The best place in the world

19:56, Nov 25 2012

As weekends go, that was one out of the box.

It was two days with nothing special on the agenda, but it turned into something more like a wee summer holiday. The good weather of the past week carried on into the weekend and made it special, as only someone from the deep south can really appreciate.

The good times started early on Friday night when the four of us - the two girls are home for summer - went to see the new Bond movie, Skyfall, and it turned out to be another cracker. Good story, good filming, plenty of action, and an interesting twist to wrap it all up. Classic.

The sun was up early on Saturday morning and so was I - off to the timber yard for some wood to rebuild a couple of gate posts that needed attention. A builder would look at the result and shake his head, but they're done and they're not going to fall down. I got a touch too much sun in the process, but that combination of using my DIY "skills" and being outside for the day was "chicken soup of the soul", as the book says.

The day ended with a gentle cruise down the Opawa on the River Queen with a bunch of people from work, a much more gentrified trip than an outing on the river last year with the Bristed brothers. There's something about that little boat of theirs that gets people stirred up into party mode.

I was worn out after the long day of unaccustomed labour and was quite content to just relax on the big boat.


And yesterday was a celebration of firsts for summer, which is officially less than a week away. First outdoor swim of the season, first cherries of summer and cooked my first barbecue.

It just kept getting hotter and hotter, apparently about 30 degrees Celsius in some places. The stain going on to the gate posts was almost dry by the time the brush hit the wood.

Mowing the lawns showed just how dry things have become in two weeks, so some serious watering was done in the evening.

Standing there, burning the sausages with a cold drink in my hand, watching the sprinkler working and surveying the weekend's efforts, I had a feeling of peace and satisfaction. Where else would anyone want to be?

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