Nailbomb inside the tent

Georgina Beyer

Georgina Beyer, whom no-one ever called biddable, has detonated on the campaign trail with extraordinary criticisms of the alliance she nominally represents.

Migrant communities resilient

Pacifica community

The Pacifica community, as do many other migrant groups, play an integral role in the economic viability of the region.

Letters to the editor

The Marlborough Express

Letters on litter the election in today's batch of correspondence.

Lack of safety

Lyttelton Port

Lyttelton Port is a hot mess of industrial unsafety.

Lost in the ruck

Crusaders vs Hurricanes

Imagine the fallout if the Marlborough District Council had decided to host the Crusaders-Hurricanes clash in Blenheim next year and no-one came.

Letters to the editor

Correspondence from Express readers on health, the economy and renewable energy.

Trains always win

Train driver Murray Hewetson and a locomotive near Blenheim.

Trains don't zip, duck or nip. They are subject to huge forces of inertia; monstrously unreactive to emergency braking.

Letters to the editor

Express readers share opposing views on rugby and fishing in today's letters to the editor.

True sustainability vital


The mussel industry is an important component of the Marlborough economy and one that the community can be proud of as it is internationally renowned in a similar way to the wine industry.

All-clear for fluoride


The science, whether or not the clamorous minority likes it, is clear. Fluoridation's safe.

Kia ora ... and welcome

Monet-Mei Clarke

OPINION: There's an ugly little acronym, Fifo. Fit in or ...

Figure it out


Household disposable incomes rose 7.1 per cent last year. Notice this at your place, did you?

Rock star economy out of tune

Sunshine wages do not pay bills. What I hear repeatedly at the doors of many people in Marlborough is that "it is time for a change".

Sustainability hub needed

STUART SMITH - The Marlborough Express

OPINION: In my view, a sustainability hub for Marlborough should be given serious consideration.

Letters to the editor

The death of democracy, bouquets for young entertainers and more in today's batch of letters to the editor.

Kick back and savour the privilege


A book got me thinking about how I might grow into old age and come to enjoy it

A numbers game


Affordability should be a greater focus for voter concern than the numbers of older people desperately needing help.

Letters to the editor

More correspondence from Express readers on local and national hot topics.

Prove it or lose it

alcohol, supermarket

It's a tough rule set for the checkout operators, but supermarkets are hit by tough fines when they are caught selling to or supplying underagers.

Out in the cold

Bill Sutch

Finally we have the alleged smoking gun that shows the New Zealand official William Ball Sutch was a Russian spy.

Letters to the editor

More of your correspondence on a range of local and national talking points.

Fix the fixers

The pawns of match-fixing may well get locked away, but it seems inevitable the real "players" will remain in the shadows.

Make the connection

Ballot box

No one should be happy that three out of five young New Zealanders didn't vote in the last general election. Some are, though.

Letters to the editor

Slot rule silliness and praise for Nigel Latta in today's letters to the editor.

Blunt political weaponry

Mountain Design

If you can't say something nice, you're fascist?

Letters to the editor

A mixed bag of correspondence on a range of local and national talking points in Wednesday's letters to the editor.

Hygiene key to beat Ebola

Ebola scare

When a wretched death is the huge likelihood, an uncertain alternative starts looking pretty good.

Letters to the editor

The Marlborough Express

Bus shelter queries for council and outrage over the Lochinver Station deal in today's letters to the editor.

A sister who didn't give up

Lee-Anne Cartier

Whatever payment Lee-Anne Cartier receives for her key role exposing Helen Milner as a murderer will fall short of what she deserves.

Letters to the editor

Both sides of the fluoride debate and fears over kerbside recycling are on the agenda in today's batch of letters to the editor.

Letters to the editor

Farm sales and fishing are up for discussion in today's letters to the editor.

Regions supporting economy

There has been much talk about the growth of Auckland and the decline of our regions, but I want to challenge that assumption.

Homeless in our midst


One of the harsh realities of the modern world is the lack of support for vulnerable members of our society.

Lower limit may save lives

breath testing

The decision to get behind the wheel after having one too many haunts many people for their rest of their lives, but is part of life for others.

Letters to the editor

The Marlborough Express

Frustrated fisherman and bus shelter brickbats are just two of the topics up for discussion in a bumper batch of letters to the editor.

No victory for Israel

Palestinian man gestures near house destroyed by Israel strikes against Hamas

The Marlborough Express

In war, the perception of who is right and who is wrong differs markedly, depending on where you are viewing the carnage.

Letters to the editor

Political rivals clash over alleged media censorship in today's letters to the editor.

We have to adapt and clean up

OPINION: This week's forecast cut of 14 per cent on milksolids shows the risks to the economy of a reliance on the production of unsustainable dairy commodities.

Racism is not a harmless joke


David Taylor was one person who raised concerns about an anti-Muslim "joke" posted in the name of Gigatown Blenheim on its Facebook site. He explains what prompted him to do so.

Listen to your mum

Biddy Poole


Maybe there's another cautionary message the drink-driving ads could use. Don't do it - or your mum may talk to the media.

Letters to the editor

Recycling and conservation are the topics of discussion in today's batch of letters to the editor.

Stop the nonsense


He apologised in advance, and he has apologised since, but he continues to blame the fallout on others.

Get smart to halt people drain

young mums

BRIAN DAWSON - Marlborough

District councillor and former Chamber of Commerce general manager Brian Dawson looks ahead to the future in Marlborough with a declining population.

Fine dressing for fireworks

Summer is in full swing here in Japan with recent days getting to temperatures of 38 degrees Celsius or "real-feel" of 47C.

New school will draw top staff

schools meeting

Education specialist Barry Stringer presents a vision for secondary education in Blenheim.

