Letters : Pigeon poo

23:47, Feb 03 2013

Pigeon poo

Monday morning, leaped on my steed heading for the red shed.

At the Alfred St bridge, jumped off (don't ride bike on footpaths) and before my eyes was a disgraceful sight. Pigeon poo everywhere, even on the seats provided for clients of Winz.

Is this not council property?

This, the most-used footpath in town.

Clean it up council.




Dirty loo

I agree with Barry Davidson ["Dirty loo flushes out potty protest", Express, January 30], those toilets in Liz Davidson Pl in Blenheim have been a total waste of money.

There used to be three women's toilets, one disabled toilet, three men's urinals and also a toilet in the men's. Now we are down to three toilets that are poorly identified; this was proven when seeing a man walk in and use the so-called women's/disabled toilet.

They stink and have done since being there and there are no rubbish bins in the toilet. It would have been much simpler to label them men's, women's, disabled, instead of the pictures to which people pay no attention.

Why fix something that wasn't broken? I personally preferred the other toilets. The other toilets could have stayed, and the park built around them but, no, we know how much council enjoys spending the ratepayers' money.



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