike tracks.

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