Letters : Thanks for the reports

Salmon hearings

We wish to extend our thanks to you and your newspaper for your coverage of the hearings before the board of inquiry re the King Salmon application to extend its operations in the Marlborough Sounds.

As property owners in the Sounds and living in Christchurch, we were grateful to be able to follow the proceedings through your newspaper via the internet. We appreciated the efforts taken by your newspaper to present a sensitive issue largely ignored by other media.

We would like to mention in particular the work of Penny Wardle, whose accounts of events were clear and concise and gave an accurate portrayal of the proceedings. Her work was most commendable.

Thank you once again for the Marlborough Express' service to the community.



Care for others

I have just read Mayor Alistair Sowman's opinion piece ["Answers among us, not in bureaucratic process", Express, December 7] and it would be one of the few occasions I would agree with him on some of his points.

Society is judged on how we treat the least among us: The weak, the poor, the sick, the elderly, the disadvantaged.

How we might treat, for instance, a young girl who has been abused from birth, who has been neglected, unloved, criticised, beaten and passed around like an unwanted puppy. Who had the massive disadvantage of being born in the wrong circumstances - who has committed no crime.

In our society, we have agencies and organisations designed to look after children with these backgrounds, to be the backstops where normally a parent might be, to guide where family guidance is missing. We have foster parents - many of them provide the love where love is missing, and sadly some do it for the money.

When these all fail, where the backstops are stopped, the foster placements topple and the Government agencies don't do their job, we are left with the shattered remains of a girl who has no self worth, who has no idea she has a future, who has no idea she is lovable - who is hurt and angry and broken.

Does any one in this community care about her? Does this community have any questions about her?

What about our MP? Do you have any questions Mr King?

This girl is quite real.



Palestinian view

In reply to Hana Senesh [letters, Express, November 27], it was disappointing to read such a letter of empathy written in support of Israel, given the huge disparity in the welfare of people living in Israel and Palestine.

You must first look at the cause of the recent conflict. The escalation of rocket attacks were in retaliation for the assassination of a Palestinian government official by Israel.

What would the reaction be by other countries if there was such an advertised and arrogant assassination of one of their government officials such as this?

The retaliation rockets fired from Palestine killed three Israelis, while the attacks from Israel killed more than 100 Palestinian men women and children. If you look at the history of attacks on the Gaza strip, you may be surprised to see that they coincide with times just before Israeli elections (next election in January).

As for your comments on the funding from the Western World to Palestine, Israel is heavily funded by the largest economy in the world (the United States) and is still being paid massive amounts of money from Germany for the atrocities of the Holocaust. The funds given to Palestine pale in comparison.

Now Israel wants to build 3000 additional homes in the Arab occupied areas of east Jerusalem and the West Bank, which has been condemned by European nations and Jordan.

You would think a culture targeted in one of the worst atrocities in the world (the Holocaust) would think twice before inflicting the sorts of pain, suffering and killing that Israel regularly does to the Palestinians.




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