Letters : Fun on the riverbank

I love to have fun
I love to have fun

Fun on riverbank

My friends and I enjoy a stroll through Pollard Park and we especially love working out the cryptic messages which are created with flowers on the riverbank near the fountain.

Well done, all of you, because the gardens are great and the messages are fun.



Horse jerky

My friends and I enjoyed a snack of horsemeat [Express editorial, Monday, January 22] just the other day.

It was not as burgers but as a sort of jerky, cut from a semi-frozen lump into about 8mm by 8mm strips, salted and oiled, then cooked on racks and left to dry in the hot oven. This makes nice finger food to have with beer.

Several people commented how good it was and one person thought it was my best batch yet.

Nobody asked what it was and I didn't say.



Let us know

The Tony Orman Soapbox column in the Saturday Express (January 19) was just great and very timely about politicians who are very well paid but don't see themselves as duty bound to the voters who put them in. It was spot on.

The Marlborough District Council's penchant for closed-door meetings shows the wrong culture, with our mayor signing a confidentiality agreement about Clifford Bay.

Why should this be confidential? Get off the grass. They are using our public money, so the public has a right to know.

Far too often matters are kept from the public on the grounds of commercial sensitivity.

Councillors and Government need to be more sensitive to keeping their constituents informed about what is going on and how their money is spent.

Yes, often people say that if you feed peanuts you get monkeys, but hang on, these blokes are being paid handsomely and we get political gorillas.

There are cases where councillors attend meetings and say nothing, yet draw a very good salary. Others, for their ego, intimidate and bully and wrangle what suits.

I reckon the whole system needs a big revamp nationwide. To be fair all round, the chief executives should also be made to run for election every three years. That would be real democracy and value for public money.



Picton has it all

"It is important to spread confusion and not eliminate it."

Well, Gerry Brownlee is achieving this. With the information Gerry is uncovering, he should not expect us to be too impressed.

Government officials have been working on this Clifford Bay proposal for more than 18 months. This confidential work is for the selected eyes, who swear to secrecy. What's the hidden agenda?

Gerry does not want rumours and ill-informed comments brought into the port discussion, but he is not providing any other facts to face.

If Gerry would spend a day or three in Picton, he would see everyone has a relationship with the ferries - the restaurants, hotels, motels, medical centre, coastguard, bakery, schools, shops, banks, pharmacies, campgrounds, etc.

A port town needs all these services and, if you look around, Gerry, Picton offers it all. So does Lyttelton but it needs a $1 billion rebuild.

Why not take the supplies needed directly to the core of the problem? But I have not learned to think like a politician. TIM M cCAFFREY


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