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20:01, Jan 29 2013

Clifford Bay

I, along with many others oppose the proposed move of the Ferry Terminal from Picton to Clifford Bay. I resent the spending of many thousands of dollars on the investigation study and any possible foreign control.

In all the talk there has been, very little if any consideration for the Dominion Salt Works at Lake Grassmere. Any activity at Clifford Bay will impede the flow of clean saltwater into the salt pans, leaving a lot of silt and polluted water. The heavy traffic on the road past the salt pans would cause dust and pollution from emissions.

Dominion Salt produces at least half of New Zealand's needs, domestic and industrial.

Any port and the necessary infrastructure would severely compromise Dominion Salt.

I sincerely hope common sense will prevail and no further money will be squandered on investigation.




Pacific workers

As a NZ-born citizen who now resides in Australia, I read in disgust of your support for schemes whereby Pacific Island workers are imported into New Zealand and Marlborough to work in the local vineyards and dairy industry. That directly results in lower wages for local inhabitants and changes the gender balance of the region.

New Zealand currently is the only gender-balanced country in the western world in the 15-to-40 years single age group, which I believe is fantastic and should be preserved and protected by an act of parliament.

Due to similar work immigrant schemes, gender balance in Australia is now so bad, I reckon young NZ male migrants should be warned on the flight over here that Australia is a sausage sizzle and could be potentially hazardous to their physical and mental health.

All jokes aside, we don't want to become another Australia, do we?

So if the wine and dairy industry cannot survive without turning New Zealand into a low wage sausage sizzle, best we rip out the vines, shoot the cows.



Football fan

I am writing to congratulate your paper on its excellent coverage of football news, especially the English Premier League. Your article every Monday reports fully the weekend action in the Barclay's Premier League.

I, and I'm sure, many other Marlburians, support a team in the Premier League. Your coverage well surpasses the football offerings of the Christchurch Press, who quite often have none at all.

Please keep up the good work.



Fishing rules

With the Government going through restructuring, I find it very satisfying to see that they have finally seen through Phil Heatley. He failed miserably as Minister of Fisheries and that has shown with the law changes since he was tossed out.

Now people in Marlborough can go and get a feed of fish with the aid of a set net again, although we are still being treated unfairly with both commercial and customary allowed to net for 12 months and recreational only for four months.

Come on David [Carter, current Minister for Primary Industries], be fair, I also hope that you see sense and change the cod slot rule before it's too late. Most fishers are catching longer cod and returning them, only to die.

I have dived under a boat and seen this happening.

Please David, see sense before you ruin the Sounds, with no-one benefiting.



Drive to Clutha

Steve Mason says he is an Invercargill lad (Editor's blog, Express, January 21) and that Balclutha is 45 minutes up the road. I would like to see him drive 125km in 45 minutes, considering the towns in between as well. Edendale, Mataura, Gore, Waipahi, Waiwera, Clinton, need I say more?

Sorry matey, I'm a Southlanderrrrrrr, too.



The reference was to the Southland-Otago boundary, which is about 45 minutes from Balclutha, driving behind a slow stock truck (which usually happens). For the record, I grew up in Gore, where we made an even better job of rolling those Rs. - Editor

Dogs barking

As a concerned dog owner I feel the dog control people should not act on just one phone call. There should be at least three or more complaints as dogs are allowed to bark for 30 seconds, according to the dog control.

The noise control does not act between 6am and 10pm so why not apply the same laws to dogs? Anything can make a dog bark, so why punish them before you find out the cause?



Gerry's game

Mr Sowman, it looks like Gerry Brownlee ["Brownlee urges ferry calm", Express, January 23] is playing you and your followers at the same game that was played on the people of Marlborough.

It is not so long ago information and figures and the impact it would have on your ratepayers etc was asked of the council regarding the parking building, the theatre, the mini park, the clock tower and a referendum to ascertain if the people wanted some of these proposals, all with no response.

How does it feel to be on the other end of the stick?

I see by a study carried out in Europe that libraries will be obsolete as such, with new technology taking their place. Think about it.



Buy NZ

A few years ago, many people used the slogan "Buy New Zealand Made"; businesses, residents and councils of the time used it.

Perhaps the council should have practised this when choosing the Christmas trees for Picton.

Real live Christmas trees are grown here in Marlborough, and I am sure a fresh one or two each year for 10 years would cost less than the figure quoted in your paper.

Why not buy New Zealand made instead of importing from China or anywhere else?



Picton water

Why are we wasting valuable funds building a theatre and looking at extending the airport building when our council can't even supply any type of quality drinking water in Picton, Seddon or Renwick?

The theatre and airport terminal are luxury items but quality water supplies and sewage schemes are necessities.

I would love a new car and house but in today's economic climate I simply can't afford that cost so I don't do it. I think it's about time the council got it's head out of the clouds and focussed on getting the basics right.

Can't wait until the elections.



Grateful for help I thought I would respond to this story ["Rescue chopper flies twice to sound", marlexpress.co.nz, january 28] as the little girl in the story is my daughter Iris.

We were camping at Nikau Cove when she woke with severe breathing difficulties. She was treated by the advanced paramedic onboard the rescue helicopter and then received further treatment from Wairau Hospital to ease her breathing difficulties and was discharged on Sunday morning.

We are extremely grateful for the fast response, help and care we received from Gary and his team on board the rescue helicopter, our friend Shelley Avery and the duty team at the Portage Resort for their assistance and for the further aid and care we received from Sara, the on duty ED doctor, and Jodi our nurse and feel very lucky to live in a community served by such dedicated and caring people.



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