Letters : Knowledge, wealth

21:04, Nov 25 2012

Sounds fishing

I agree with Mr Schwass [letters, Express, November 4] about how people are being treated regarding net fishing and not just at Port Underwood.

About two years ago, I spoke to a local politician about this problem. He told me it was a conservation issue. My reply was that it was a discrimination issue.

I was asked to get a petition together with 40 signatures in less than 10 days. It took me eight days to get over 500 signatures, which I then presented to the politician.

From there, it went to the select primary group in Parliament and that was the end of that. It must have fallen on deaf ears, because nothing came of it.

I was next asked to outline on a map places where nets should be allowed to be set. Well, that map got lost, so I made another copy and got the same results as the petition.


I then told the politician that recreational fishermen were being discriminated against, which still fell on deaf ears. My question now is how long are recreational fishermen going to be treated as second-rate people?



Parking query

It is very pleasing to see the many illustrations of artists' impressions that appear in the Marlborough Express from time to time.

One thing that bothers me is that most times the vehicles in these impressions are invariably parked illegally. See page 3 of the Express on November 14, for instance. Have our road rules changed again?



The illustration

Mr Pink refers to was the artist's impression of the proposed retail development to replace the Dukes Bar building in Market St, Blenheim. It shows two cars parked outside the building heading in the wrong direction. However, this is a one-way section of Market St and northbound traffic is able to park on both sides of the street. - Editor

Knowledge, wealth

Unemployment is a global phenomenon made worse by the economic meltdown, which it also feeds.

Employment is the critical conduit for moving capital throughout all the layers, nooks and crannies of society. It also adds a social glue, like a place to be and something to do - a sense of usefulness in the scheme of things.

The other thing affecting employment is the raging revolution in computer-assisted design, construction, manufacturing, retail and communication.

This produces good-quality goods and services that all can afford, if they have a job.

If technology is here to stay and is to benefit humanity, a new way of circulating capital and providing cohesion must be used.

This is the way. People learn new skills and knowledge. Start at an early age, the key being that knowledge improves people even against their will. It is also the foundation of all forms of wealth.



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