Editorial: The man revealed

NZ First MP Richard Prosser.
NZ First MP Richard Prosser.

Richard Prosser isn't the sharpest knife in the NZ First drawer, or even trouser pocket.

If he intended to write a blunt column for Investigate magazine, he succeeded only in proving that he is too dull to be trusted with sharp objects, let alone the process of making laws for the rest of us.

Mr Prosser tried to carry a pocket knife on to a commercial flight and was mightily aggrieved when it was "confiscated". He then vented his displeasure in a column, thereby disclosing him as something of a blunt instrument himself.

It is a minor issue that he was so disconnected from the real world that he thought he could carry a knife on to a flight. Or that he was entirely misleading to say it was confiscated, when staff helped check it in with his baggage.

Boring indiscretions, those ones, compared with what else he did. Mr Prosser hyped his misplaced sense of indignation into something far more revealing.

He called on Western airlines to ban all Muslims and, just to be safe, all people who look like they might be Muslims or who come from Muslim countries. This would simultaneously help make them stay put, while enshrining the right of good people like himself to carry knives. As for where these inconvenienced masses might come from, Mr Prosser came up with Wogistan - a country that exists in his own fuzzy imagination.

So now he stands revealed as a nasty prat. Quite apart from the racist stupidity of actually holding those views, he showed breathtaking political ineptitude by venting them.

Party leader Winston Peters has declined to dump him and instead suggests this is an experience from which Mr Prosser should emerge a better MP. Indeed he may, although it appears he will remain a toxic embarrassment for his colleagues.

Mr Peters has already had to shed Brendon Horan so must now assess whether flicking off another - or living with the consequences - is the lesser of two evils.

Perhaps he should stay.

It started off as a joke to call him the MP for Wogistan. At least now his true political catchment know that he's the very man they've been looking for. Mr Peters' big problem is that his party is waving that come-hither banner. And with friends like those . . .

The Marlborough Express