Letters : The real reason

Horan sacking

Winston Peter's sacking of Brendon Horan and the subsequent cacophony of calls for his resignation exposes the travesty that is MMP and the wider system of party representation.

These questions need to be considered.

Does Horan represent the party or the people? If it is the people, then how can he be sacked by the party? If it is the party and it can sack him then why is the party not paying his salary?

In the world I come from, service and accountability exists between the payer and payee. The political world should be no different.



Items stolen

I have lived in Blenheim for 2 years and on most good-weathered Saturdays you will find me down at the Saturday market in the Railway Station car park selling off bits and pieces that came with me from the UK, that are now surplus to my needs.

This is a message from me to the lowlife who has stolen over the last couple of weeks a silver ring set with a small onyx (black) stone, a silver necklace with a silver pendant set with a circular moss agate stone and a multi- crystal bracelet.

I am so disappointed and disgusted by your actions. You obviously have no scruples or morals at all and do not know right from wrong. Shame on you.

Maybe someone will get the above as a Christmas present. I cannot imagine that I will ever get these items back.



The real reason

The Marlborough Express devotes a full-page spread of colourful photos depicting this year's Blenheim Christmas parade [December 10] but, alas, can find "no room in the inn" for one snap-shot depicting the Nativity story.

Not being in attendance, I have to admit to presumption that the parade did in fact feature a nativity-theme float. Excellent, if it did.

However, on the evidence of the Express page 13 feature, I suspect I might also be guilty of rash over-optimism.

In the context I speak of, the published photo of two Christmas angels handing out lollies to parade onlookers hardly qualifies as nativity-related visual storytelling.

Call me old-fashioned and out-of-touch with many 21st-century touchstones; but, I believe it is to society's detriment to let tinsel-consumerist constructs of festivities wholly overtake any knowledge of, or regard for, a certain awe-inspiring historical event that occurred in Bethlehem some 2000 years ago - a happening that, repeating an illuminating phrase, established the real "reason for the [Christmas] season".



The Marlborough Express