Streets are clean

18:28, Apr 16 2012

Action at last

Believe it or not we have had our street swept and my Coke bottle is gone ["Cleanup message in a bottle", Express, March 9].

Thanks to the Express, I know how to get things done. Get your photo in the paper on Tuesday and on Wednesday you get your gutters swept.

But hang about, there's more to it. On Thursday at 9.14am the mechanical sweeper is back in Weld and Stephenson streets again.

Simple, just contact the Express.




Sounds plan

I am very proud of the Marlborough District Council's decision to oppose King Salmon's private plan change for the Sounds. I heartily endorse all the points made by councillor Jerram.

I object to being classified as part of "a small vocal minority who have led an emotional campaign of misinformation" [King Salmon chief executive Grant Rosewarne, Express, April 12].

The Sounds plan which designates prohibited areas for aquaculture was formulated after considerable consultation and based on many criteria.



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