Prep, check, know before you go

Marlborough harbourmaster Luke Grogan.

OPINION: With the summer boating season upon us it is vital to be prepared, writes Marlborough harbourmaster Luke Grogan.

Letters to the editor

Redwoodtown School pupils donated food they were meant to take on school camp to quake-hit residents of Kaikoura. ...

Correspondents write about seclusion in schools, theatre debt, page 2 photos and the kindness of children at Redwoodtown School.

Extending the gift of life

When Australia opted to fund Perjeta, it made the treatment available for women who had been diagnosed for up to a year.

For the women involved, and their families, it would be beyond price.

Letters to the editor

200514. Photo: 123rf.com
Stock Photo - Hand silhouette working on a laptop keyboard

blue, board, bright, business, ...

Correspondents write about the Java sea graves, 1080, aircraft fuel and marine protection.

Letters to the editor

3am: Civil Defence Controller Candi Callaghan, centre, talk to locals and first responders in Ward, just hours after the ...

Correspondents write about the quake response, marine futures, 1080, Aotearoa, and the staff at Wairau Hospital.

Comments give us all a voice stuff nation

I love comments sections. I'm opinionated and they're an excellent way to kill time when I'm having a slow day at work, ...

OPINION: I love comments sections. I'm opinionated, I love a good argument, and they're an excellent way to kill time when I'm having a slow day at work.

The ugly side of Stuff comments stuff nation

"At times I have felt so threatened by online comments that I have considered giving up writing altogether."

OPINION: I have felt so threatened and worried that I have considered giving up writing altogether for the safety of my family.

New rules for Stuff's comments video

Comments sections are a great way to discover the issues our readers really care about.

We think a constructive debate is worth fighting for. Let's restore civility to the toxic swamp.

Finding a way forward

Kaikoura Cheese co-owner Sarah Jenkins at their Kaikoura factory.

 Flying to Kaikoura on the inaugural Sounds Air flight last week was something of a journey into the unknown.

Broken links and silver linings

The November 14 earthquake may spell the end of the line for the main trunk network north of Kaikoura.

EDITORIAL:Spanning the country from Cape Reinga to Bluff, State Highway 1 is New Zealand's most significant road.

That's a fail

17052016. 123rf.
Stock Photo - pretty female college student sitting in a classroom full of students during ...

It's just as well the New Zealand Qualifications Authority is calling on independent experts to examine its exam setting processes.

Business after the quake

Wellington MP Grant Robertson.

The Government's quake relief fund for Wellington is welcome. Businesses trapped inside the cordons in the capital are as much victims of the 7.8 magnitude earthquake as the tourist operators in Kaikoura. Both are cut off from their customers by a natural disaster outside their control.

Letters to the editor

Rural delivery letterbox

Correspondents write about the co-located colleges and Marlborough Marine Future.

MP's Report

Primary Industries Minister Nathan Guy addresses Flaxbourne farmers at a meeting in Marlborough last week.

Kaikoura MP Stuart Smith gives a round-up of his week.

Buildings' quake response

The Asteron building in the Wellington cbd has been vacated since this month's 7.8 quake.  The "serviceability" criteria ...

Opinion: Many factors affect how a building will perform in an earthquake.

Time to stump up for Kaikoura

A coffee cart operating on the Esplanade in downtown Kaikoura. Where are those generous philanthropists who can help ...

Kiwis are a generous bunch. We know you can dig deep for Kaikoura.

Letters to the editor

White Ribbon anti-domestic violence day.

Trump and respectful relationships.

Letters to the editor

Chicken Little likes to walk in the woods. One day while she is walking an acorn falls from a tree, and hits the top of ...

Opinions, rates, politics and brickbats.

Letters to the editor

When Captain Cook and his crew anchored off New Zealand, the dawn chorus was described as "deafening."

Why did it take so long for rats to annihilate bird life and could Trump's election be a blessing in disguise?

Letters to the editor

A letter writer believes the student loan scheme needs tightened up, yet are politicians ready to listen?

Correspondents write about student loans, The Nutcracker, MP Stuart Smith, grammar and 'Aotearoa'.

Letters to the editor

220413 Weird out West/Western Leader. Resting letterbox: This Ranui letter box has fallen off its perch and is resting ...

Correspondents write about the colleges' site, fireworks, 1080, global threats, Brian Tamaki and the proposed Wairau River hydro scheme.

Letters to the editor

11/05/12 -- news - pic Jonathan Cameron -Taranaki Daily News--  Letterbox ,Wiremu rd , calendar , walkabout, Taranaki . ...

Correspondents write about SH1, coastal shipping and fluoride.

Second once-in-a-lifetime disaster

The best way to get about during a petrol shortage is by bike.

I'm over this. Two, separate thousand-year events in six years is too much.

Kaikoura, cut-off from the rest of the world

An army convoy arrives on the inland Kaikoura road.

OPINION: Kaikoura is suffering a double blow: a major quake and it happening at the start of the tourism season.

You narrowly missed a big bill

Much of the damage as a result of the Kaikoura quake was to infrastructure and roads.

OPINION: Much of NZ has dodged a major insurance bullet. Time to reassess if you're prepared for the worst-case scenario.

Resilience in the face of disaster

Business NZ chief executive Kirk Hope.

Recent earthquakes sent us a wake-up message. The Government has many major issues to think over – but the rest of us do too.

NZ's chance to get a disaster recovery right

Kaikoura residents attend the daily public meeting at the community hall.

The Kaikoura earthquake was devastating but manageable. If NZ is ever going to get a disaster recovery right, this is it.

Decisions, decisions

Kaikoura's South Bay marina. What Kaikoura needs now is confirmation they will be looked after. The scenic beauty is ...

If the Government gets its support packages right, Kaikoura could emerge stronger than ever.

The road to recovery

Tourism of a different kind will emerge. Within days of the 7.8-magnitude quake, German tourists Florian Oechsle and ...

OPINION: We have learnt from Christchurch earthquakes that a different form of tourism emerges post-disaster.

Time for MoW 2.0?

Ministry of Works bulldozers ripping away part of the hillside on bends between Claverley and Hundalee in 1982 so a more ...

OPINION: The arguments in favour of establishing a twenty-first century version of the Ministry of Works are compelling.

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