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00:32, Sep 20 2012

Got the answer

The editorial page of the Marlborough Express is always a must-read page for me.

The editorial is usually thought provoking and Bromhead with his cartoons, how he does it each day I don't know - succinct, topical and such a sense of humour.

Opinion or politics, great articles even if you don't agree and of course letters to the editor - an insight into other people's concerns and views.

So what caused me to pen this letter? The editorial of September 12, "No place for game playing".

I am always disappointed when both local body or government politicians try by various means to hide information. Well done to your reporter for following through and getting the answer.




Iwi support

The Marlborough Express article headlined "Flotilla to protest salmon farms" [September 17] states that "the hikoi has the full support of the marae and its iwi Te Atiawa". This statement is not correct.

Te Atiawa iwi of Te Tau Ihu is represented by the Te Atiawa Manawhenua Ki Te Tau Ihu Trust. The trust is the mandated body to speak on behalf of the iwi. The trust is supportive of the New Zealand King Salmon application.

The article misrepresents the Te Atiawa position and should be corrected as soon as possible.



Te Atiawa Manawhenua Ki Te Tau Ihu Trust


Possum pests

Jean Smart [letters, Express, September 17] says a possum and stoat trapping scheme is operating on the Queen Charlotte Dr. So what? What's important are catch rates.

Drive the Queen Charlotte Dr at night and you might sight a couple of possums, perhaps one, probably none. Possums are everywhere? Yeah, right.

"Damage" to trees is often misjudged. Trees don't live forever and sooner or later die. They can die sooner with insect damage.

At Nelson Lakes, acres of beech forest died a few years ago, not from possums, but leaf roller caterpillar infestation.

Concerning bird life, wild cats are the main problem. They are there in numbers much greater than possums.

The possum is pest No 1? It is not.

Possum numbers are low. The possum pest horror fairy tale has been trundled out by DOC and the Animal Health Board (AHB) so they can use the Government's 1080 poison.

At Nelson Lakes, an AHB trap line for possums caught zero. The 1080 drop over 12,000 hectares still went ahead, killing thousands of birds, judging by a sample of dead birds found.

Few possums were killed because there were few there, as trapping showed.



Theatre costs

Thanks for a few answers from the council [letters, Express, September 9] but how much more concerning the proposed theatre does the council - the ratepayers - intend paying for?

Could you please tell us who paid for the test drilling at the site and the cost and what really did happen to the results.

Also, why did the council pay for a gun cabinet at the Clubs of Marlborough? This was brought up at the original meeting. Trust chairman Kevin Moseley ordered it on behalf of the theatre trust, so why did council meet the bill?

Now the big question. Presuming councillor Bagge is correct with her marking of Hutcheson St. Who is going to foot the bill for the realignment?

With the council paying $65,000 for upgrading a roundabout, the mind boggles at the cost of the changes in Hutcheson St.



Marlborough District Council executive projects manager Jamie Lyall responds:

Council has agreed to provide a grant to the Marlborough Civic Theatre Trust of $5 million. The grant is being drawn down by the trust to meet the project timetable.

The cost of the geotechnical assessment was met by the trust and the recommendations have been incorporated into the design of the new theatre.

The cost of realigning Hutcheson St is part of the overall project budget, which includes the $5m grant from council.

As part of the resource consent process, the trust agreed to erect a gun cupboard for the Marlborough RSA Smallbore Rifle Club. Payment for this will also be from the overall project budget, which includes the council grant.

Angels entertaining

Well entertained Congratulations to Pam Logan and her team for Entertaining Angels at the Boathouse Theatre.

Backstage, sound, lighting and a clever set allowed the great cast to entertain us to laughter and tears, and more laughter and secrets are exposed again and again. Well done. The play runs until September 22 - still time to see it.



The Marlborough Express