Editorial : No accountability


ACC wants you to understand that a recent district court ruling does not mean it has been using an illegal privacy waver form.

Letters : Algal bloom

Algal blooms

Editorial : Improved processes

Little wonder teachers are protective of the Teachers Council. It's probably only polite since it has been so very protective of them.

Living the lifestyle: living the dream

JANETTE WALKER - The Marlborough Express

OPINION: The recent public indignation initiated by Paula Bennett's statement that the benefits of 21,000 beneficiaries have been cut for travelling overseas beggars belief.

Letters : Ferry's a lemon

Stena Alegra

The Aratere has turned out to be a lemon. The Stena Alegra would seem to have the same possibility

The kindness of strangers


‘Gosh there are so many people out for hanami (flower-viewing)," I say to my friend as we sit on an old concrete block, which could be part of the old Nagahama Castle, and eat our lunch.

Editorial : Fun with dignity

OP COACHES: Prince William, All Blacks captain Richie McCaw and Catherine cheer on their Rippa Rugby teams, Clutha, in red, and Pirates in Dunedin yesterday.

There has been an easy grace to the royal tour.

Does Blenheim have a clean air problem?

OPINION: The air that we breathe is mighty important to us. We suck it in and out, maybe a thousand times an hour.

Letters : Micro-chip dogs

Our view is, no matter what discomfort the dogs suffer, we must make them wear muzzles and leashes.

Editorial: Royal investment

What a great day it was for Marlborough. A day many, many people will talk about in years to come

A day we'll remember a long time

Express reporters Kat Duggan, Chloe Winter and Anna Williams

Well that was lucky. Or good management.

Royals relevant to many

So the royals are going to be in town tomorrow. To be honest I can't decide if I will be hugely excited about it or not.

Different mix of forest needed

OPINION: Last week the release of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change's (IPCC) report into the likely impacts of climate change in New Zealand gave us all the more reason why we need to change our agricultural practices and also to change our forests to something more than pinus radiata.

Letters : GrapeRide roads


Biggest letdown? Three stretches of newly sealed roads - north of Spring Creek and on Queen Charlotte Drive

Marine reserve good news

COLIN KING - The Marlborough Express

OPINION: The rugged Kaikoura Peninsula, with its snow-capped mountains and its stunning diversity of marine wildlife, stands out as a jewel within New Zealand's coastal environment.

Editorial : Can't be too careful

A selection of security memos sent, unsolicited, to various recipients from "Deskbound Dai" Davies, formerly of the Royal Protection Squad.

Editorial: No room for bullies

Bullying behaviour has been in the news a great deal during the past few months - most of it relating to cyber bullying.

Letters : Please be royal too


On the eve of a royal visit, can I please ask that you (we) all play the game properly

Letters : What's the story

Once again, the council employs an outside company, this time to write the "Marlborough Story".

Risks and rewards of hitchhiking

Hitchhikers flown to Christchurch

OPINION: As a nation that prides itself on being friendly to visitors, many of us feel shame when tourists suffer harm.

Editorial : Good report, but . . .

If Fred Dagg was correct back in the 1970s and we didn't know how lucky we were, it's just about certain that we still don't.

Great event, great weekend

Congratulation and well done to everyone who completed the GrapeRide on Saturday.

Bring back good old days of live music

OPINION: I recently obtained an article out of a German newspaper informing me about the flourishing live music scene in Krakow, Poland

Keep those cranks turning, turning

It's the first weekend in April. That means it's time for my brother-in-law to fire up some competitive talk.

Editorial : Forest fight could backfire

The battle between chocolate makers is likely to leave a bitter taste in consumers' mouths

Letters : Snapper changes


Once again big fishing commercial companies win

Risks and rewards of hitchhiking

Hitchhikers flown to Christchurch

OPINION: As a nation that prides itself on being friendly to visitors, many of us feel shame when tourists suffer harm.

Letters : River protection

It is good to hear that the freshwater advocate as part of a national "check, clean, dry" education programme is on the job.

Editorial : Sound decision all round

The International Court of Justice has made a calculation that even New Zealand schoolchildren would have little trouble understanding.

Real consequences await internet users

JANETTE WALKER - The Marlborough Express

OPINION: Social media seems to be infiltrating our lives more and more, and privacy concerns seem to be secondary to our need to share every aspect of our lives - but only with our chosen few.

Kaikoura letters

An awesome day

Consensus at its very best

STUART SMITH - The Marlborough Express

OPINION: I have always been a strong believer in personal responsibility.

Reflections of rural life

OPINION: The annual agricultural and pastoral shows are a feature of rural life and a treat I thoroughly enjoy.

Letters : Psychopathic Noah


The new movie Noah has attracted much attention.

In search of Simba

As I write this I am just about drooling all over my keyboard in anticipation of a feast to come.

Hearts meet, luggage separates

It had been two hours since I arrived at Kansai Airport, and I was a lone character sitting at the international arrival terminal waiting.

Letters : Scallop quota

Just what is Primary Industries Minister Nathan Guy up to?

Letters : Rules for one

Rules for one

Tania away on a bold mission

Tania Butterfield

A Peter Yealands carton sitting on the floor at work spelled out his mission statement: "Think boldly, tread lightly and never say it can't be done."

Editorial : Irrelevant reading

Mein Kampf

Kim Dotcom has a copy of Mein Kampf. So does the Marlborough Public Library.

Safe haven

Stop Bullying lady? Anti-bullying lady? Te Punanga Haumaru co-ordinator? Liz Collyns invites people to think up a better title.

Save English B4 2 late :(


Eliminating "text speak" and its impact on children's spelling and grammar is among the greatest challenges facing teachers, says a leading headmistress.

Letters : Salute to Corolla

Salute to Corolla

Editorial: Council of care

Sometimes the news media need to grab their ankles for a health check.

