Letters: A perfect wedding

23:47, Jan 24 2013
Jacqui Leslie Photography
Jacqui Leslie Photography

A perfect wedding

On behalf of our friends and families, we would like to say thank you for our fabulous wedding on January 11 at Drylands winery in Blenheim.

We are so pleased we chose Blenheim as our wedding destination. We have met some incredibly professional, talented and generous people.

Dietmar and his team at Drylands provided amazing food, wine and service in such a beautiful location.

Nina at Pink Poppie did the most gorgeous dahlia flower arrangements we have ever seen.

Rex and Barbara Bright generously provided the beautiful dahlias for the tables.


Leanne at Vanilla Ink did the beautiful stationery and was so helpful every step of the way.

Lyall, Val and Steve from the Zephyr club provided the coolest of wedding cars. Mary Parker wowed everyone with a three-layered cake with dahlias painstakingly made from fondant.

Jacqui Leslie captured every moment with her amazing photography. DJ Steve got everyone up dancing. The girls at Xfoliate, Grace at Thomas's and Tracy from The Vogue made the girls look the best they could possibly be.

Sounds Connection transported 168 guests to and from the venue seamlessly and with a smile.

Yvonne Dasler was a wonderful celebrant who really "got us" and added that personal touch to our vows.

We would also like to thank Mum and Dad Blackmore, Josh and Sarah from the Boost Coffee Cart, BV Gourmet and de Brood Bakkers for catering at the brunch the next day.

Lastly, thank you to the weather gods. Blenheim turned on a fantastic two days. Not too hot, not too cold and not too windy - amazing!

Thanks, Marlborough!



Council loan

It is a pity it took one week to put my letter in the paper; plus, some was cut out. Never mind.

The council also agreed $1.4 million to the New Zealand Aviation Trust, plus interest at the council's present rate, but added a rider that if the trust can increase visitor numbers to 30,000 per annum, it will not have to pay the loan back, or the interest.

It is our rates money they are playing with. No wonder our rates in Blenheim are so high. My rate increases in the past five years since 2008-09 were 7.24 per cent, 5.96 per cent, 9.45 per cent, 5.45 per cent and 5.45 per cent. This year we will have to wait and see.

This is why you should vote and stop the rot.

It is OK if you are on a high salary. The mayor has just had a 5 per cent increase, backdated to July 2012, so he can well afford the higher rates.

I will say no more at this stage. Watch this space.



Country pleasures

Wow, another great music weekend of amazing, talented people, including the musicians.

Disappointing that there were empty seats at the finals.

Had a great time at the Country Music Awards.



Salmon farms

Over 70 people attended a great film/meeting about salmon farms at the Picton Little Theatre. Over 60 at Havelock. King Salmon chief executive Grant Rosewarne was given a fair amount of footage.

Comments from the floor: "We need salmon farms to help pay for the education we used to get free."

You could argue that we don't have free education any more, because we elected governments that allowed it to happen, not because we can't afford it.

"What are you doing about the damage done to the marine environment by boats on swing moorings in the Sounds and Waikawa Bay?"

Where lush shellfish beds provided kaimoana, there is now a boat garage in Waikawa Bay.

The bay has been compromised by marinas, runoff from subdivisions and bush clearance upstream, to the extent that a councillor told us: "There's no point in preventing further deterioration".

Another said: "What you people need to realise is that the Wairau Plains owe their fertility to silt runoff."

That's the price of progress. Five salmon farms may or may not be a small factor in the overall damage being inflicted incrementally on the Sounds' environment, and it may not lead to a gold rush of many more salmon farms, but, if by luck, our public marine ecosystem survives five more salmon farms, why not add a few more? And then a few more?

Then, if the environment does become compromised, it can be argued that there will be no point in trying to stop further degradation. That has been the story of human progress so far.



Clifford Bay

I can't believe they are seriously thinking of having a ferry terminal at Clifford Bay. I remember a while ago a fisherman saying how rough the sea gets there, especially in winter.

What will happen to the salt works? Will they be affected by having a terminal nearby. Also, Picton people who travel and arrive at Clifford Bay will have to drive all the way back to Picton.

The Picton ferry terminal is modern and popular with tourists as well as the public.



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