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Cycle madness

Twenty thousand dollars this year for a cycle track and so it goes on. Next it will be consents for flying foxes and viaducts. Cycle tracks for miles, its cyclemania.

Council seems hesitant about how much money goes to the new hospital, so I suggest don't fall off your bike, get staked while extracting gorse bushes or hurt your back cleaning up your mess at the cemetery - we may have no room for you at our new hospital.

For me, hospital is number one on the list. The Government would have more money to provide essentials if visitors were stopped at the border if they have no insurance policy to cover themselves in our country. It's long overdue.

Less than 3000 rateable properties and all this huge spending on the agenda is unjustified.

I can see people having nowhere to go, with rates so high they can't stay in their own home. It will push rental properties out of reach, too.

Councils are there for basic essentials. A fraction of this big spending would go a long way towards things to benefit Kaikoura, like a designated area for kids with motorbikes to have fun.

Start under the railway bridge on SH1. This could be made nice at little cost.

People can't hang their washing out on some roads for dust - seal these areas.

Potholes for miles outside the high school, footpaths promised for years.

I will say that the town water supply is quite good now we don't have the water restrictions like we used to.

Cynthia Boyd

Kaikoura Star