It just got too hot to handle

02:49, Jan 25 2013

Hats off to people who work outdoors during hot weather.

Or rather, hats on during some of the weather we've had this week.

I was working outside on Tuesday.

Don't know what the temperature got up to, but it was too darn hot for me.

Even though I had all the sun gear on and was keeping the fluids up, I couldn't cope. The sweat was running down my face when I was just standing still.

It was better earlier in the day, although I got the room temperature up quite quickly by digging and chopping out a tree stump that has been annoying me for a long time.


It was jammed up against a path and a low wall so the angles of attack were limited, but I got there in the end.

That took the best part of an hour, and I tried to keep on working but was glad to call it a day about 3pm and go off to a "very important" appointment.

All day, though, the builders were working around me, keeping up their work rate. They said they were feeling the heat, but didn't show it.

I'm usually quite happy tucked up in a nice cool newsroom with the air conditioning keeping the temperature down, not thinking too much about the people who are at least working in the fresh air but have no choice about the temperature.

Yesterday I had to go over to Nelson for a couple of things. I walked back to the car about noon to drive to the next job on my list but it wouldn't start. Not a murmur from the starter. Then I noticed the clock wasn't working.

Hmm, flat battery, although nothing had been left on. Those annoying alarms make sure you don't walk away with the lights on.

So I called the AA, who said they would be there within the hour. And they were - they made it in 59 minutes and 30 seconds. Meanwhile, here I was sitting in a black car on a hot day, couldn't open the windows and there was no wind to get the air moving.

It was the industrial area and there was not one cafe handy to wait in.

I couldn't leave in case the AA guy arrived, and I couldn't lock the car because the remote wasn't working without the battery. It took me 45 minutes and 30 seconds to realise I could stick the key in the door lock and turn it. Doh. The heat was getting to me.

So I had another hour to think about people working in the heat.

Hats off to you all.

The Marlborough Express