Letters: Set net ban

01:43, Dec 03 2012

Set net ban

Your report in last night's paper on dolphins and set nets (Commercial set nets cop blame, Nov 28) was contradictory to the extreme.

I was quoted (correctly) as saying the ban on recreational set nets was discriminatory in that it applied to only the recreational public and that there were no instances of recreational set nets catching dolphin.

However, in the second paragraph the article stated the Marlborough Recreational Fishers Association "wants the Government to leave the ban on recreational set net fishing". This is incorrect. The association has been publicly calling right from its implementation in 2008 for the ban to be lifted.

Nor has the association "blamed" commercial nets as was inferred.

The instances of dolphin deaths in commercial nets over a long period of over half a century are few.


Of far greater concern relative to dolphin deaths is that since 1999 - a short 12-year period - there have been several dolphin deaths associated with King Salmon's fish farms comprising in 1999 the deaths of two dusky dolphins, 2005 one hector, 2011 a dusky and bottlenose and in 2012 a dusky.

That's a dolphin death every two years, far worse than any commercial set net.

The Marlborough Recreational Fishers Association's committee is opposed to the set net ban and reiterates it should be lifted immediately. Fisheries Minister David Carter, Conservation Minister Kate Wilkinson and Kaikoura MP Colin King, take note and act.


Acting chairman

Marlborough Recreational Fishers Association

The Marlborough Express