Kaikoura letters to the editor

20:32, Sep 19 2012

Ideas will lower debt by $2.5m

We ask the council to consider the following ideas which will reduce ratepayer debt by up to $2.5 million.

The money saved could be used to renovate the council offices, heating system, renovate the Lions Pool, contribute to the new hospital and clean up the old dump sites that are significant threats to our freshwater and marine environments.

These ideas are:

These ideas would:

In January 2013 there will be significant changes to Local Government legislation including caps on council debt, rates increases and council project expenditure.


This means the building of the new proposed complex will prevent the council from fully honouring its agreement to assist with funding the community's new hospital.

The council has failed to comply with its own significance policy with regards to the proposed complex. Ninety per cent of submissions on the LTP were against this complex.

All Kaikoura district residents pay rates directly or indirectly through rent and all are suffering from declining incomes.



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