A tale to remember

The Treaty of Waitangi was first signed on February 6, 1840 by representatives of the British Crown and various Māori chiefs from the North Island.

OPINION: The story of

MP on the TPP

25052015 News Photo : Anthony Phelps/FairfaxNZ
MP Stuart Smith at his office in Blenheim.

Last Thursday was a significant day for New Zealand with the signing of the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) in Auckland.

OPINION: Marine park

Sustainability key to marine debate

Wild juvenile paua are pictured with seven spat (light blue seeded paua). The spat are taken from adult paua then farmed and released into the wild to increase the overall biomass. This work is carried out by paua quota owners throughout New Zealand.

What will Marlborough choose: recreational fishing parks or sustainable fisheries?

SATIRE: New 'flaky' fish rule

The Beaver

SATIRE: The ministry is rumoured to be in talks with a Marlborough winery to provide its taste-tasters with small bottles of sauvignon blanc.

Letters to the editor

05062015. News. Photo: SELINA POWELL/FAIRFAX NZ
Letter boxes at Okiwi Bay.

Correspondents write about marine farming, Express coverage, plant-based diets and ecological hypocrisy.

Cook Strait hopefuls keep on coming

Swimmers Danny Hanlon and Bernard Stone, swimming a Cook Strait relay record attempt, switch over mid-swim.

The 22-kilometre stretch of water, between New Zealand's North and South islands, has humbled its latest adversaries, proving once again its volatile nature.

Flying the flags

Lyn, left, and Paul Meikle are flying both the current and the proposed new flag at the Anchor Inn, Kaikoura. The couple say they would be happy with a change in flag as the existing one is too often confused with the Australian flag.

The current New Zealand flag and the proposed black, white and blue design are both flying above Kaikoura's Anchor Inn to help people decide their position on the debate.

Letters to the editor


Correspondents write about the proposed recreational fishing park, noise standards, place names and 1080.

Letters to the editor

030712 News. Photo: Mytchall Bransgrove/Timaru Herald. 8 Letters were sent and received the next day.

- postal post letter letterbox mail envelopes

Correspondents write about the new colleges site, apathy and greed, and Sandy Bay.

Letters to the editor

2652015 News Photo: Marion van Dijk/Fairfax NZ.

Bryan Forrest's letterbox made from an old printer.

Correspondents write about corporate greed, Blenheim's Christmas tree, population policy, cartoons and plant-based diets.

Fish park met with scepticism

A recreational fish park has been proposed in the Marlborough Sounds.

OPINION: For Marlborough, recreational fishing is an asset to the local economy.

Letters to the editor

200514. Photo: 123rf.com
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Correspondents write about Christmas, place names, recreational fishers, the consumer society, and councillor Jessica Bagge.

SATIRE: Dated decorations cause street fight

The Beaver

SATIRE: ‘‘I’ve never seen anything like it, I saw a woman slap a young boy across the face with a six-foot inflatable snowman.’’

Reduce, re-use and repurpose, then recycle

Ralph Hogan, right, throws away his one bag of rubbish which has been filled over 15 months. At right is Innovative Waste Kaikoura manager Rob Roche.

Kaikoura man Ralph Hogan, who proved just how little waste you can produce by fitting 15 months of rubbish into one bag, talks about why he does it and how you can do the same.

To our foodbank volunteers ... thanks

Kaikoura MP Stuart Smith at the Marlborough Foodbank in Blenheim.

OPINION: Christmas is a time for family, for celebration and for giving, but sadly, each year a number of Marlborough families and individuals go without.

‘Wake up and smell the opportunity’

The decision on where to place the new colleges site will have flow-on effects for businesses in Blenheim.

OPINION: We can do more to make Marlborough a better place, writes Chris Godsiff.

The human side of the climate debate

A placard with the slogan ‘1.5 Degrees Celsius = rich countries do your fair share’ is seen on a replica of the Eiffel Tower during the World Climate Change Conference 2015 (COP21) in Le Bourget, near Paris, France.

OPINION: Blenheim's Tony Orman says the planet cannot tolerate infinite growth.

Letters to the editor

030712 News. Photo: Mytchall Bransgrove/Timaru Herald. 8 Letters were sent and received the next day.

- postal post letter letterbox mail envelopes

Correspondents write about dumped carcasses, 1080 and the Express.

Letters to the editor

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Correspondents write about animal cruelty, the new colleges site and 1080.

SATIRE: Painting the grass green

The Beaver

If residents were more water efficient, like vineyards, they wouldn’t have to take such drastic measures.

Giving back is giving forward

Jodye Tomalin is the Marlborough Youth Trust youth development co-ordinator.

Marlborough young people agreed that it was giving back to their community that helped them to thrive

Letters to the editor

An animal carcass left to rot near the Awatere River.

Correspondents write about abandoned carcasses, hunting, 1080, and Winston Peters.

Letters to the editor

Correspondents write about fishing in the Sounds, forestry and the Wairau Valley forest fire.

Letters to the editor

200514. Photo: 123rf.com
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Correspondents write about patriotic politics, mobile phone etiquette, 1080 and climate change.

Letters to the editor

02072015 news supplied. Generic image of a letter being posted in a NZ Post letter box ahead of changes to delivery schedules.

Correspondents write about 1080, weather statistics and gullibility.

New school an exciting opportunity for Marlborough

Kaikoura MP Stuart Smith

OPINION: Kaikoura MP Stuart Smith says the new college is Marlborough's chance to design innovative, state-of-the-art, inclusive learning environments.

Letters to the editor

2652015 News Photo: Marion van Dijk/Fairfax NZ.

Bryan Forrest's letterbox made from an old printer.

Correspondents write about 1080, parking in Picton and the speed limit.

SATIRE: Creamery launches reindeer milk

The Beaver

SATIRE: Religious groups are protesting the drink, saying camel or donkey milk would better embrace the spirit of Christmas.

Pressure of Christmas weighs heavily on wallets

27022008/ Photo JOHN SELKIRK/  Money, currency, New Zealand Dollar, notes. wallet, retail, cost, cash. For file


SATIRE: New theatre may be flattened

The Beaver

SATIRE: Theatre trust in talks with council about moving Taylor River.

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