Team effort gets us through week

It has been one of those weeks, really.

Dredging damages seabed

STEFFAN BROWNING - The Marlborough Express

OPINION: A sustainable scallop fishery is possible, but not with commercial dredging.

Editorial: Devil is in the detail

The phrase "the decision follows . . ." can be used to invite conclusions that do not necessarily stack up.

Letters : Thinner phone book

Phone book

We have just received the new Marlborough phone book. After 14 years, we have suddenly disappeared.

Noms-de-net crowd

OPINION: As someone who spends far too much time on the internet I've become more than a tad interested in the rise of anonymous contributors to news websites.

Letters : Kind honesty

Kind honesty

'House' style keeps us consistent

A letter from a regular writer this week implored me to stop my subediting team messing about with her text

Editorial: Lost accountability

Hekia Parata

Remember that scene in Crocodile Dundee when a mugger flashes a blade at our hero, who tells him: "That's not a knife - this is a knife"?

Give RSE workers their voice


OPINION: The early days of the Recognised Seasonal Employer scheme had their share of controversy.

Family farms the bedrock of our agriculture

OPINION: In every Marlborough valley and on the plains, there are family-owned and operated farms.

The elephant in the RSE room

OPINION: Seasonal work immigration policies involving Pacific Islanders date from the 1960s.

Catching a bunch of cod

OPINION: One of the great things about living in Marlborough is the variety of activities an individual or family can take part in.

Editorial: A model for the Sounds

maui dolphin

A large chunk of the Kaikoura coast is to be protected by a series of marine reserves and sanctuaries.

Editorial: Get the training right

The Teachers Council is on its way out.

Letters : TPP puts health at risk

Trans Pacific Partnership negotiations happening overseas have the potential to affect quality health care

Letters : Changes needed

The council is proposing to increase the area of the recycle collection in Marlborough. I think this is a good idea.

Editorial: Becoming safe and sound

Alistair Sowman

How many people have already forgotten the front page story in the Express last week that featured a picture of Mayor Alistair Sowman and Barnardos representative Mike Henderson.

Last of the family silver

The Government's programme of asset sales, which started as a headline-grabber in a prime ministerial speech early in 2011, is ending as an election promise that hasn't been fully delivered.

'Legal' doesn't always mean 'safe'

Synthetic cannabis has been a popular topic in the media in the past couple of years.

Emma heads off to motherhood

We've been watching one of the Express editorial crew expand alarmingly during the past few months.

Foreign road danger

Sean Roberts

It wouldn't be easy to look 9-year-old Sean Roberts in the eye and start trying to explain to him that the thing about his dad's death, see, is that New Zealand signed this United Nations convention . . .

Letters : Protect the resource

The demand by Peter Talley that recreational scalloping should be banned from Tasman and Golden bays is absurd

Views from the top inspiring

OPINION: Mt Stokes, at 1203 metres high, stands out above all others in the Marlborough Sounds.

Editorial: Time to get process right

The Marlborough Express

The national flag debate will wait until after the election. So we can fold up a few concerns on that score.

Letters : Unprotected sharks


Recent TV programmes on the practise of shark finning highlight this dreadful and cruel practise in New Zealand waters.

Plenty of warning

September 20

Prime Minister John Key deserves praise for building on his one-election tradition of giving voters plenty of notice of polling day

Letters : Scallop dredging

I reckon your editorial was pretty bang on

Playing Games with cleanup

Today marks the third anniversary of the Tohoku earthquake and tsunami and the subsequent Fukushima nuclear disaster.

Letters : Whoopie for a tree

Councillor Arbuckle says a rise in rates could result in the return of the Christmas tree.

Editorial: Question of decay

The High Court decision released last week rejecting the view that councils had no right to put fluoride in water was a vote for common sense.

Happy family or easy target?

Family stickers

We've all seen those happy stickers on the back window of vehicles introducing the owner-family to the rest of the world.

We're moving towards a cashless society

We are living at a time of exciting technology change that is rapidly changing the way we interact and transact with people

Letters: Festival big success

Over the past nine years the Marlborough Migrant Centre has been behind the highly successful annual Multicultural Festival.

Customer service - a retailer's priority

Tim Ross grew up in Blenheim and was appalled at some of the service he received here during a holiday

Editorial: No military solutions

The ugly side of Vladimir Putin's leadership of Russia has lumbered into Crimea.

Don't let bad start stop you

GERMARI HERSELMAN - The Marlborough Express

With Sven on leave I have been holding the fort at the Midweek.

Letters : Forgotten promises

The Express of February 28 reports that the Marlborough District Council is in favour of reneging on previous commitments

Cheap wine costs us all

Cheap wine

JANETTE WALKER - The Marlborough Express

OPINION: If the wine industry can't afford a reasonable affordable wage, then maybe the industry needs to review their business model.

Editorial: Problem of identity


Legislation before Parliament will make posting on-line abuse punishable by up to two years in prison and a $2000 fine.

For a flight of fancy, try an eponym

OPINION: I like eponyms. Believe me, right now some of my colleagues are either chuckling and/or tutting.

Editorial: Stubbing out the habit

The role of cigarettes in our culture is being burned down to the filter, going by the latest census figures.

Letters : Tooth decay

I take issue with Dr Rob Beaglehold's social engineering stance

Drive home the message

In the wake of the "preventable" death of a baby from whooping cough, it is worth considering whether it is time for immunisation to be promoted with the same blunt candour used in road safety and anti-smoking campaigns.

The best smile in the morning

Lorri Taylor

Some of the most important people in any organisation are the ones on the front counter.

Letters: So cool

John Marris

Isn't it fantastic that a UK company has given a donation to our hospice in memory of John Marris. That is so cool.

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