Letters to the editor

Letters to the editor

Correspondence on fishing frustrations and Port Marlborough spending in today's batch of letters to the editor.

Letters to the editor

More of your correspondence on local and national talking points.

Letters to the editor


More correspondence from Express readers on local and national talking points.

Letters to the editor


More of your correspondence on local and national talking points.

Letters to the editor

The Marlborough Express

Political points and a bouquet for ballet in today's batch of letters to the editor.

Letters to the editor

Computer generic

Poor sportsmanship, fishing debate and a shelter that fails to deliver in today's letters to the editor.

Letters to the editor

Correspondence on local and national issues from Express readers.

Letters to the editor

The blue cod debate and yuletide greetings feature in today's letters to the editor.

Letters to the editor

The Marlborough Express

Drinking habits, party politics and thanks for the police in today's batch of letters to the editor.

Letters to the editor

Blue cod rules and a Department of Conservation whitewash are on the agenda in today's letters to the editor.

Letters to the editor

Hospital staff's responsibilities and a mercenary merger by Mana are up for discussion in today's letters to the editor.

Letters to the editor


The Marlborough Express

OPINION: Buying a first home and the difficulty of co-ordinating events in Marlborough are on the agenda in today's letters to the editor.

Letters to the editor

Noise complaints and duck hunting are up for discussion in today's letter to the editor.

Letters to the editor

Aquaculture, electoral reform and orchestral delights are on the agenda in today's Letters to the Editor.

Letters to the Editor



OPINION: Fussy women's fashion, a grateful tourist, climate change and a 7m-high 'monstrosity' all feature in today's Letters to the Editor.

Letters : Nature's calendar

Last October two Jehovah's Witnesses came a-calling, unannounced, as always. I did, though, down tools and give them the time of day

Letters : RSA grateful

On behalf of the Kaikoura Returned and Services I would like to sincerely thank Kaikoura people for their most generous support of our poppy day welfare appeal.

Letters : No evidence

"Salmon plant could be set up in Picton" - "Could", "might", "maybe" - all words meaning the same thing: nothing.

Letters : ‘Renewal' an exodus

Janette Walker

How many National MPs have jumped ship or, better yet, walked the plank? That's right, 15 last count.

Letters : Appalling treatment

As a niece of the late Dame Whina Cooper I am appalled at how the Omaka Marae committee has approved the eviction of Mr and Mrs Cuniffe.


Many times I've heard before,

Leaves on Anzac Day

The leaves are hurrying before me trying to get away from the blowing wind.

Kaikoura letters : Cruel fun repels

We returned to Kaikoura and went looking for a real estate agent to find out about your properties available.

Letters : Accident waiting

I am very concerned about trees bordering our roads, especially SH1.

Letters : Wrong priorities

On the morning of April 11 I found myself blessed to be driving a 4WD ute.

Letters : Ferry's a lemon

Stena Alegra

The Aratere has turned out to be a lemon. The Stena Alegra would seem to have the same possibility

Letters : Micro-chip dogs

Our view is, no matter what discomfort the dogs suffer, we must make them wear muzzles and leashes.

Letters : GrapeRide roads


Biggest letdown? Three stretches of newly sealed roads - north of Spring Creek and on Queen Charlotte Drive

Letters : Please be royal too


On the eve of a royal visit, can I please ask that you (we) all play the game properly

Letters : What's the story

Once again, the council employs an outside company, this time to write the "Marlborough Story".

Letters : Snapper changes


Once again big fishing commercial companies win

Letters : River protection

It is good to hear that the freshwater advocate as part of a national "check, clean, dry" education programme is on the job.

Kaikoura letters

An awesome day

Letters : Psychopathic Noah


The new movie Noah has attracted much attention.

Letters : Scallop quota

Just what is Primary Industries Minister Nathan Guy up to?

Letters : Rules for one

Rules for one

Letters : Salute to Corolla

Salute to Corolla

Letters : Thinner phone book

Phone book

We have just received the new Marlborough phone book. After 14 years, we have suddenly disappeared.

Letters : Kind honesty

Kind honesty

Letters : TPP puts health at risk

Trans Pacific Partnership negotiations happening overseas have the potential to affect quality health care

Letters : Changes needed

The council is proposing to increase the area of the recycle collection in Marlborough. I think this is a good idea.

Letters : Protect the resource

The demand by Peter Talley that recreational scalloping should be banned from Tasman and Golden bays is absurd

Letters : Unprotected sharks


Recent TV programmes on the practise of shark finning highlight this dreadful and cruel practise in New Zealand waters.

Letters : Scallop dredging

I reckon your editorial was pretty bang on

Letters : Whoopie for a tree

Councillor Arbuckle says a rise in rates could result in the return of the Christmas tree.

Letters: Festival big success

Over the past nine years the Marlborough Migrant Centre has been behind the highly successful annual Multicultural Festival.

