Letters: Bad - and brilliant customer service

21:43, Jan 23 2013

Bad - and brilliant

In the past four weeks, we have experienced some awful customer service in Marlborough - lack of interest, lack of product knowledge, and no desire to be helpful, which has resulted in us leaving those businesses without spending any money.

Over the Christmas and New Year period, we had a lovely experience with a warm, friendly, enthusiastic and helpful young lady at Just Jeans. The result was that even though we were only really window shopping, we spent a couple of hundred dollars.

On Sunday, we had a wonderful time at Highfield Estate; right from when we rang to book a table, through the meal itself and finally to paying the bill. The friendly, bubbly manner of the staff made you feel like you were making their day by being there. Nothing was too much trouble, and the staff couldn't have been more attentive - what a wonderful experience.

A big thank you to the staff at Highfield Estate. Keep up the great work. We'll be back, and will tell everyone else, too.




Afloat in rubbish

During the Maritime Festival last Sunday, my husband and I took a walk down by the water taxi area of the refurbished waterfront.

We watched as a group of passengers from the cruise ship berthed in Picton came in after a trip around our beautiful Sounds. I was shocked to see all the rubbish floating around the wharf area where they were disembarking. The water was milky, filled with diesel remnants, plastic bottles and bags and paper etc.

Not only could we see it, the passengers would have seen it as well. What a disgusting eyesore.

Surely this area is the responsibility of the harbour board/district council/taxi operators? The rubbish was very close to the wharf, easily reached with a scoop. I am aware it is an ongoing, wind-fuelled problem.

Maybe a case of "out of sight, out of mind". I think not.



Witnesses wanted

On Tuesday, January 22, my car was parked in the New World carpark opposite the main entrance between about 1pm and 2pm.

On returning to my vehicle, a dark red Suzuki Grand Vitara, I found both right-hand doors scratched and dented, and with white paint transferred on to them. No note was left.

If anyone witnessed this incident, I would appreciate hearing from them - or if you are the individual who scraped my car and then ran away, do the right thing. And I would also appreciate hearing from any panelbeater who is asked to fix a white car with dark red paint on it, probably on the left front.



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