Letters: MP's support

22:27, Oct 04 2012

Salmon farms

Owing to unforeseen circumstances, I have been unable to attend hearings on King Salmon's application for nine more farms in the Sounds.

I would like to congratulate Mr Sowman, Peter Jerram and the council for their firm stance upholding their excellent integrated plan for the Sounds. This was formulated over a number of years in a democratic way, as it should be. So many other parties have been bought off by King Salmon.

It was interesting to note in the Marlborough Express the day after the submissions closed that it was announced that New Zealand King Salmon headquarters are in Nelson, and Nelson workers would get more jobs than Picton workers. So much for looking after Picton.

In all of this, the benefit to Picton has been overemphasised by King Salmon. Also remember that the majority of the profits go offshore.

I totally agree with Peter Jerram that our Marlborough Sounds are priceless and should never be ruined by commercialism. Tourism, which stands to be badly affected, is worth far more to Picton and Marlborough and the profits remain in the province.




MP's support

It seems that Colin King doesn't do bad things like tell fibs, do flip flops or have freebie trips with his wife. The problem is that he doesn't seem to do some good things either. Like supporting his electorate.

There have been two major and extremely unpopular developments in Marlborough since Mr King was elected, the TrustPower hydro scheme, and now the King Salmon farming expansion. Both times Mr King hasn't acknowledged the level of local opposition, or perhaps he hasn't known about it - not surprising, judging by how many times his car is parked at the airport.

Not supporting his community is one thing, but calling the peaceful protest flotilla on Saturday a “lynch mob” (Express 2.10.12) is disgraceful, and shows how out of touch Mr King is.

Pete Beech as head of Guardians of the Sounds has spent years of his life going into bat for the Sounds and has won victories that this community will be grateful to him for many years to come. Pete is a hero.

Mr King is not supporting our district council, which is fighting this time to defend our community-consulted district plan, which aims to provide for the benefits of all Malburians. The committee appointed is headed by Pete Jerram, who is a hero.

There are other names I could mention, Ron Tannock, Danny Boulton, Brian Plaisier. They are also heroes and will be remembered for what they have done for this region. What will Mr King be remembered for?


Wairau Valley

Bay toilets

I am not a bully nor am I behaving badly. Maryan Street's recent comments published in your paper are incorrect and insulting to the 80 per cent of bay residents who oppose the installation of the toilet in a residential area.

I note with horror that fouling has escalated with the telling, from the beach, to along hedges, to now in people's backyards. I live directly opposite the reserve and neither I, nor my neighbours have had this occur on our properties.

We are not bullies, but are the victim of constant bullying and browbeating by the proposer of this toilet, who wants it for his clients' use, and his sole supporter in the bay who just happen to be Ms Street's partner's parents.

Can we take it that the installation of long drop toilets (because that's what they are) along the Sounds' picturesque foreshore and in residential areas (because that's what we are) is official Labour Party policy or is it just Ms Street helping out the whanau?

If she was on official business and this was a vote-building visit, I can see why she is a list and not elected MP.

She has just managed to insult and alienate 80 per cent of this bay's voters.


Ohingaroa Bay

This above letter from John Palmer which first ran on Wednesday is repeated today because it was edited incorrectly, reversing its meaning.

We apologise for the error.

The Marlborough Express