Lighting up for Christmas

21:42, Dec 12 2013

I have to say the Christmas lights in Blenheim are underwhelming.

We went for a drive through the centre of town after the late shopping last night, and couldn't get over the lack of festive decorations in the streets.

Strings of small lights hang between those oriental pole arrangements in the centre of town, with tinsel decorations dangling in the middle. All terribly tasteful and understated, but all terribly - well - unfestive.

A big tree in Seymour Square has strings of coloured lights flowing through its branches, but these are not easy to see from the surrounding streets. It doesn't really hit the mark.

This is all very critical but not aimed at anyone in particular. I don't know the background to the lights that have been put up, or the reasons for the lack of anything more grand, but looking at it from the eyes of anyone just passing through, you really would wonder whether the town celebrates Christmas.


It would be easy to suggest the council should do more, but that is not its core business or essential spending of ratepayer money.

Maybe some trust or other, or a company such as Marlborough Lines, might lash out with a grant to give the central part of town a bit more zing.

There is this proposal to buy a new Christmas tree to erect on Adams Place, diagonally opposite Rangitane House in Main St. That could sure brighten up the place, but again that comes down to cost and is it really the council's role? Perhaps to organise it, but not to pay for it all - unless it does have some special funds sets aside.

On the other hand, some residents have gone to a heap of trouble decorating the outside of their homes to bring a bit of Christmas joy to the suburbs. There are two in Redwood St that are difficult to miss, and we found one last night in McKenzie St. Two houses in Endeavour Pl are also really worth looking at if you are in that area as is 30 Westhaven Pl. 

The effort these homeowners have put in to the decorations is astounding.

We are getting regular calls to publish a list of all the decorated homes, but apparently not all the property owners - and the neighbours - are happy with the idea. That's a shame.

The Marlborough Express