Letters : Child poverty

20:22, Dec 17 2012

Child poverty

The article outlining the severity of our child poverty problem in New Zealand reflects very badly on us as a country [Child poverty plan has $2b price, Express, December 11].

Our children are literally our future and for 20 per cent of them (270,000) living in poverty, their future is bleak indeed. The high number of our children living in damp, cold houses, being hungry, abused and generally not having their basic needs met is shameful.

Our Children's Commissioner has come up with some brave recommendations that will address this problem.

Many of these have already been ignored by the Government as they are "too expensive".

If we don't act now the cost to our society will be much greater. Let us as a country invest in our greatest asset, our children.


Otherwise the gap between the haves and the have nots will grow.

Interesting to note on the same page of the Express as the child poverty article, that while many of our poorest will enjoy a wretched Christmas, our Prime Minister John Key will be flying his family to their holiday home in Hawaii for several weeks' family holiday. It's all right for some.

Let's hope that when Mr Key returns refreshed from Hawaii in the new year he is ready to seriously address this child poverty issue.



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