'Hardening up' is never the answer

Bary Neal competed in the King and Queen of the Withers race in memory of his son Matt Neal, who died of suspected suicide.

OPINION: Reach out if you are in a dark place, writes Bary Neal, who lost his son last year when he died of suspected suicide.

Someone must know who it is

Police in Marlborough are on the hunt for an arsonist following seven suspicious fires in the past month.

Arson is mindless vandalism on steroids.

Messages from Kaikoura's mayor

Kaikoura Mayor Winston Gray.

OPINION: Last week I heard that the earthquake was "arguably the second biggest earthquake in NZ's European history.

Letters to the editor

Ari Feldman, right, was one of the 180-strong Australian contingent to attend the 21st New Zealand Scout Jamboree held ...

 Correspondents write about the 21st New Zealand Scout Jamboree, fluoridation, the play area at the Picton Foreshore and the tagging on Blenheim's ASB Theatre Marlborough.

MP's Report: Safety first

Work on State Highway 1 north of Kaikoura is expected to take up to a year to complete.

COLUMN: Ensuring long-term resilience key in rebuild

Letters to the editor

Wearing lifejackets on small boats could become compulsory in Marlborough next year, following moves by local bodies ...

Correspondents write about waterways, lifejackets, modern manners, theatre tagging and the police checkpoint at UB40.

On a knife edge

Off the menu: The big question for the Sounds scallop fishery is how many seasons will it need to recover to a level ...

A new word has crept into government speak – resilience.

Fish quotas need rethink

Fisheries management measures should be shared by all sectors, writes Peter Watson.

Recreational fishers get the short end of the stick when it comes to fisheries management, writes Pete Watson.

Are you prepared?

Marlborough Emergency services officer Gary Spence.

OPINION: An emergency event has no consideration for you, your family or your community so you need to be prepared, writes Marlborough Civil Defence emergency services officer Gary Spence.

Ah, those summer memories

Totaranui in the Abel Tasman National Park is a magnet for campers, but a gastro bug has clouded the experience for some.

Nasty norovirus not what you expect to bring home from holiday.

Letters to the editor

Murchison has likely witnessed its busiest holiday period ever, due to the closure of State Highway 1 down the east ...

Correspondents write about holiday traffic on the inland route to Christchurch, the 'heroes' who assisted in Ward following the November quake, balloons and their imp[act on the environment, and fluoridation.

Letters to the editor

Letter writer Max Pendleton collected this mess of broken bottles from Richmond St, Blenheim, and a few adjoining streets.

Correspondents write about broken glass on the streets of Blenheim, a trip to Davies Bay, street signs, motor homes, the Express 'Picture of the Day' and the new Spring Creek-Blenheim cycle trail.

Reopened road a Christmas bonus

A SH1 Kaikoura coast road tunnel that has been cleared after it was substantially blocked in the November 14 earthquake.

The reopening of two roads into Kaikoura is one of the best Christmas presents the people of the region could have hoped for.

Lessons learned

The challenges that face contractors working on State Highway 1 north of Kaikoura are emense, writes Kaikoura MP Stuart ...

COLUMN: The November earthquake has been devastating, but has also brought out the best in so many.

Armstrong's road to redemption?

Lance Armstrong meets local cyclists at Mechanics Bay, Auckland on Tuesday morning

OPINION: Only in hero-worship is anyone perfect.

True meaning of Christmas

The true meaning of Christmas is far more important than getting presents, writes Denis Humphreys the senior leader at ...

OPINION: Don't forget what Christmas is really about, writes senior leader at Harvest Life Church in Blenheim Denis Humphreys.

Nothing impossible for mussel farming pioneer

Keith Yealands, pictured in 2009, holding a photo of himself as a member of the Long Range Desert Group

A life of rich experience from from foster child to commando to innovative mussel farmer

We must not turn a blind eye

04052015 News Photo Kirk Hargreaves/FairfaxNZ 
A number of Filipino reconstruction workers are being exploited in a ...

"Slavery" is not a word that fits well with the sort of New Zealand most of us know.

New risks to privacy under Trump

The GCSB-run secure communication base at Waihopai, in Marlborough.  Under US directives, New Zealand contributes ...

Opinion: If Trump starts pushing the boundaries on surveillance, what does this mean for New Zealand?

MP's Report

Kaikoura MP Stuart Smith and RidgeAir pilot Rhys Hummelstad with toys destined for the Kaikoura community.

 Marlborough is open for business. We can't undo what has happened, so instead we need to look at the opportunities we can take up.

Letters to the editor

A corespondent writes: "What a fabulous town Picton is! The location, the hospitality of the local retail staff, ...

Correspondents write about post boxes, wrong directions, 'green bananas', Blenheim and dogs, Picton hospitality and Easter trading.

Prep, check, know before you go

Marlborough harbourmaster Luke Grogan.

OPINION: With the summer boating season upon us it is vital to be prepared, writes Marlborough harbourmaster Luke Grogan.

Letters to the editor

Redwoodtown School pupils donated food they were meant to take on school camp to quake-hit residents of Kaikoura. ...

Correspondents write about seclusion in schools, theatre debt, page 2 photos and the kindness of children at Redwoodtown School.

Extending the gift of life

When Australia opted to fund Perjeta, it made the treatment available for women who had been diagnosed for up to a year.

For the women involved, and their families, it would be beyond price.

Letters to the editor

200514. Photo: 123rf.com
Stock Photo - Hand silhouette working on a laptop keyboard

blue, board, bright, business, ...

Correspondents write about the Java sea graves, 1080, aircraft fuel and marine protection.

Letters to the editor

3am: Civil Defence Controller Candi Callaghan, centre, talk to locals and first responders in Ward, just hours after the ...

Correspondents write about the quake response, marine futures, 1080, Aotearoa, and the staff at Wairau Hospital.

Comments give us all a voice stuff nation

I love comments sections. I'm opinionated and they're an excellent way to kill time when I'm having a slow day at work, ...

OPINION: I love comments sections. I'm opinionated, I love a good argument, and they're an excellent way to kill time when I'm having a slow day at work.

The ugly side of Stuff comments stuff nation

"At times I have felt so threatened by online comments that I have considered giving up writing altogether."

OPINION: I have felt so threatened and worried that I have considered giving up writing altogether for the safety of my family.

New rules for Stuff's comments video

Comments sections are a great way to discover the issues our readers really care about.

We think a constructive debate is worth fighting for. Let's restore civility to the toxic swamp.

Finding a way forward

Kaikoura Cheese co-owner Sarah Jenkins at their Kaikoura factory.

 Flying to Kaikoura on the inaugural Sounds Air flight last week was something of a journey into the unknown.

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