Egging each other on pays off

21:22, Feb 07 2013
Express breakfast
Breakfast for a cause : Debbie Dawson, Gary Ham, Dave McCaskill, John Patchett, Jane Troon, Helen Benger, Cheryl Williams, Amanda Smith.

I'd never seen eggs cooked quite like this.

In a muffin pan on a barbecue.

They weren't bad. A bit rubbery, but that probably had something to do with me being late for breakfast.

I hadn't slept in - I was distracted by a couple of emails. And after that, the breakfast on Tuesday morning tasted great.

It was in the paper store at the Marlborough Express, which was filled with the smell of toast and barbecued sausages and bacon. Great way to start the morning.

It's not how we usually get into the day here, but a way to raise funds for the "Midnight Express" team taking part in the Relay For Life on March 2 and 3. I'm on the team but can't admit to being a driving force. Others around here are much better at that.


The breakfast cost us $10 each and will have raised several hundred dollars. Other ideas have been morning teas on a Friday and swear jars (although that one hasn't been introduced yet).

Many other teams around the region will also be doing creative things to get their fundraising tallies up.

The relay is a great event to support the cancer cause, and to remember the people so many of us know who have suffered from the disease. One of the strongest memories from my first relay was walking in the dark around the track, lined on both sides by white bags with small candles burning inside. The bags were all decorated with pictures and tributes to people who had lost the battle.

A woman I knew who had both breasts removed because of cancer came up beside me and said quietly, "I could so easily be on one of those bags."

If I have to eat eggs for breakfast to help that cause, then so be it.

The Marlborough Express