Bonds of friendship

Valerie Adams in the Commonwealth Games

In a world full of greed and strife, the nations of the Commonwealth come together for one reason above all: friendship.

Fascinated by Molesworth tales

Harry Broad

If Harry Broad's written stories are half as good as his spoken words, his book on Molesworth Station must be a cracker.

Help to raise our chidlren

Boy on a laptop

OPINION: Children are children, not mini adults ready to take family responsibilities on to their shoulders.

Letters to the editor

Correspondence on fishing frustrations and Port Marlborough spending in today's batch of letters to the editor.

In our defence, sir . . .


Appearing in front of the Human Rights Review Tribunal gave me renewed sympathy for a court novice having to give evidence.

No, Minister

gerry brownlee

Is Gerry Brownlee's blunder in barging past airport security confirmation that National has succumbed to second-term-itis?

Settlement gives tribes a chance

Stuart Smith

STUART SMITH - The Marlborough Express

Surprisingly, the Te Tau Ihu Treaty settlement, which relates to the top of the South Island, has been missed by many.

An eye to Wairau's future

wairau hospital

OPINION: For our region, the retention of Wairau Hospital is our most important priority. To achieve that, we need some new thinking.

Our future in our hands


Small towns will die as their elderly populations dwindle, says the Royal Society's Our Futures report.

Death and disdain

Ukraine train MH17

The international community is rightfully aghast at what is transpiring following the downing of Malaysian Airlines flight MH17 in an apparent act of terrorism.

Dangerous complacency

Is the election a foregone conclusion?

Letters to the editor

More of your correspondence on local and national talking points.

Looking after our bees, birds

Flowering plants alongside crops grown by Snap Fresh Foods near Huntly are being used to attract insects that prey on the leaf miner pest.

I have written about the risks of using glyphosate both to our health and that of animals fed, but I haven't touched on the effects of glyphosate on our soil.

Something for everyone

Fifa Football World Cup Trophy

The 2014 football World Cup in Brazil was a terrific showcase for the beautiful game.

Letters to the editor

More of correspondence from Express readers on local, national and global talking points.

Awkward honesty

Ian Thorpe

Olympic swimming legend Ian Thorpe can be forgiven for being unsure about publicly announcing his homosexuality.

Letters to the editor


More of your correspondence on local and national talking points.

Risk from herbicides too great

Organic farmer Steve Marsh has lost his court case against neighbour Michael Baxter over GM crop contamination.

STEFFAN BROWNING - The Marlborough Express

New Zealand farmers could be setting themselves up for market rejection of their primary products through continued reliance on glyphosate as a management tool.

Guilt by accusation

Sad woman, depressed, grieving


Rape is a serious crime. It occurs far too often. It is frequently devastating upon its victims and can leave mental scars that last a lifetime.

Ice cold cash

ice challenge

OPINION: Some icy plunges are more purposeful than others. Or at least more urgent.

Courage to try

Scott Donaldson

OPINION: Just think how much better off our society would be if we all focused on being the best we could be, like Scott Donaldson.

Primary sector success

Stuart Smith

OPINION: We're a small, isolated island nation and have faced huge hurdles on our journey to becoming a successful agricultural exporter.

Assumptions challenged

domestic abuse

OPINION: Looks like we may need to reconsider some of our assumptions about domestic violence.

Time for 'tcanes' to ante up on bet

Janette Walker

Labour's Kaikoura electorate candidate Janette Walker is keen to take a $200 bet on the result of the election.

School days end with a bawl

Tania Butterfield

TANIA BUTTERFIELD - The Marlborough Express

The countdown is on. In exactly one month, I will be on a plane back to New Zealand.

Letters to the editor


More correspondence from Express readers on local and national talking points.

Letters to the editor

More correspondence from Express readers on local and national talking points.

Seize chance to make a legacy

schools meeting

OPINION: Although he has not set foot here for 15 years, former Marlborough College student Bruce Leonard is disappointed at the public interest in the new colleges debate.

Scratching an itch

The Marlborough Express

At first glance, Labour's new policy on school fees is an attractive one.

Letters to the editor


More of your correspondence on local and national talking points.

Be a good sport


Encouragement is a good thing. Yelling at coaches, referees and the players is not.

Letters to the editor


More of your correspondence on local and national talking points.

Letters to the editor

The Marlborough Express

Political points and a bouquet for ballet in today's batch of letters to the editor.

Symbolic return

anzac poppy

The fact remains that when the poppies go on sale next year the reasons to buy them will be as compelling as they have ever been.

Letters to the editor

Computer generic

Poor sportsmanship, fishing debate and a shelter that fails to deliver in today's letters to the editor.

Time to ban scallop fishing


OPINION: Scallop-lovers need to play their part in encouraging recovery of this precious resource.

Sore throat can signal risk

At this time of the year, suffering from a sore throat and achy joints may seem like just a simple case of having contracted a winter cold.

Set the example


The Marlborough Express

When smokers say they have the freedom of choice they are fooling themselves. Like alcoholism, it is an addiction.

Courage recognised

Woodhouse Bros

The bravery citations for the heroes honoured from the 2011 Christchurch earthquake are equal parts compelling and repellent.

Timber mill support 'essential'

JANETTE WALKER - Marlborough

OPINION: Every ship leaving Picton with a load of logs is sending away jobs that are desperately needed here.

Change of methodology

We have a new law that, we're promised, means there will be more eyes on our vulnerable children. A law that will prioritise services and support and provide greater vigilance over known abusers.

Corset kendo queen


Former Express reporter Tania Butterfield's Japanese adventure continues as she tries her hand at the martial art of Kendo.

Letters to the editor

Correspondence on local and national issues from Express readers.

Of his own making . . .

david cunliffe

Here we have a politician complaining that rival politicians have been playing politics in response to his own political recriminations.

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