Letters : Driver courtesy

Picton Museum

What your article failed to say (Museum expansion bid rejected - Express 24/10) was that the impetus for Picton Museum to build an extension was to house and display Jon Perano's original whale-chaser, Cachalot III.

That decision being made, we were able to offer a place to the Swiftsure replica as well.

With those two boats illustrating the early and final stages of whaling in Marlborough, together with the extensive collection of artefacts and photos, Marlborough would have had an exciting new tourism attraction. It would also have been a valuable educative tool for our young.

Even while rejecting the proposal, the commissioner acknowledged that it would "contribute to the social, economic and cultural wellbeing of the local community".

We are in danger of losing something irreplaceable.


Picton Historical Society

Cod ban

Of course the cod fishing ban works, but let's see what happens down the track when the breeding stock that were the 30-35mm fish have been killed because of the rules.

Most fishers would have normally placed the slot size fish back in the tide as there are plenty of 40-50cm blue cod in the Sounds, even in Picton itself, but because of the stupid rules from some outfit in Wellington, fishers needed to keep the cod in the slot rule to have a take-home feed. Far out, I have caught herrings with more tucker on them.

So, government department that set the slot rule, we all will suffer soon the result of your stupid slot rule. But of course it does not affect you lot in Wellington or Nelson.



Airport plans

If Blenheim is to see more higher capacity aircraft, then I would agree that the terminal needs to be extended and a departure tax of $5 doesn't sound too unreasonable, although the cost of collecting these amounts will dilute the sum actually available, no matter which method is decided for its collection.

However, I note that there is talk about having a "meeting room and a lounge" as part of the extension. If that is the case then I would suggest that the proponents/beneficiaries of these two items be the ones to fund them rather than coming out of the $5 tax. "User pays" after all and Joe Public should not have to fund them.


Seddon Thanks for support

I would like to thank Marlborough Lines Stadium 2000 for their support in enabling me to gain a gold medal at the Timaru Veterans Games recently. Their support was appreciated.



Frost fan noise

Re your article in the paper "A touch of frost, but only a light one", (Express 24/10) your reporter states that "grape growers and viticulturists had some sleepless nights". No mention about the rest of us. Presumably she assumes that the rest of population are either deaf or live in totally sound-proofed dwellings and didn't hear a thing. The "thing" being the sound of frost fans and those noisy helicopters.

Isn't it about time that the viticulture industry investigated alternative silent means of combating potential frost damage? I don't recall the orchard industry ever employing these methods.



Super fund

On the TV One Breakfast programme last week there was much made of the fact that John Key would not discuss superannuation. No surprise.

Does he realise at last that both National and Labour governments are responsible for the current sorry state of superannuation?

Go back in history to the time of the Think Big projects. Where did the money to finance these come from? The superannuation fund was stripped of millions of dollars to build these schemes.

I can well remember political speeches telling us not to be concerned; the superannuation pension would not be affected as the government could afford to pay for it. The money earned by the projects would allow this. What a porky.

It would be an interesting exercise to compute the sum of interest at bank rates of the money taken from the super fund all those years ago.

Or perhaps John Key knows he is selling the elderly down the mighty river, as the state-owned enterprises belong to the super fund.



Driver courtesy

Bouquets to the slower drivers who pull over at safe places for the faster ones to pass - and to the faster ones who acknowledge the courtesy.

Brickbats to the faster drivers who tailgate or don't acknowledge such courtesy and a big brickbat to the Harley-Davidson rider who roared past a horse and rider without slowing down. Fortunately, the rider heard it coming and was able to dismount and hold the horse in time.

And why do we tolerate a 4kmh over the speed limit only at long weekends? Why not all the time?



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