Enjoy a lunchtime swim

Anyone looking for a bit of quiet-time exercise should head to the pool in Blenheim at lunchtime.

The pool is well used during the day, but it seems to be dead quiet from about noon to 1.30pm.

I know this because I was there around that time every day a couple of weeks back.

I usually go about 8am after the early morning rush and there are a few lane swimmers around, although not crammed, but there were days when I was the only one in the pool about 12.30pm.

Great in some ways, but it's good to have someone else around to swim with - even if our pace is different, it helps keep the laps coming.

I haven't done any research on numbers of pool users, but every other time I've been to the pool there are quite a few other swimmers around, very young to quite old, non-swimmers to experienced. Waiting for a coffee one day, I watched a group of mostly older people getting energetic during an aquarobics class - like Zumba in the pool.

They were bending and reaching like they could never hope to do without the support of the water.

An excellent way to exercise, and no-one cares about body shape; we're all just there for the good of our health.

I have been following the opening of the new $24 million pool in Timaru with interest. It's called the CBay aquatic centre (because it's at Caroline Bay).

People thought there were a few teething problems with the Blenheim pool, but you want to read the list of woes down there.

They spent $100,000 to make the main pool deeper for a diving well under a 3-metre tower, but then decided it wasn't safe for diving so it has become a "bombing" tower. Turns out the original advice they got from the diving experts was for expert divers, not recreational users.

Pool users then realised how slippery the floor tiles are, and the architects are still looking for a solution to that.

The pools manager resigned a week after the complex opened, only about six months into the job, and the new swim coach quit the day he was supposed to start.

Despite all that, the reports say the pool is being well used and a phenomenal number of learner swimmers have enrolled in classes - and that's the crucial factor.

The Marlborough Express