Letters : Bleak outlook

20:13, Dec 23 2012

Bleak outlook

A walk east from the post office down Main St in Blenheim is a dismal journey and one that has prompted my decision that this Christmas I will choose retailers based solely on the quality and character of their architecture.

No-one cared about the richness of civic space when these buildings, and others like them, were designed and approved.

They have made the environments they occupy places few want to be in - they are public spaces not worth caring about. Graffiti and litter are replies to the single raised finger these structures present us.

Much has been written about the town plan, zoning and the Resource Management Act.

And ultimately we probably all have a responsibility for the abandonment of civic space to windowless, concrete, rubbish architecture.


History, however, may look more closely at the legacy of this council. I have no doubt councillors will be honoured for their service.

I suggest at least one of them puts his or her plaque on the gloomy tilt slab wall of Briscoes. Historians may then safely assume they meant it to be this way.



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