Be clear on your story

20:58, Nov 07 2012
Jane Butler
Jane Butler Out of the rut

More clients, more customers, more business. How does that sound?

Let's look at growth and development: when you look to grow others' business, you inevitably build your own through being both smart and connected. It's not just about who you know, but who knows you.

When you introduce people to others and connect potential business needs with providers, you become the "go to" person. This grows and develops your profile, which in turn grows and develops your business.

When we provide support to others we secure a reputation of being helpful and of stepping up and being a positive influence on what's happening in the workplace. So let's be smart and connected. How can you be smart about what you do?

What is your point of difference? What is it that you do that no-one else is doing? Can you tell people your story in 60 seconds? Imagine you are in a lift and you have one minute to tell someone what you do and why they should buy from you.

People have choices. They can choose you, they can choose your business, or they can choose your competitor. The thing that's most important is to be clear about your point of difference. What exactly is your business and why are you the person they need to see?


Remember to always add choice. In the same way that McDonalds staff are trained to ask "will you have fries with that?", you can offer benefits and advantages that make you the obvious leader in your field.

Once you have been smart about who you are and what you represent, and you are clear about your point of difference - get connected. This means networking. Join groups such as breakfast groups (the She Devils Breakfast Group for women meets monthly), BNI, the Chamber of Commerce, Rotary and accept invitations offered to you.

Look out for networking opportunities, and for places where people who buy your product or service meet. Get to those places, take your business cards, and be enthusiastic; feed from the energy you experience; and make sure you are fun to be around; be engaged and entertaining. Work well for others, and they will work well for you, by making great connections.

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