COLUMN: Back from Norway

Kaikoura MP Stuart Smith at a Skretting salmon feed research facility in Stavanger, Norway.


New connections with the past

Te Pokohiwi a Kupe, the Wairau Bar.

This week Rangitane o Wairau will host the New Zealand Archaeological Association's annual conference here in the Wairau, at Ukaipo, the iwi's cultural centre at Grovetown.pe, the Wairau Bar.

Letters to the editor

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Letter boxes at Okiwi Bay.

Correspondents write about the World Brass Championships, dog owners' rights and freedom camping in Picton.

Letters to the editor

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Correspondents write about snapper management, a shortage of prescription medicines, the "mess' near the entrance of the Blenheim tennis courts, a mooted Blenheim bypass, visitor numbers, and confidence in the local economy.

Letters to the editor

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Correspondents write about the Taylor River walkway, the Kaikoura Trash Fashion Show, Air New Zealand dropping the direct route between Blenheim and Christchurch and the Queen Charlotte Track.

Letters to the editor

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Correspondents write about the snapper quota, refugees and the solstice.

EDITORIAL: Open fire debate rages on

Open fires have been banned in Blenheim.

EDITORIAL: Unlike the cigarettes we smoke or the sugary drinks we swig, we don't get to choose the air we breathe.

'We must not stand by'

People gathered at the Dance-O-Mat to pay tribute to victims shot in a gay nightclub in Orlando, Florida. "Love wins but ...

OPINION: Love wins but only when straight people love ourselves enough to stand up for other people's rights.

SATIRE: Tray bakes for bin men

The Beaver.

SATIRE: Bin men have started working on their dump truck dismounts to impress the ladies.

Letters to the editor

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Correspondents write about a Blenheim bypass and political commentary.

Letters to the editor

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Correspondents write about the Orlando shootings, FOMO and Meals on Wheels.

MP's report

Kaikoura MP Stuart Smith

Kaikoura MP Stuart Smith salutes recipients of Queen's Birthday Honours.

Costly working farm dogs

Jock Wyllie of Kaihoka and his dog Will at dog trial finals in Tapanui.

OPINION: Dog trials bring a lot of enjoyment, but registering working dogs does give rise to frustration.

Letters to the editor

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Corespondents write about a possible Blenheim bypass, meth, Mamma Mia! and government funding.

Once were warriors ...

Bones of tupuna who lived on Te Pokohiwi a Kupe, or the Wairau Bar, up to 700 years ago were brought home by Rangitane ...

Over the past six months I have been fortunate enough to spend time with Rangitane elders familiar with the oral traditions of the Wairau. These elders are the grandchildren of people who in their lifetime sought the return of koiwi and taonga taken from Te Pokohiwi a Kupe during the mid-20th century. Today's elders are witnessing the return.

Letters to the editor

150416 150 years history letters to the editor 27 May 1961 Readers' Letters

Correspondents write about trolls, the Marlborough City name change proposal, welcome signs and the 'bypass brigade'.

Be prepared

A University of Canterbury earthquake engineering professor says State Highway 1 on the South Island  could be closed ...

COLUMN: Kaikoura MP Stuart Smith talks about Alpine Fault and State Highway 1.

Letters to the editor

Don't knock the police, confusion, King Salmon and an overdue Bypass.

SATIRE: Inner-city Blenheim

Marlburians can only dream of traffic like Auckland.

SATIRE: A mugger tax on small businesses would pay for thieving lowlifes to patrol the streets at night.

More green

Nelson Marlborough Institute of Technology horticulture tutor Don Cross with some of the native plants propagated by his ...

OPINION: Bring back Arbor Day says Nelson Marlborough Institute of Technology horticulture lecturer Don Cross.

All Black sugar pushers

A kid was sipping away on Powerade because ''Richie drinks it''.

OPINION: A child having rotten teeth dealt with while sipping on a bottle of Powerade – because Richie drinks it – shows Big Sugar behaves like Big Tobacco used to.

COLUMN: MP's report

25052015 News Photo : Anthony Phelps/FairfaxNZ
MP Stuart Smith at his office in Blenheim.

The current consultation process around replacing the Grove Road bridge has ignited fresh debate about the need for State Highway 1 to bypass central Blenheim.

Letters to the editor

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Thank you DOC

Letters to the editor

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All for the bypass

Learned Facebook users bag Blenheim

Should Blenheim doff its name, would other beleaguered towns dare to follow suit?

OPINION: Should Blenheim decide to doff its name, would other beleaguered towns follow suit?

Working as one

Nelson Marlborough Rescue Helicopter chief crewman Paul 'Ernie' Bryant.

OPINION: Nelson Marlborough Rescue Helicopter chief crewman Paul Bryant talks about the service.

Say no

Marlborough Boys College year 13 students, from left, Joe Potter, Hadley Buckley, Bob Lane and Sosaia Mesiui show their ...

OPINION: We tend to stand back, waiting for one brave person to challenge the bully and relieve us of the decision to stand up, writes Pink Shirt Day Marlborough organiser Liz Collyns.

Letters to the editor

Letters to the editor

Sounds habitats, hydro scheme, Blenheim bypass, Mamma Mia! and a load of rubbish.

Fonterra discussion continues

Fonterra has a responsibility to its farmer shareholders and unit holders, particularly during a time when milk prices ...

Kaikoura MP Stuart Smith discusses the closure of Kaikoura's cheese factory.

Open letter

Critics have slated a plan to sell Canterbury water rights to a bottled water supplier.

Marlborough residents Budyong and Lesley Hill write an open letter to Conservation Minister Nick Smith.

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