Letters : Inconvenience

18:55, Jan 22 2013


I was dumbfounded when for the first time, on Saturday night, I went to use the public toilets to find them locked (Liz Davidson Park). What a waste of a time that is, all that money spent on a public facility not available to the public when needed.

I always wondered why there was such a stench of urine around shop fronts in town. Well, now I know: When the convenience facilities are locked, and you are busting, and the taxi companies advise 40 minutes until they can pick you up, it is easy to appreciate how desperate people can become.

Please don't tell me it is due to vandalism. The designs available for public facilities have come so far, and many are virtually indestructible. There are cameras all over the area.

Come on council, public facilities are for use by all the public; as long as businesses are allowed to operate, facilities should be available for use.




For the birds . . .

I am referring to the letter from Grant Rosewarne [Express, Jan 16], in which he complains about bias in an article about King Shags by Penny Wardle.

The article reports an opinion from Rob Schuckard, a world expert on King Shags. There have been plenty of articles in the past reporting only the opinion of King Salmon, which many of us disagree with, but we do not hear Mr Rosewarne complaining of bias then!

What we are all interested in is facts based on scientific evidence, not generic spin motivated by corporate greed. Here are some facts. Mr Schuckard qualified with a masters in ornithology in 1979 and is recognised by his peers as the world's leading expert on King Shags. He has written and had published more scientific papers than any other expert, and has given expert testimony in numerous court cases.

Mr Rosewarne quotes evidence given by Mr Sagar, King Salmon's expert, at the recent EPA hearing, stating that there would be no impact from the proposed salmon farms on the population of King Shags. I quote from the publicly accessible transcript: Mr Sagar, under oath, when cross-examined, listed for the board his qualifications on the specific subject of King Shags as observing them "on family holidays of one to two weeks each year".

When asked whether King Shags fly over land he replied "that is something you would have to ask them".



Cinema noise

What is it about the cinema and food and drink? I have been to the cinema four times in the last couple of weeks at different times of the day and, on each occasion, the experience has been spoiled.

How? By the almost constant noise produced by fingers scrabbling for popcorn in a paper bag and the slurping of various drinks through straws. The change to paper bags from "buckets" is rather recent I think and it is a change for the worse, noise-wise. As an ex-sound mixer for films and TV, perhaps I am more aware of extraneous noise than most, but I know the rustling sounds annoy other people too. Is it not possible to last two hours or so without the need to eat or drink? I'm sure the cinema owners gather a good revenue from the sale of these products, I'm equally sure they won't stop selling them. A solution would be to provide headphone sockets in each seat, so one could listen in peace, dream on.

By the way, the four diverse films were all worth seeing, despite the distractions.




Nowadays we hire experts to hire experts who in turn, when the problem gets complicated, hire other experts who will hire experts again to obtain more relevant expertise. By that time, it will be doubtful if the solution offered by all these experts is still related to the original problem.

However, we can always hire another expert or maybe a co-ordinator of experts. By that time we need an expert in complexities and chaos management. Long live the experts!



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