Marlborough out to reduce its wasteline

00:00, Nov 17 2012

Has Marlborough got a lid on its rubbish?

Since the establishment of the Resource Recovery Centre on Wither Rd in Blenheim, the level of household and business recycling has steadily increased, peaking last year at 3864 tonnes - material which would otherwise have gone into our landfill.

This great result is because the community has begun to embrace the idea of reducing waste.

The Resource Centre is not the only drop-off point.

The transfer stations located outside Blenheim also take household recycling materials.

These facilities are available to everyone within the community and visitors to our region.


The question is, at a household level, how do we continue to reduce the amount of material we send to landfill?

Making the choice between throwing something out and recycling it is not something new.

It is a mindset that becomes a habit that in turn becomes a normal behaviour.

Recycling is not the only answer to diverting material away from landfill.

Ask any Marlborough primary school pupil and they will tell you about reducing and re-using waste.

Hundreds of pupils across the region are involved in the Enviroschools programme as part of the school curriculum.

Education is the key to ensuring we change our mindset, and develop more sustainable habits and behaviours in the way we deal with rubbish.

Reducing our rubbish can seem too hard, but simple changes in the way we shop can dramatically affect the amount of packaging that we end up left with.

Home composting is another option to reduce the amount of rubbish in your bag or bin.

There are a number of charity organisations or outlets around the region who re-use donated goods and sell them back to the community.

This includes the Re-use shop adjacent to the Resource Centre.

Marlborough also has a number of private companies which deal with waste and recycling for both business and households.

Dealing with rubbish is a process that is under constant scrutiny and subject to a range of regulations, both local and national.

The concept in most environmental legislation is that the polluter should pay.

Faced with this consequence the individual or business has a choice; keep doing the same thing with the same outcome or change their behaviour to a more environmentally favourable path.

So, in this week of national recycling, let's make sure that Marlborough continues to prove it's a place where people know how to recycle their rubbish.

The Marlborough Express