Letters : Forgotten promises

The Express of February 28 reports that the Marlborough District Council is in favour of reneging on previous commitments

kaikoura letters : Protesters a minority

Roger Jenkins is absolutely right in his comments regarding the anti drilling protesters

Letters : Tooth decay

I take issue with Dr Rob Beaglehold's social engineering stance

Letters: So cool

John Marris

Isn't it fantastic that a UK company has given a donation to our hospice in memory of John Marris. That is so cool.

Letters : It may be too late

The Psychoactive Substances Act ensures that the onus is on the manufacturers to prove that they are not harmful.

Letters : Rat explosion

Well crikey, DOC thinks we're going to be overrun with rats and mice

Letters : Swim turns scary


'I was a bit shocked by the aggressiveness and the swearing. It escalated to a verbal assault on me.'

Letters: Bangs in the night

The Marlborough District Council have just put up banners in Seddon stating "Utterly Awesome Awatere".

Letters : Problems with colour palette

I find it surprising that the council should state there is "support for the colour palette".

Letters : Seddon performance

What a pleasure it is to thank Peter Yealands and the Marlborough District Brass Band

Letters: Road needs work

letter to editor

Road needs work

Letters : Fate of trees

claret ash leaf

They planted claret ash in Picton, which will spread their roots under the pavements and roads

Letters : Oil is necessary

As a motelier in Kaikoura, I find all the anti-drilling reporting a bit disturbing.

Letters : Wine brand sold out

Marlborough sauvignon blanc is selling for $4.70 a bottle in West Australia

Letters : Stop the denigration

Wairata Te One One

Stop the denigration

Letters : Make it cheaper

My wife needed to get to Christchurch for an MRI scan and the return fare, ex Blenheim for two, was over $1000

Letters : Life and death

humpback whale

Kaikoura is celebrating Whales Live while Picton, on the other hand, will be glorifying their slaughter with the new wing at the museum

Letters : Ferry options

I feel I must take issue with your editorial "Sinking credibility" (Express, January 23)

Letters : Staff photo

Foreshore folly

Letters : Museum expansion

Picton Museum

Don't let history ruin our future.

Letters : Job well done

Quail Stream

I asked if the improvements being made to the Quail Stream Rd in the Wither Hills Farm Park could be extended

Letters : Traffic worries


‘Exceptional' talent

Letters : Firearms laws

firearms generic

The knee-jerk call by anti-firearms lobbyists to toughen firearms laws following the tragic murder-suicide in Dunedin is totally misplaced and ignores reality

Letters : A good movie spoiled


"Of all the seats in all the cinemas, she had to sit behind mine".

Letters : Bristol crash

Bristol Freighter

I will never forget my father jumping clean over two fences as he sprinted to the Bristol crash site

Letters : Not forgotten

With the 100th anniversary of the outbreak of WWI the British Government has decided to virtually ignore the magnificent contribution made by NZ

Letters : Rangitane research

How many more bones do we have to analyse and carbon date test?

Letters : Road a ‘deathtrap'

We drove the Tumbledown Bay Rd and I think we are lucky to be alive.

Letters : School facilities

Dan Searle's letter picks on a few issues of concern which, I think, create confusion about this process.

Letters : You should know

garden watering can

You forgot my favourite bedding plant nursery - Phillip and Wendy James and staff, in Alabama Rd, just around the corner from Redwood St.

Letters: No help for child

At four years old, my son was subjected to the most terrifying experience - the Christchurch earthquakes.

Letter: Insanity prevails

colin king

One asks what some delegates of the National Party were thinking when they voted out the sitting member Colin King.

Letters : All should enjoy the view


Inspired by your Wither Hills road article I took a walk to check out what I'd been missing.

Letters : One rule for all

One rule for all

Letters : Hearfelt thanks

Belinda Vavasour

I would like to give my most heartfelt thanks to all the people who assisted at the road accident in the Collins Valley on December 16.

Letters : Legacy of peace

Legacy of peace

Letters : Who are the suckers?

These young guys come to New Zealand as tourists, they have paid $2000 odd to get here and back home.

Letters : Molesworth a must

Molesworth Station

Thank you DOC for opening up the Molesworth road early this season.

Letters : If it's not broken

I recently read that there is a challenge from within the National Party against our sitting member Colin King.

Letters : Co-ed college needed

I support the views of Nancy Sherwood on the future of the colleges in Blenheim

Letters : Bypass ASAP

Let me endorse John Sinclair's remarks about the need for a traffic bypass from Riverlands to Grovetown

Letters : A flawed hero

nelson mandela

As the "lionising" of Nelson Mandela gathers pace, here is my take on the man for whom the whole world mourns:

Letters : Bypass needed

May I ask that our town fathers use Redwood St , Main St and Grove Rd between the hours of 4pm and 6pm.

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