Letters : Ferry routes

19:07, Nov 05 2012

Key's quip

So, presuming reports are accurate, Prime Minister John Key voices a view that England footballer David Beckham - "nice guy" that he is - somewhat lacks in the intelligence department.

Out of consideration for Mr Beckham, I cite milder language to that favoured by Mr Key. ["John Key's Beckham quip scorned", Stuff, November 4].

Personally, I have to wonder at Mr Key's brainpower for repeating what amounts to foolish, slanderous comment within public hearing and earshot of the media for no valid reason whatsoever other than to crave a "folksy" rapport with his particular audience.

No doubt David Beckham is a forgiving man. Nevertheless, in my book, he would be within his rights to propose John Key's loose tongue jibe is a classic case of "who's kidding who?" or "the pot calling the kettle black", particularly considering a prime minister renowned for careless pronunciation of the English language. Witness Mr Key's utterance of "New Zilund" for New Zealand.

Hardly the adept international ambassador, John Key would do well to understand that ability and intelligence is correctly to be measured in many ways and on many levels.


Meantime, with ample justification, the world laughs at New Zealand's expense.



Fish farming

Congratulations to Primary Industries Minister David Carter for acknowledging that the future of aquaculture lies in land-based, closed-circuit fish farms [Speech to Aquaculture Association, November 1].

Operations of this kind are environmentally friendly, almost entirely truly sustainable, will employ graduates in engineering and science, and will return added value not only to the principal product, but also subsidiary products such as filter feeding organisms and algae.

Besides, New Zealand could become a world leader in this field, inventing new technologies and generating intellectual property. The ability to have total control over all parameters enables optimal growth rates, maximal survival, and overcomes all objections to inshore-based fish farming, including physical and visual pollution and risks of disease.

It is to be hoped that Mr Carter and Conservation Minister Kate Wilkinson are able to agree on ways to expand the development of land-based fin-fish farming, as part of the initiative to expand the value of aquaculture exports.



Crash landing

Your report "Crash report finds alerts were ignored" [Express November 2] says the "Transport Accident Investigation Commission yesterday released its findings on the crash of a Dash 8 at Blenheim Airport in September 2010 and found that pilots flying the aircraft with a faulty nose wheel, and a full set of warning lights indicating the same, should have abandoned their landing attempt".

The alternative?

Yeah . . . right.



Ferry routes

Surely the answer nationally and for Picton and Nelson is for large freight ferries to go direct to Christchurch and smaller tourist-freight ferries to go Picton-Nelson-Wellington.

Prepare for peak oil and climate change, please.



The Marlborough Express