Consultation needed

21:00, Dec 05 2012

Time we were consulted

In the Long Term Plan, the council stated one of its priorities was consulting with the ratepayers.

When the council was queried about the proposed combined museum/library/council by submitters to the plan, the council chief executive said that the proposed new building was not included in the plan and not up for discussion or debate.

The council was elected to carry out wishes of the ratepayers, yet when a significant number disagreed with their ideas they decided to shoot the messenger.

The 2010 local body election, 36 per cent of ratepayers didn't vote.

Most councillors got below 50 per cent of the eligible vote. Does that mean the silent majority does not wish them to be on the council?


When queried about using alternative sites to the proposed building, [the] council replied that they were looking long term, proposing to sell the properties at some future date.

When I went through town this morning, five shops were empty in West End.

Do we want the council to act as speculators - a lot of businesses are struggling now?

In March of this year, KITI [Kaikoura Information and Tourism Inc] agreed to the proposed new council building on the proviso that the plans were released to the public.

It is now December, and the library is due to shift into the Harakeke Mall by Christmas, yet the plans have still not been released.

The council is sticking to its Long Term Plan by consulting with the ratepayers on important projects.

In the words of that Tui advertisement, "Yeah, right".

John Taggart Prove project is affordable I am insulted by Councillor David Holmes' statement that many people had signed the petition outside New World against the new building on the library site without thinking about what they were doing.

One does not put pen to paper to sign one's name and address without thought.

To equate it with buying a packet of chewing gum is ludicrous.

As is also Cr Holmes' view that the petition should have only been available for two days.

All petitions take weeks, some take months.

That is democracy.

Cr John Macphail is correct - there is a lack of information. Much of the frustration in the community is because we believe a small number of ratepayers cannot afford to finance and service the loan required for this grand edifice.

Tourism, our major earner, has declined markedly, and we do not know when there will be a recovery.

It does not seem a good time to be undertaking such a major project.

I commend Cr Darlene Morgan for stating that plans should have been presented to the community.

She was disappointed with the attitude of some councillors, and we are all disappointed that our representatives are not prepared to listen to us.

I challenge the council to present us with plans and detailed costings so we can all see that the proposal is truly affordable.

I also challenge Cr Stu Burrows to present us with a petition of over 600 names of those who are for the building. After all, we presented [the] council with a petition of over 600 against!

Zoe Battersby

Kaikoura Star