Grass always growing

It is still a struggle at this time of year to get used to mowing the lawns so often.

The grass is growing so quickly with the moisture in the ground and the warm temperatures that it has to be cut at least once a week. Leave it any longer and it would be good for grazing sheep.

Long-timers here are used to that routine, but back down south at this time of year the lawns really have to be cut only about once a month. It doesn't become a weekly routine until much closer to summer.

There's a long stretch of four or five months through the southern winter when the mower doesn't get used at all. Nothing like that here. The longest we seem to go without having to mow is three weeks, during the cold of winter and the dry of summer.

It was hard not to notice all the mowing at the weekend as everyone cranked up their mowers. The sky was blue, the sun was warming and the smell of fresh cut grass really did spell spring.

The weather at the weekend was made for working outside. Or just sitting in the sun and contemplating what had to be done. Or going to one of the events on in the region.

It was nearly impossible to get near Springlands School on Saturday during the annual fair. The cars were parked almost the length of Murphys Rd and spilled well along Middle Renwick Rd. The organisers say it was the best crowd in years.

The Strawberry Festival out at Drylands yesterday also attracted a good crowd.

I have noticed some people using that brief hour or so of daylight after work to get things done, like mowing the lawns or riding or walking in the hills. We'll be able to do a lot more when daylight saving kicks in for another summer in just six days. Bring it on.

A few weeks ago after a blog encouraging more people to spark up the town by busking, it was suggested the Marlborough District Council requires people to have a permit for this.

I checked it out and that it correct. There is no permit fee and all you have to do is call at the customer service centre and fill out a form.

The permit lists some basic conditions to protect other street users. All pretty common sense.

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