Seddon underpass

Underpass work

I read that the underpass in Seddon was constructed by HEB in one week ["Rebuilt underpass back in use", Express, November 5].

Well let me tell you I work for Crafar Crouch Constrution in Blenheim and we built that in six weeks with about 16 of our men with Norm Crafar working alongside of us most of the time.

I personally made the hand rails and fitted them on site and all the time I was there I never saw a HEB man drive a single peg.

I don't know where you get some of your information sometimes, but I read your misinformed stories many times in the paper and I think it's time you did more homework and got things right.



A check with the Marlborough District Council has clarified the situation. HEB organised the work as part of their maintenance contract with Marlborough Roads. Crafar and Crouch were sub-contracted to do the work and T C Nicholls did the sealing. - Editor