Editorial: Growing successes

19:26, Nov 11 2012

A number of hard-working Marlburians can breathe a sigh of relief and take a well-earned break after a busy and successful weekend.

The organisers of Hunter's Garden Marlborough and the annual Marlborough A&P Show have put months of work into ensuring the events met the expectations of the thousands who attended them. Their efforts have not been in vain.

The Garden Marlborough committee was established 19 years ago with the aim of sharing the region's gardens with the rest of New Zealand, and that unchanging aim continues to flourish on the region's events calendar.

The volunteer army, the energy and passion of committee members, organisers and gardeners, and support from sponsors and the district council have been key to the continued success of the show, which has brought thousands of visitors to the province and helped the local economy in countless ways.

The weather gods have not always been kind, but this year the spring sun shone, and anyone who attended yesterday's garden fete in Seymour Square could not help but be impressed by the atmosphere and the enthusiasm.

A survey of 100 people at last year's event showed that most who came from out of town stayed at least three nights, and it is likely that people use the event as a base to lengthen their stay and experience the region's other attractions.


The annual A&P Show is another event which takes a huge amount of time and planning to showcase what is still at the heart of Marlborough - the country people who produce much of what makes Marlborough a gourmet province.

New Zealand is still primarily an agricultural nation, and a good deal of our future prosperity lies in being a producer of quality food products for a hungry world. The country's A&P shows serve to remind townies where a lot of the country's real wealth lies.

So, well done to all those who have been working behind the scenes for months to ensure the success of these two important events. Your efforts have been well rewarded by the crowds that turned out to enjoy the fruits of your labour.

Hopefully, you can have a well-earned break before the planning for next year kicks in.

The Marlborough Express