Letters : Speed in town

01:24, Dec 07 2012

A fun occasion

Tis the season to be jolly so get along with the little people in your life and enjoy the uproarious, outrageous antics of The Twits at the Boathouse Theatre.

It's the perfect antidote to silly season stress and the kids will love you for it.

Synergy youth mentoring was privileged to be invited to the dress rehearsal, thanks to Duncan Whiting and new mentor Bridget McNamara.

We practically filled the house and the rafters rang with laughter from the first moment, building to a fine madness and mayhem at the end.

You have to be there to see why you end up waving your shoes on your hands over your heads.


All the actors, from the youngest to oldest, did themselves proud. Thank you to all involved for making it such a special fun-filled occasion and we hope they get a great crowd every night - they deserve it.


Synergy youth mentoring co-ordinator


The season of The Twits continues at 7pm today and finally at 2pm and 7pm tomorrow . - Editor

Speed in town

I have written requesting an answer on previous occasions but the powers that be in the council don't see fit to answer. Once again is or is not the 30kmh limit still in place in central Blenheim?

I had business in town and walked virtually the whole of the CBD. If the 30kmh limit is still in force it would, by the speed vehicles travel, appear to be ignored, especially by large four-wheel-drives and company vehicles with company names on them.

If it is still in force and with a busy period approaching, why is it not policed?



The 30kmh signs are certainly still up at the entrances to the Blenheim CBD. -Editor

Successful show

Many congratulations to all involved in putting together a very successful Oliver show.

Marred for me only by the woman sitting next to me who, when she started talking and I went sshhhhhh, she hit me.

But well done to all. I'm a very proud Granna.



The Marlborough Express