Assumptions challenged

domestic abuse

OPINION: Looks like we may need to reconsider some of our assumptions about domestic violence.

Primary sector success

Stuart Smith

OPINION: We're a small, isolated island nation and have faced huge hurdles on our journey to becoming a successful agricultural exporter.

School days end with a bawl

Tania Butterfield

TANIA BUTTERFIELD - The Marlborough Express

The countdown is on. In exactly one month, I will be on a plane back to New Zealand.

Seize chance to make a legacy

schools meeting

OPINION: Although he has not set foot here for 15 years, former Marlborough College student Bruce Leonard is disappointed at the public interest in the new colleges debate.

Letters to the editor


More correspondence from Express readers on local and national talking points.

Scratching an itch

The Marlborough Express

At first glance, Labour's new policy on school fees is an attractive one.

Letters to the editor

More correspondence from Express readers on local and national talking points.

Be a good sport


Encouragement is a good thing. Yelling at coaches, referees and the players is not.

Symbolic return

anzac poppy

The fact remains that when the poppies go on sale next year the reasons to buy them will be as compelling as they have ever been.

Set the example


The Marlborough Express

When smokers say they have the freedom of choice they are fooling themselves. Like alcoholism, it is an addiction.

Letters to the editor

The Marlborough Express

Political points and a bouquet for ballet in today's batch of letters to the editor.

Time to ban scallop fishing


OPINION: Scallop-lovers need to play their part in encouraging recovery of this precious resource.

Letters to the editor


More of your correspondence on local and national talking points.

Letters to the editor


More of your correspondence on local and national talking points.

Letters to the editor

Computer generic

Poor sportsmanship, fishing debate and a shelter that fails to deliver in today's letters to the editor.

Sore throat can signal risk

At this time of the year, suffering from a sore throat and achy joints may seem like just a simple case of having contracted a winter cold.

Courage recognised

Woodhouse Bros

The bravery citations for the heroes honoured from the 2011 Christchurch earthquake are equal parts compelling and repellent.

Timber mill support 'essential'

JANETTE WALKER - Marlborough

OPINION: Every ship leaving Picton with a load of logs is sending away jobs that are desperately needed here.

Change of methodology

We have a new law that, we're promised, means there will be more eyes on our vulnerable children. A law that will prioritise services and support and provide greater vigilance over known abusers.

Corset kendo queen


Former Express reporter Tania Butterfield's Japanese adventure continues as she tries her hand at the martial art of Kendo.

Letters to the editor

Correspondence on local and national issues from Express readers.

Of his own making . . .

david cunliffe

Here we have a politician complaining that rival politicians have been playing politics in response to his own political recriminations.

Huge challenge begins

The first part of the Glenn Inquiry into child abuse paints a grim picture of violence breeding violence.

Environment must be priority

Climate change

STEFFAN BROWNING - The Marlborough Express

Climate change is the 'biggest environmental challenge of our time', says Green Party Kaikoura candidate Steffan Browning

For the love of cod

blue cod

Fisheries scientist Glen Carbines offers some advice on improving the survival rates of blue cod in the Marlborough Sounds.

Allegations of abuse are abusive

After the Budget is read and debated, the next step in its passage through Parliament is the select committee process of interviewing the ministers responsible for their portfolios.

Naked disapproval

The Marlborough Express

Streaking was once seen, by those who were minded to smile upon it, as a spasm of devilish whimsy.

Letters to the editor

The blue cod debate and yuletide greetings feature in today's letters to the editor.

Letters to the editor

The Marlborough Express

Drinking habits, party politics and thanks for the police in today's batch of letters to the editor.

Scooter users get rough ride

Corban Phillips

Despite a few falls off my bike and various surgeries I am still able to get around under my own steam and am very grateful for that.

Chance to hear the plan

Chris Fleming

OPINION: Nearly 1000 people turned up to a meeting in Blenheim more than a year ago to hear the Nelson Marlborough District Health Board's new chief executive explain the rationale behind plans to reduce surgical and acute services at Wairau Hospital.

