Letters : Rai problems

Theatre plan

Most people agree that the present theatre has served the Blenheim district well and is in need of an upgrade and replacement.

When the council was told that as well as the Clubs of Marlborough facilities, the conference centre should have a theatre-auditorium nearby, the council should have known that the town layout around the site could not accommodate this.

The council doesn't need to waste another $6.5 million on a new library because the internet and E technology have seen to this. Anyone can download hundreds of books or stories from the internet and read them on their E book at home now. Any future technological changes [and there will be] can be done in the present library.

I think the council should forget the $6m to the theatre trust for the site and should instruct the builder to take the new theatre basic plan and build the new theatre on the existing theatre site and get on with it now.

This council will not be remembered for its achievements but rather its expensive planning mistakes.



Rai problems

Am I the only one out there tired from the repeated references to the past Rai Valley Area School problems? I refer to the front page article in the Express, ["School back on track - ERO", November 23].

The continual negative references to people involved irritates, but I am told that for people new to Marlborough, theses names must be printed.

I rather think that if anyone bothered enough they could easily find this information for themselves.

To focus on where the school is now and where it's heading would be much more positive and uplifting for the community.



The Marlborough Express