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A day we'll remember a long time

05:00am 11 Apr 2014

Well that was lucky. Or good management.

If that heavy rain last night had come any earlier, our team of reporters and photographers would have been out there getting wet, trying to take notes on soggy pads. Even using a pencil, that's pretty difficult.

Covering part of a royal tour in New Zealand is an assignment that comes along every 10 years or so. The last one I was part of involved sending reporters off to Dunedin for a couple of days. This time was different, with most of the action just 300 metres or so from the office.

We had a plan for covering the day, with people in specified spots. Some of them were in the media "pools", which means they get a bit closer to the royals, but have to give their pictures and stories to every other media outlet. Quickly. It's quite a big job.

They all set off for Seymour Square about 9.30pm and we didn't see then back until about 3pm when it was all over.

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Great event, great weekend

05:00am 07 Apr 2014

Congratulation and well done to everyone who completed the GrapeRide on Saturday.

Whether it was the full 101km lap, or the shorter 40km "taster" rider, you did well.

And we can all only stand and admire the training and determination of the people who completed the five and 10-lap events. Having said that, though, it was just as much a personal test for some of the people who did the shorter rides.

My brother-in-law was pretty happy with his time this year, although coming off his bike and losing his chain added a couple of minutes that he wasn't too pleased about, and he was hobbling round with an injured knee for the rest of the weekend. And my sister relaxed this year and totally enjoyed the taster ride.

They, like many of the entrants, will be back again next year.

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Keep those cranks turning, turning

05:00am 04 Apr 2014

It's the first weekend in April. That means it's time for my brother-in-law to fire up some competitive talk.

But he can do it all he likes this weekend because it's not going to work. There's no point. I'm not doing the Forrest GrapeRide.

This is Lycra weekend in Marlborough, when about 2500 people of all ages and shapes get biked-up and head out for a race around the Renwick-Picton-Havelock circuit to prove something to themselves and their friends. That they can last 101km on a bike seat.

Done it once, don't need to do it again.

The brother-in-law tried to shame me into doing it a second time with the threat he would beat my time. Which he did. Was I worried? Nah.

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Tania away on a bold mission

05:00am 31 Mar 2014

A Peter Yealands carton sitting on the floor at work spelled out his mission statement: "Think boldly, tread lightly and never say it can't be done."

Each time I look at it I think of our former Picton reporter Tania Butterfield, a young woman who grew up in Christchurch and came to work with us in Marlborough.

She has been living in Japan for the past two years, teaching English in a couple of small town schools and we have kept up with her life in blogs published each fortnight.

She has handled the language difficulties and the cultural differences and has enjoyed living with the contrasts.

But she is about to take on a bold new challenge and I am growing increasingly worried about her plans.

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Team effort gets us through week

05:00am 28 Mar 2014

It has been one of those weeks, really.

Monday started badly with the news that long-time Express "family" member Kay Botham had died in Wellington Hospital. She had been rushed off to hospital about a week earlier and had deteriorated quickly.

It's always a shock when we lose people who seem so well.

Kay had worked part-time in dispatch for a long time, and had also been our tea lady until she finished up last year. She always had a kind word, a lovely smile and was interested in how things were going. There was usually some of her excellent baking on a plate in the kitchen, too. And she was so proud of her grandchildren.

It seems just a few days since she last popped in for a chat. We'll miss her.

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