Letters : Japan visit

20:47, Jan 31 2013

Japan visit

I see some school lads are off to Japan to visit one of our sister cities ["Japan bound", Saturday Express, January 26].

Good on them and I'm sure they will enjoy the experience. I'm pleased they are working hard to raise the additional money to finance their trip to remember. They will return with a totally different view of both countries, New Zealand and Japan. Interestingly, though, is the report that Graeme Barsanti is going as well.

He just happens to be the chairman of the Marlborough District Council sister city sub-committee and by his own admission, in spite of having been on 15 previous trips with sister city parties, he has developed only a "reasonable understanding" of the language but has managed a bit of "valuable" personal networking.

Now, I assume Graeme's trips have been funded out of our rates and, if so, the return on our expenditure has been worse than that from the parking building.

It certainly hasn't improved my standard of living or reduced our rates.




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