Letters to the editor

The Marlborough Express

Transport, fundraising and the abortion debate are up for discussion in today's letters to the editor

Back to business after downtime

This time of year is a little strange. You are on the rugby treadmill one minute, then all of a sudden you have to stop for three weeks while the All Blacks play.

Tired of running out of time

The newsroom is full of clocks and I check them constantly, but somehow I have become quite like those "late" men in my life.

The worst and the best

River Rescuers

Just 24 hours after an Auckland family was robbed of their father, a young man in Blenheim showed why we should have faith in our young people.

Letters to the editor

Blue cod rules and a Department of Conservation whitewash are on the agenda in today's letters to the editor.

Laughter and tears

Rik Mayall

The faraway death of an English comic actor was the most watched story on the Stuff website on Tuesday for a reason.

The importance of events

Marlborough may be small in terms of population base, but it is quickly becoming a powerhouse when it comes to offering events.

Lovely day trip

Hekia Parata

Why did Education Minister Hekia Parata come to Marlborough?

Letters to the editor

Hospital staff's responsibilities and a mercenary merger by Mana are up for discussion in today's letters to the editor.

No concerns for cod

Nathan Guy

OPINION: Primary Industries Minister Nathan Guy appears confused about the status of the Marlborough blue cod fisheries.

Letters to the editor

Short-sighted parking wardens and the ongoing DHB meeting debate are on the agenda in today's letters to the editor.

Banks' exit is right option

John Banks

Thank goodness John Banks saw the plank in front of him for what it was - the shortest, least ignominious route to his departure from politics.

Wrapped tight as a $1000 bill


It was a sweltering hot day in Tokyo - almost perfect weather for a wedding.

Letters to the editor

The Marlborough Express

Saluting a local hero, the slot rule debate and testing foreign drivers are up for discussion in today's letters to the editor.

Hardly reassuring

Parliamentary Commissioner for the Environment Dr Jan Wright.

Parliamentary Commissioner for the Environment Jan Wright is having her own report on oil and gas drilling explained to her from on high. It's unlikely she's enjoying the experience.

Every driver must be alert

Three lives gone in an instant have put the focus on road safety, particularly on crashes involving tourist drivers.

Letters to the editor

Bullying in the workplace and parking problems are up for discussion in today's batch of letters to the editor.

Letters to the editor

Correspondents share their views on a planned surgical services meeting at Wairau Hospital.

In justice we trust

drink drivers

Restorative justice panels are hardly going to satisfy the vengeance fantasists among us, but let's have a bit of respect for a process that really can do good.

Right decision to derail monorail

Fiordland monorail

The idea of a monorail through beech forest in Fiordland had a Disneyish sort of appeal. Hardened trampers might be able to reach the treasures of the remote Snowdon Forest on foot, but many other people can't.

Letters to the editor

Local and national politics and a chilly night at the Civic Theatre are on the agenda in today's letters to the editor.

Relevance of rules

There may be very good reason why a judge suggested that customers should be prevented from buying single bottles of beer or ready-to-drink (RTD) liquor at off-licence outlets.

Letter to the editor

A Blenheim letter writer wonders whether the increasing popularity of tattoos is a sign of the downfall of civilisation.

Doing the right thing

Lou Vincent

The Government is right to be making match-fixing an explicit criminal offence.

Steady as it goes



OPINION: There is no cause for excitement about the number of migrants showing up from distant lands.

Coastal shipping service needed

Survey shows businesses are confident that export orders would pick up in the next 12 months.

OPINION: Port Marlborough has one of the few sheltered, natural deep-water ports in the country. There is plenty of room for future development.

State housing going downhill

house strap

JANETTE WALKER - The Marlborough Express

OPINION: Blenheim's already insufficient state housing availability is set to be further cut.

Letters to the editor

Online billing, thanks for honesty and a hunt for relatives in today's letters to the editor.

