Suburban secret in B-town

20:16, Feb 17 2013

I found a new suburb in Blenheim the other day.

I've been driving along Stephenson and Stuart streets for more than two years and, other than being aware there is another street going off the intersection where they meet, I never took much notice.

Then riding along the new cycle path to Riverlands the other day, I noticed a lot of roofs behind the big fence backing on to the cycle path.

I went back later to investigate and found dozens of new homes tucked into the corner of town between the rail line and the surrounding farmland. Tremorne Ave runs off Stephenson St and is the only way into the subdivision, although I guess eventually it might grow further and link with Muller Rd or even Alabama Rd.

The other main street in there is De Castro Dr, which I've heard people talk about but never managed to place. Now I know.

On our Sunday drive through there we noticed the care homeowners have taken with their streetfronts and landscaping. We were also looking at roof colours and got a good idea.


I'm still surprised I could have explored Blenheim as much as (I thought) I had and not noticed this newish suburb. It is so quietly tucked away yet the traffic going in and out of that intersection must be quite heavy at times.

More exploring is needed in case there are other new subdivisions lurking.

Early weekend mornings have become a favourite time of the week, getting on the bike again and heading up to the Wither Hills before it gets too hot and before there are too many other bikes coming in the opposite direction.

The Grape Ride entry form still sits there waiting to be filled out because I need to get out for a couple of longer rides on the road to decide whether to go the full 101km distance, or go for the shorter, no-hills 42km ride.

The more I get out, the more I realise how much I've missed it, especially the great tracks and trails around Blenheim.

Council reserves and amenities officer Robin Dunn, who knows those tracks well, has corrected me after my blog last month about the tree at the intersection of Seymour St and Maxwell Rd being felled and replaced by a liquidambar. Robin says the ash tree had been dodgy for two years and finally died back, with branches breaking off, so it was replaced with an oak tree similar to those nice specimens in the Countdown car park.

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