Plenty of substance in submissions

Submission, submissions.

I was going to start this article by saying there is never a dull moment at the Chamber of Commerce.

But given our time seems to have been taken up lately by making submissions, I'm sure that would seem dull to many.

Once you understand the issues, however, there is quite a bit to get your teeth into.

We were very pleased to make a submission to the council in favour of the proposed park and commercial development on 2 High St, Blenheim. If the choices are the existing car park or a well-designed green space and cafe-restaurant, then our strong preference is the second option.

A stunning new riverside development will tie in perfectly, with the Convention Centre, Clubs of Marlborough, and ASB Theatre a short walk upstream. We will watch with interest whether any businesses are keen to take up this opportunity.

The chamber's submission to the Environmental Protection Agency on New Zealand King Salmon's application for more salmon farms was one of the 1200 received. Our submission was strongly supportive and focused on the economic benefits for the region and for the country.

We are looking forward to presenting our oral submission.

Another to hear the chamber's point of view recently has been Yellow Pages.

Our business members have complained about their Yellow Pages adverts. They are smaller than promised, many of them blurry or just plain unreadable, and printed on inferior paper. Battling the big corporate is never easy but we are doing our best.

Our most recent submission has been on the council's long term plan 2012-22.

We're surprised the council's 10-year plan has received so little attention from our local media, particularly given the scrutiny other councils around the country have been subject to.

Our submission focuses on proposed council debt and the cost of that debt to individual ratepayers over time.

If you haven't taken the time to look at the long-term plan, it is interesting reading.

Brian Dawson is general manager of the Marlborough Chamber of Commerce.

The Marlborough Express