Letters : Jesus Christ is not a swear word

17:22, Dec 13 2012

Fishers bite back

Recreational fishing is the major sport for New Zealanders, according to a recent Horizon poll that showed there are five times more recreational anglers than rugby players.

So why do governments give the recreational fishing public such shoddy treatment?

I refer to the partial lifting of the set-net ban for just four months while the other sectors, customary and commercial, can fish for 365 days a year. The minister wants recreational fishers to stay with their nets. Will he impose the same condition on commercial and customary fishers?

Recreational fishing is a major economic generator. Some 10 years ago a South East Australian study commissioned on New Zealand's recreational fishing showed the recreational public spent $983 million per year in pursuit of their sport. Today that would be well over $1 billion generated a year.

It is my suggestion the Ministry of Primary Industries (ex-Fisheries) and Minister David Carter reassess the position, go back to their drawing boards, and come up with a fair deal for the one million recreational fishers.


Otherwise it is blatant discrimination.



Council of Outdoor Recreation Associations of NZ

Scared to speak

Thank you for publishing my letter regarding the lack of whistleblowers over the Pike River mine [Express, November 11].

Since the publication of the letter, I have been approached by people telling me the contents of my letter were very true. Some have even said that there is no way they can address the work issues they face because they have no-one to discuss their problems with. Also, too, one can become isolated if deemed a troublemaker and jobs are very scarce.

This is a very sad fact. The Christchurch teachers have managed to gather supporters for their cause. I am in no way suggesting that they have been bullied but there is support in numbers and they are confidently fighting for a cause they believe in.

They are unlike the person who has to stand alone and has neither the support nor resources to fight for their rights. So the bullying just goes on because people are too frightened. The bully grows in strength and is not challenged.

What a sad society some of us live in. Yet it could be rectified if people were prepared to stand up for the rights of others.



Cheap laugh

I hope the Aussie radio jocks - who, by way of surreptitious impersonation of royalty invaded the privacy of Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, at London's King Edward VII hospital - feel suitably rewarded for their cheek and brazenness.

For the sake of a cheap laugh at royalty's expense they have also heaped untold pain and misery upon innocent and caring others ["Nurse who took Middleton prank call found dead", Stuff, December 8].

Radio can do without such blood-on-the-hands idiots who, never minding the rights and feelings of others, prefer to burnish showy and selfish egos calculating such "sensational" indulgences are appealing to today's airwave-audience.

How mistaken they are.



Not a swear word

Jesus Christ - swear word or saviour?

Coming up to Christmas I thought it time to raise the question - why is it that wherever you go, Jesus Christ has become the most common, acceptable swear word when actually it's not acceptable and is extremely offensive.

The fourth commandment states not to misuse the name of the Lord.

Jesus Christ is the most significant person to walk the earth - everything about him is good and positive. He brings healing, hope and peace and changes lives for good. When you hear Christmas Carols think on the words: "Joy to the world (why?), the lord is come", "Hark the herald angels sing, glory to the new born king, peace on earth and mercy mild, God and sinners reconciled", "Silent night, holy night . . . Christ the saviour is born".

Maybe this Christmas its time to reflect on who Christ is, repent and accept God's gift for you.



Plan changes

The Marlborough District Council have recently notified proposed changes to the Wairau-Awatere Resource Management Plan and the Marlborough Sounds Resource Management Plan.

They have been referred to as "minor amendment plan changes", however there is the potential for significant effects to landowners as a result of these changes.

For example, council proposed to change the interpretation of the shape factor rule, which will result in many properties that can currently be subdivided as a controlled activity (must be approved by council) to possibly not being able to be subdivided in the future.

Council has notified all ratepayers of the proposed changes, and if you have any concerns, it would be wise to discuss these with council or a surveyor, and if you are affected, lodge a submission with council prior to December 21, 2012.


Nelson-Marlborough Branch

New Zealand Institute of Surveyors

The Marlborough Express