Letters : Salmon farm petitions

20:20, Dec 16 2012

New constitution

In Egypt, President Morsi is trying to force through a constitution imposing Islamic rule on his country. In New Zealand the Maori Party is attempting to force through a new constitution that imposes the radical principles of Maori sovereignty on to our country.

The National Party coalition deal with the Maori Party included this review of our constitution. National have committed $4 million of taxpayers' money to the project.

National will sacrifice almost anything to retain Maori Party support and power to rule. Already they have given away our foreshore and coastlines, and secretly committed New Zealand to the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous People.

Constitutional law expert Professor Allan, of Queensland University, commented that for a country to change its constitution in today's democratic era, without asking its own citizens through a referendum, is on a par with a military coup in Pakistan or Mugabe's rule in Zimbabwe.

Maori demands are increasing; and are increasingly being granted. Enough. Demand open government with integrity. Contact your MP now.



Hibiscus Coast

Salmon farm petition

Green MP Steffan Browning is incorrect in saying the salmon farm petition has been signed by "over 11,000 New Zealanders".

The petition was hosted on AVAAZ which promotes itself as a global web movement and as such has been signed by many people outside New Zealand.

The petition itself is flawed on numerous accounts.

Its failings include:

Inconsistency in text on the petition site and no evidence of what text people signed up to at any point in time.

Unverified signatories and the potential for one person to sign up multiple times.

Inaccurate visuals.

The Environmental Protection Agency's recent board of inquiry was a very thorough and professional process and there has been some robust testing of all of the evidence.

We now await the interim decision on December 19.

We hope the board's decision will be supportive and enable us to bring to fruition this great opportunity for the Marlborough region, aquaculture in New Zealand and the nation itself.


Chief executive

NZ King Salmon

The Marlborough Express