Letters to the editor

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Correspondents write about Renwick water usage, Nicky Hager and Jon Stephenson's new book Hit and Run, the environment awards, and the new health hub.

'Toss salmon plan out'

Ross Withell, president of the  Kenepuru and Central Sounds Residents Association, says the government's proposal to ...

OPINION: Sounds residents call for government's salmon farm relocation plan to be "tossed out".

Letters to the editor

Readers can email letters to the editor to mailbox@marlexpress.co.nz or post them to: The Marlborough Express, 58 Arthur ...

Correspondents write about the salmon relocation plan, biking SH1, fluoride, and courtesy crossings.

Once there were muttonbirds

Wiremu Waaka, trustee of the titi islands, his wife Harata, son Mark, and grand-daughters, Dawn and Mary taken on the ...

OPINION: Titi (sooty shearwater/muttonbirds) were once so abundant in the Marlborough Sounds it led to the name Titirangi Bay.

Letters to the editor

Email letters to the editor to mailbox@marlexpress.co.nz

The issues that matter to readers.

Salmon in the spotlight

New Zealand King Salmon chief executive Grant Rosewarne.

OPINION: NZKS CEO Grant Rosewarne offers his views on a proposal to relocate salmon farms in the Marlborough Sounds.

Letters to the editor

You can email letters to the editor to mailbox@marlexpress.co.nz

Correspondents write about salmon farming, water quality readings, moving stock, seasonal changes and Marlborough wine.

Letters to the editor

Dipping into the National Land Transport Fund to pay for new logging transport infrastructure is not the answer, writes ...

Correspondents write about the proposal salmon farm relocation. the roading fund and coastal shipping.

Visit brings social housing to the fore

Damage to Kaikoura's buildings was a hot topic with visiting ministers Stuart Smith and Alfred Ngaro when they meet with ...

OPINION: Associate Minister of Housing Alfred Ngaro, joined me on a visit to Kaikōura last week.

A sensory journey

Is there anything more relaxing than a beautiful forest?

OPINION: When you get out in nature make sure you enjoy it for all its sensory glory.

Letters to the editor

Resources on the proposed relocation of salmon farms at MPI's 'drop-in session' in Waikawa last month. Numbers at the ...

Correspondents write about MPI's consultation process, the Marlborough Multicultural Festival, stock on roads, Wairau Hospital, and fisheries.

The women of Kurahaupo

Off to the distance:  Rangitoto (d'Urville Island), where Hinepoupou resided with her Ngati Kuia relatives.

In the Maori world female ancestors have always been recognised for their leadership qualities, writes Dr Peter Meihana.

Letters to the editor

Letter writing.

Correspondents write about coastal shipping and the central Blenheim speed limit.

Letters to the editor

02072015 news supplied. Generic image of a letter being posted in a NZ Post letter box ahead of changes to delivery ...

Correspondents write about recreational fishing, headlines, and a Blenheim bypass.

Letters to the editor

A map of the Sounds showing the areas closed to the taking and possessing of scallops for the 2016-17
Southern Scallop ...

Correspondents write about education, scallop dredging, graffiti and waterways.

Letters to the editor

It's that time of year again in Marlborough - when the birds feast on ripening grapes - and the bird scarers work overtime.

Correspondents write about bird scarers, columnist Joe Bennett, and fisheries management.

Letters to the editor

Lake Elterwater, near Ward, has been the victim of severe drought over the past few years.

Correspondents write about the council's code of conduct, animal cruelty, Cadbury, the US president, Lake Elterwater and fisheries management.

Letters to the editor

Correspondents write about vineyard working accommodation, recreational fisheries, Coastal shipping, and the US election ...

Correspondents write about vineyard working accommodation, recreational fisheries, Coastal shipping, and the US election result.

The prices of fame

Time was when rugby was as simple as sandwiches.

Like sandwiches, the game of rugby has become a behemoth - and so have the players, writes Joe Bennett.

Let's add a cycle trail to the rebuild of SH1

Between the mountains and the sea - could a new cycle trail help invigorate Kaikoura and the top of the South?

OPINION: Petrolhead turned MAMIL Johnny Moore wants to get on a bike around Kaikoura.

Extending the 'blue highway'

Pacifica's coastal ship Spirit of Canterbury offloads at Lyttelton late last year.

Kaikoura MP says it's only logical to make better use of New Zealand's "blue highway".

Kaikoura's next 'glorious summer' seems a long way off

Emergency services in Kaikoura hours after the earthquake.

Editorial: Kaikoura's next 'glorious summer' seems a long way off.

Keep the ban

16022017 News. Photo: Supplied. Jason Ruawai is chairman of PauaMAC3, the representative body for professional paua ...

OPINION: Keeping the shellfish and seaweed harvest ban in place is a good idea, writes commercial paua diver Jason Ruawai.

Letters to the editor

John Leader talk to an MPI staff member at MPI's Waikawa "drop-in" session about MPI's plans to relocate salmon farms in ...

Correspondents write about the MPI salmon farm relocation drop-in sessions, bank rates, Trump and the media, honorifics, tooth decay and 'the media'.

D-day for paua harvest ban decision

The extent of uplift created by the November 14 quake can be easily traced at Ward Beach.

OPINION: MPI should go ahead and extend the paua harvest ban along the east coast, say commercial paua divers.

Our 'Amazon-scale' environmental crisis

The heavy steel doors from trawling can damage and destroy extensive areas as they are dragged over the seabed.

Opinion: Kiwis will be surprised to hear we have an 'Amazon-scale' ecological crisis occurring here on a similar scale.

OPINION: Ship Cove to Cathedral Square

Between the mountains and the sea - could a new cycle trail help invigorate Kaikoura and the top of the South?

OPINION: The Coastal Pacific Trail is one of the biggest tourism and economic opportunities of our generation.

COLUMN: Busy time for council

Road damage around Kaikoura.

Kaikoura Mayor Winston Gray on Kaikoura's tourism recovery plan.

What if hurting pets isn't enough?

A dog that was found badly beaten by her owner in Te Kuiti.

OPINION: Would you let an animal abuser babysit your kids?

Letters to the editor

man is typing on keyboard at home

Correspondents write about the Express 'Hot topic', the new speed limit along Middle Renwick Rd, world news and the recent whale stranding in Golden Bay.

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