Climate marchers stand for freedom

Marlborough woman Christine Smith is encouraging people to support the upcoming climate change march in Seymour Square, Blenheim on November 28.

OPINION: Climate Karanga member Penny Wardle talks about the need to take action in the face of slow decision making by world leaders around climate change.

Civic centre 'breeding mistrust among ratepayers'

Kaikoura MP Stuart Smith.

Kaikoura MP Staurt Smith weighs-in on the ongoing Kaikoura civic centre building saga.

Great events help our community – and visitors – connect

Some of the thousands of people who attended the Stihl Shop Croad Garden Fete in early November take cover in the shade at Seymour Square in Blenheim.

COLUMN: We are perfectly placed here, right in the middle of New Zealand, to make the most of attracting visitors from other regions whether by road, ferry or on our excellent air services. What it does for our economy is hard to overstate.

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Correspondents write about climate change, the draft regional plan, taking offence and fireworks being 'insensitive'.

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030712 News. Photo: Mytchall Bransgrove/Timaru Herald. 8 Letters were sent and received the next day.

- postal post letter letterbox mail envelopes

Correspondents write about Kent St in Picton, marine farming and moa.

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Management plan

Letters to the editor

2652015 News Photo: Marion van Dijk/Fairfax NZ.

Bryan Forrest's letterbox made from an old printer.

College prize-giving

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02072015 news supplied. Generic image of a letter being posted in a NZ Post letter box ahead of changes to delivery schedules.

Correspondents write about the district council, fireworks and climate change,

SATIRE: Council's 'smart' move for multi-storey

The Beaver

Blenheim looks set to become the first town in the southern hemisphere to trial movable smart homes as the council tries to rid itself of a failed multi-storey car park.

Be the one who makes a difference

Liz Collyns is the Bully free Marlborough Coordinator.

OPINION: This coming week is Child Abuse Prevention Week and we all need some ideas on how to help lower the appalling statistics we have in NZ.

Collaborative approach the only way forward

25052015 News Photo : Anthony Phelps/FairfaxNZ
MP Stuart Smith at his office in Blenheim.

COLUMN: There are increased, and public, efforts being made by Marlborough primary industry groups to engage council in discussion on the region’s management plan and regional policy statement review.

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12122014 News Photo: Grant Matthew/Fairfax NZ

Rural delivery letterbox

Correspondents write about college prize-giving, the draft plan and salmon mortality.

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05062015. News. Photo: SELINA POWELL/FAIRFAX NZ
Letter boxes at Okiwi Bay.

Correspondents write about car parking, climate change denial and quote management.

SATIRE: Vigilante group targets backyard fireworks

A toy poodle and a miniature schnauzer sniff out some shop-bought fireworks.

SATIRE: A vigilante group of dog owners and sleep-deprived parents has vowed retribution on residents holding their own backyard firework displays.

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03032015 News Photo:Scott Hammond/Fairfax NZ
new pay and display parking
Railway Station car park

Correspondents write about parking in Blenheim, climate change and the Quota Management System

All go for Garden Marlborough

The Stihl Shop Garden Fete is always the most popular part of Garden Marlborough and will be held on Sunday, November 8 in Seymour Square, Blenheim this year.

It is that time of year again and our very own garden festival is upon us.

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22102015 News Photo: Derek Flynn/ Fairfax NZ. 
Christine Smith is encouraging people to support the upcoming climate change march. She has solar panels, and more going up and some environmental (Solutions not pollution) signage.

Correspondents write about climate change, college prize-giving and the district plan.

OPINION: Overhaul of quota management system overdue

Grove Arm, Queen Charlotte Sound from Queen Charlotte Drive near Picton, Marlborough Sounds, June 25, 2015. Photo: Stephen Russell/Fairfax NZ

OPINION: Recreational fisherman Hugh Shields says the problem surrounding the cod fishery in the Marlborough Sounds is not one of recreational verses commercial.

The great economic divide

17092015. Photo: 123rf.com
Real estate investment. House and coins on table.

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OPINION: Marlborough is blessed with a wide array of social agencies and volunteers who aim to address these issues. But they are being hollowed out by lack of government funding.

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17072014 News Photo by Derek Flynn / The Marlborough Express / Fairfax NZ.
Closer on the Heritage and History of MBC, The 'third world' classrooms and disrepair of the older buildings, and what the future holds for Marlborough Boys' College. Principal Wayne Hegarty shows  us around.

The cost of tickets to the Marlborough Boys'College cultural prize-giving has readers riled.

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NZ Post has changed the length of time a letter will take to be delivered.

Correspondents write about parking in Blenheim, planting and the seasons.

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A kayak fisher tries his luck at a Golden Bay mussel farm.

Correspondents write about climate change, marine farming and the Marlborough District Council's draft district plan.

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310515. News Photo. Blue cod amongst the algae are a common sight at Taputeranga Marine Reserve. Photo: JEN HOWE/SUPPLIED.

Correspondents write about blue cod rules, climate change and the Wairau Affray sign.

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03032015 News Photo:Scott Hammond/Fairfax NZ
new pay and display parking
Railway Station car park

Correspondents vent their anger over parking fees in Blenheim.

SATIRE: Fruit banned from hospital cafes

The Beaver

The Nelson Marlborough District Health Board is planning a widespread ban on all fruit in hospital cafes from next year because of their high sugar content.

OPINION:Blue cod conversation not over

181015 news. Photo supplied Minister Nathan Guy and Stuart Smith

The recent announcement of new blue cod rules for the Marlborough Sounds is a significant step forward in ensuring our unique part of the world, and all its resources, is available to future generations.

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Joseph Sullivan 'Local Lad Makes Good' / Christ Cairns 'Local Lad Makes Bad'

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Ridiculous rules - Will the next generation of Kiwis will have no idea of risk assessment.

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Stock Photo - Laptop and coffee cup on wood table. View from above

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Taking out the trees and Anadarko could pay for a pool

SATIRE: Red-eyed residents on the move

The Beaver

Hayfever sufferers have given the Marlborough property market a welcome ‘‘shot in the arm’’ as red-eyed residents are desperate for a move to more built-up areas.

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