So many events to choose

20:52, Feb 03 2013

We're spoiled for choice this month, with so many things happening.

I was sitting outside on Friday night listening to the sounds of Mihirangi floating up from the Secret Garden in town. At least I think it was her, as the sound quality wasn't great from 3 kilometres away.

Same thing happened on Saturday during the Blues and Brews festival. I thought I might go for a while but in the end spent the day switching between working outside and cooling down.

The music was pretty clear from A&P Park when the breeze was going in the right direction.

If I'd had more time I would also have gone to the wetlands day events and the flying competition at Omaka. That sounded like it was interesting to watch.

I tried out the cycle trail from Stuart St, through Riverlands to Cobb Cottage yesterday, which was officially opened later in the day. Great track and I'll be much happier going out that way not having to ride on State Highway 1.


I also wanted to go out to Drylands yesterday to see how the Summer Beer Fest was going, but my sober driver was too busy doing other things. I should have biked there, too.

A couple of events in Blenheim on Wednesday deserve to be well supported to mark Waitangi Day. These are the Taylor River walk, starting from the amphitheatre, and the heritage day at Brayshaw Park. I really enjoyed seeing all the displays at the heritage day last year.

Isabel Estate is having a special Amigos and Vinos event on Friday night this week, and then on Saturday it's the big one, the Wine and Food Festival.

Weddings and birthdays have stopped me getting to this during the past two years, but it's a definite this year. One of the big attractions for me is the Wellington Ukulele Orchestra.

The calendar of events for the rest of the month is pretty busy, too, and somewhere in there I'd like to see the latest play out at Havelock. I hear it's a hoot.

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