Foul play

Southland Sharks

The Southland Sharks have seriously wounded their team and their franchise by their late-night brawl outside a New Plymouth bar.

Letter to the editor

The Marlborough Express

Andrea Byrom from Landcare Research shares her views on pest eradication operation on D'Urville Island.

Age is just a number


The Marlborough Express

How old is old enough? The issue has come up again from a new perspective in Nelson where a father complains that his 16-year-old daughter came home with a tattoo.

Matter of personal safety

accident crash road generic

Many visitors to New Zealand have an almost otherworldly expectation of how benign a place it is.

The joys of Sunday night TV

Sunday night television has become addictive.

Be proactive to get publicity

While the Express is first and foremost a news organisation, we definitely have a place helping local groups.

Make choices, set priorities

Generic money

In New Zealand, we adopt the notion that the state will look after those unable to do it themselves. An admirable ideal, but the challenge comes in the cost.

Letters to the editor

The Marlborough Express

Weld St mess and the ongoing 1080 debate are on the agenda in today's letters to the editor.

It's time to abandon protecting Waihopai

OPINION: Once again, revelations about New Zealand's part in mass surveillance have emerged.

Letters to the editor


The Marlborough Express

OPINION: Buying a first home and the difficulty of co-ordinating events in Marlborough are on the agenda in today's letters to the editor.

Balancing budgets an issue for all

colin king

OPINION: Running a country is based on the very same principles as family budgets.

Getting down to nits


The Marlborough Express

Social Development Minister Paula Bennett took something of a gamble when she was photographed while having her head examined for nits.

Letters to the editor

The ongoing Picton noise debate and Marlborough house prices are on the agenda in today's letters to the editor.

Letters to the editor

The Marlborough Express

Pest control, noise complaints and the tax debate dominate the talking points in today's letters to the editor.

Jobs challenge continues

John Key and Bill English

The Easter bunny didn't get a mention when English unveiled his sixth Budget yesterday.

Time for a break (in traffic)

You'll understand this situation: sitting on the side of Grove Rd in Blenheim, trying to merge back into traffic.

Death too cruel

Death penalty

Somewhere between US courtrooms and the death chambers, things have been getting ugly indeed.

Meat industry reform urgent

Reforming the meat industry was the topic of conversation 20 years ago, when I left pastural farming behind for farming grapes, and not much seems to have changed.

Letters to the editor

The Marlborough Express

Outdoor music, pest control and property controversy are up for discussion in today's batch of letters to the editor.

Ignorance is dangerous


The Marlborough Express

On Monday last week, a tourist heading to Queenstown was reported for driving in the wrong lane at least four times. Sound familiar?

Rural swaps, the ticking clock

Last Friday, the Commerce Commission asked for any remaining rural customers who had been sold "swaps" to come forward by the end of the month.

Letters to the Editor

Dangerous cyclists, the privilege of education and thanks for an honest good sort in today's Letters to the Editor.

Ferry issues need to be addressed

Interislander ferry, Aratere

OPINION: The management of the Interislander ferries seems to be all at sea.

Debunking plastic ideas of beauty


The best thing about Barbie dolls is that they provide a reminder of everything we shouldn't aspire to, writes Mark Reeves.

Compensation deserved


The Marlborough Express

If the news sometimes makes you worry that honesty has gone down the toilet, there is reassurance that sometimes the reverse is true.

Interesting, strange festivals

Grumpy Old Women

If you ever come to Japan, time your trip to coincide with festival season because you never know what some of the towns are celebrating.

Letters to the editor

Noise complaints and duck hunting are up for discussion in today's letter to the editor.

Letters to the Editor

Picton pool plans and 'grandstanding' over shoddy rentals are the talking points in today's letters to the editor.

The winner without the trophy

The Express has had five years on the run of winning this title, but couldn't quite make it six.

This could save your life

Blenheim man Russell Montgomery writes in praise of a motorbike safety programme running in Marlborough.

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