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Get on with it

Nice that our MP voices support for coastal shipping; shame that his party, like Labour who introduced the policy, totally support Rogernomics.

The public naivety took this as being about efficiency, when of course it is about transferring wealth more directly from those at the bottom to those at the top – the top naturally including politicians.

Offloading cargo from a ship at Picton, to travel to Springs Junction and then, courtesy of bushfires at Hanmer, to go via Reefton, Stillwater and Arthurs Pass to finish within cooee of Christchurch's port of Lyttelton, is crazily inefficient.

Everybody involved makes money off the public, especially the government via taxes. Tax is being lavished on upgrading the route, which as Stuart Smith acknowledges will always be at the mercy of slipping hillsides, floods, snow and ice, crashes, and bushfires.

Coastal shipping in a littoral country, leased at first and then owned and crewed by New Zealanders, is an essential component of any internationally competitive nation.

Let's get on with it.

Bill Holvey



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Speed limit

Could Mr Porter please inform the residents of Blenheim when the 30kmh speed limit was discontinued in the town centre.

Perhaps I am wrong, but outside the Criterion Hotel there is a sign which clearly states 30kmh 'temporary'.

If the speed limit was changed could we please be informed when this took place and what area of the town centre it covers. A detailed map might help.

John Bloy



Alfred Street has a limit of 50kmh; it had a temporary limit of 30kmh while the recent road works were carried out. The road works are now complete so there is no longer justification for a temporary speed zone on Alfred and Hutchinson streets.

A map can be found on our website explaining road speeds in the central area.

Richard Coningham

Manager Asset and Services

 - The Marlborough Express


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