A place to think or to read?

18:50, Nov 08 2012

So, tell, me, what's the general opinion out there about reading in the toilet.

This came up in conversation the other day and the reactions among the group were fairly well divided. The women on one side and the men on the other. Generally.

Seems women don't approve on any level. The men appear divided into subgroups: some are OK with magazines and newspapers, while some favour the novel and use the space more as a reading room.

The one point of agreement is that library books are off-limits. Reassuring to know that.

Mind you, consider what people in the hygiene industry tell us - that the average dish cloth has more germs than the average toilet seat, and that more bugs are spread via coughing and sneezing than in the bathroom. (Just remember to wash your hands.)

Are you really more comfortable flicking through a magazine in the doctor's waiting room than reading something lying on top of the toilet cistern?


No opinions being stated here, just questions being raised.

Strange that men are often chastised for their inability to multi-task, yet are also chastised for doing just that when they have the chance to do some "research".

Friends who renovated their toilet included a set of bookshelves in the wall within comfortable reaching distance. Never asked why they didn't fill it with books.

And before anyone gets sanctimonious here, what about phones? Smartphones let us check texts and emails and log on to the internet. Ever done that?

And what happens when the phone in your pocket or your handbag rings?

These aspects were not discussed by the group.

Apologies if this is offending you, but sometimes it's important to get a feel for what is generally accepted when the standards are changing all the time.

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