Kaikoura letters to the editor

Not a proposal, no engagement

From the various reiterations of the Ministry of Economic Development and the Star article `Drilling plan still unclear' (May 9), the ministry's inextricable drilling plan is becoming painfully clear.

Our mayor said that the ministry does not want to set a precedent by removing oil exploitation blocks, 12PEG1 and 12PEG2.

Imagine the precedent that would be set if the ministry actually listened to the overwhelming concern from so many groups and individuals by removing these two most sensitive and contentious blocks from their 25-block plan.

The ministry's posturing based on the possible effect of precedent and its continuing inability or unwillingness to differentiate between circumstances is, to put it mildly, disturbing.

Completely omitting Kaikoura from the consultation process initially, the ministry finally agreed, to "engage" with our community on its proposed offshore oil exploits.

So, if engagement neither implies compromise nor negotiation and does not include the possibility of modifying the original "proposed" plan at all, then it is no more than dictation.

If it is so clearly ill-advised to progress toward drilling in 2500 metres of water in a seismically fractured seabed in the direct path of such unique marine ecosystems with such historical and cultural richness, is it then only an excuse for the economic benefit of a few to use the fear of precedent for putting our community at such great risk?

Ralph Hogan

Share your great garden

For many years St Peter's Anglican Church has organised a garden walk as a fundraiser.

Several gardens are opened to the public with musical entertainment and an afternoon tea, made by the church members.

I am writing to invite anyone in the Kaikoura area to contact me if they would like their garden to be included in this year's event in September.

I would love to hear from gardeners who would be happy for others to see the results of their creativity and hard work.Margaret Woodill

Library best below

With regard to the council's plan to locate the library on the first floor of the new building, I trust there will be consideration given to disabled people and small children. Surely a better idea is for the library to remain on the ground floor and the museum to be located above, where visitors would have a better view of mountains and sea.

Cynthia Neads

Kaikoura Star