Letters: Waste of time

23:46, Dec 11 2012

Waste of time

I feel I must thank the TV One reporter who wasted about three minutes of my time watching One News at 6pm on December 4.

This reporter was describing the arrival, and subsequent deeds, of an aircraft and its passenger.

In the first place she described the aircraft as a private aircraft. This was patently wrong, as it obviously was a Grumman Gulfstream in the livery of the United States Air Force (USAF). As the USAF owns nearly 200 of this breed of aircraft, there is nothing private about that.

She then carried on describing the passenger as a spy, spies and even "spooks". Did she see the immigration arrival card and see these descriptions written as such? I'm pretty sure she would have found the words government employee or another generic version of the same. The fact that he or she may be an intelligence operative is not a normally publicised definition.

She then carried on speculating about the reason for the visit, trying to embroil the prime minister and the co-leader of the Green Party. She rightfully got nowhere with her inappropriate venues for these questions.


I normally enjoy One News, but not when I have to watch such sensationalism to put a story across.

If this person had arrived on a normal commercial flight, they would, possibly, have created a ripple. Or did the "spy" do this, leaving the "obvious" transportation as a red herring?



Council spending

I expect we will all be expecting a big rates reduction next year as, according to what I have read in the Marlborough Express, they are at it again. Yes, the council are debating where they can spend more of our ratepayers' money.

When you look around the town, there are continuing council construction contracts which are costing plenty going on.

There is the toilet park on the corner of Queen St, the revamped roundabouts, which still look the same, and of course the unborn white elephant theatre in the car park beside the Clubs of Marlborough.

It is only about 10 years since the gold was laid down on Market St. Maybe they are considering platinum for a change.

Remember, ratepayers, that there will be a council election next year. Go along to the council offices and get a printout of the rates you paid over the last six years and perhaps it will help you decide who has been there in council for the period.

I am sure a lot of people will get a shock when they see we are paying more than some are in Auckland.

Here's hoping for a new council and mayor.



Town art

I want to say that I do appreciate art, very much indeed.

But, good heavens, I do hope the keen councillors of Blenheim have good taste when they come to choosing sculptures for our lovely town.

Our good mayor, Mr Sowman, thinks it's a good idea to have sculptures around the town and we should get cracking.

I have been worried all week after seeing the photograph you put on the front ["Sculptural artworks proposed for region", Express, November 28].

And, golly gosh, I hope we never see anything like that in our town.



The picture used with the sculpture trust story was our choice, not one suggested by Mr Sowman or the council. - Editor

Picton's future

There has been much talk of the Interislander possibly moving to Clifford Bay.

Some have suggested Picton could become a destination in its own right like Queenstown.

Heaven forbid. We do not need all that glitz where locals can no longer afford to live.

Picton has so much going for it. Tourists are and should be made welcome, with locals sharing our lovely town and the Sounds.



Coastal shipping

It is an extraordinary comment by ferry operators that shipping direct between Wellington and Lyttelton is not feasible because the present ships are not suitable and the sea trip would take three hours longer. ["Ferry operators rule out Lyttelton service," Express, December 6.]

What right have they to expect that a new destination should be designated as suitable only for their present vessels? It is a bit rich when they take no cognisance of the cost to Picton of losing the ferries, but expect us to accept that they should not have to invest in different boats.

As for the three hours' extra shipping time to Lyttelton, I find it hard to believe that appropriate ships travelling overnight would have any disadvantage against a slow boat trip to Clifford Bay followed by a four-hour road or rail trip to Christchurch.

It is time the country took into account the inevitable impending increases in transport costs and future-proofed itself by re-establishing a worthwhile coastal shipping infrastructure using existing ports and facilities, albeit with different ships.



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