Letters : Sister city

01:19, Feb 05 2013

Clean water

As far as our waterways are concerned, poison is pollution and pollution is a poison. All creatures need water and most require clean water.

Water that is too polluted for trout is too polluted for people.

The Marlborough District Council has already issued a warning to the public because of the high bacteria count in the Taylor River.

I walked along the Taylor River on January 30 and didn't see a single trout. That is not surprising given the state of the waterway.

Algae covers much of the bottom of the river. I have never seen this before. It is a sign that the river is dying.


Poisoning the spring creeks which feed the river is having an effect, but that is not the only source of pollution.

When we poison our waterways, we poison ourselves, so what are we going to do about it? If we do nothing, we will be cursed for our stupidity by our grandchildren.

We could at the very least stop poisoning the spring creeks.



Pool hours

It is 3.45pm on Sunday, January 27, and 25 degrees Celsius. I decide to go for a swim. Opening hours on the stadium door: "Weekends 8.30am to 5pm".

Despite this and with experience from countless other times that the outdoor pool has not been open as the advertising states, I asked at the counter if the outdoor pool was open and received a pleasant "yes" in response.

Fantastic. I enter the outdoor area about 3.55pm and before I can take my towel off my shoulders the lifeguard announces that the pool closes at 4pm.

There hadn't been a code brown. It just simply shut at 4pm. According to this lifeguard, apparently the closing hours of the pool change every day.

If it is $5 for the pool facilities and it is advertised on the door as closing at 5pm, is Stadium 2000 not in breach of the Consumer Guarantee, and in breach of contract? I paid $5 to use these facilities for the time advertised.

How many customers who want to swim in the outdoor pool is the stadium losing through inconsistent opening hours? How many visitors to the area are being turned away as the new outdoor pool sits closed on hot afternoons?



Marlborough Stadium Trust chief executive Paul Tredinnick responds:

Thanks for the feedback on our outdoor pool opening hours. As with all feedback, we have followed up.

The early closing at 4pm on January 27 was extraordinary. A faecal incident in the indoor pools required additional lifeguard assistance from the outdoor pool lifeguard. We ensure all pools are supervised by a lifeguard and therefore the outdoor pool was closed.

Our outdoor pool has regular weekday hours catering for early swimmers 6.45am to 8.15am, lunchtime swimmers 11.45am to 1.15pm and afternoon swimmers from 3pm to 5pm.

Weekends have the outdoor pool open from noon to 5pm. These afternoon hours are also kept in school holidays.

All pools are cleaned 15 minutes before closing and this is clearly noted at reception signage.

We will make sure we add the outdoor pool hours, which was the last pool element to be completed, to all our signs.

The use of the outdoor pool has been great this year because of the warm, sunny days, but use is always spasmodic and very much depends on the weather. On occasions, the pool is open longer on sunny afternoons and may be closed when it is extra windy or cold.

With seven pools to choose from in the Marlborough facility, we can usually accommodate most people's needs, most of the time. Certainly our visitors and local users have provided very positive feedback on our facilities.

We certainly strive to have all our customers enjoy the facility on every occasion and it is our policy with an extraordinary closing that we provide a refund if requested.

Sister city

Denis Waters appears to take umbrage [letters, Express, February 1] at my role as chair of the council's sister city sub-committee and the fact that I have participated in the regular visits to Marlborough's Japanese Sister City.

The exchange to Tendo and Otari in Japan has been working since 1991 and over that time more than 500 young Marlborough people aged 14 to 22 have gone on these exchanges. A similar number of Japanese students have come here.

This, as Mr Waters acknowledges, is a great life-changing experience.

I have travelled with many of these groups or on my own, almost completely at my own expense. My involvement is in response to the invitation that is extended by the Mayor of Tendo and Otari.

I have also home-hosted some of the Japanese students who have been part of this exchange and just this week a student I hosted nine years ago came back to spend time with us.

At times I have received some of the sponsorship available New Zealand-wide to make these visits. Both the Japanese councils and the Marlborough District Council have provided a very small level of assistance from time to time.

Over the years, some of these students have gone to work in Japan. I know of many Marlborough families who have had the families of students come and visit them after caring for their son or daughter and some marriages have even taken place.

The small sum expended by the council on our sister-city relationship is helping to build links with a smaller town and one of similar size in one of the important neighbours of our region, at the same time opening the eyes of our young people to another culture and another set of opportunities.



Marlborough District Council

Keep the posties

I disagree with Brian Dawson's statement, "We demand modern means of communication" ["Cut to mail delivery days ‘inevitable'," Express, January 30].

I can't think of a time I have demanded this. It is forced upon us. Someone designs it, someone markets it, we are convinced we need it, we buy, we use it and then we lose the things that we once liked that worked.

It's nice to see the postie bike down the road. It's nice to buy the newspaper. It's nice to ring someone on the phone. It's nice to visit a friend.

It's nice to look at photos of your grandmother and hold them. It's nice to go into a shop and buy something.

It's sad the postie doesn't blow the whistle any more.



Club says thanks

I wish to thank your newspaper for the excellent section "3 things you need to know", which obviously highlighted our croquet club's intention to create interest for recruitment of possible new members to participate in "golf croquet", a new concept.

We had a wonderful turnout and all seemed to enjoy the occasion, with several showing an interest in continuing to play this sport.

A special thank you to your pleasant and helpful staff who designed the above mentioned format, as all new participants identified our intentions through your clever layout and presentation.


Brooklyn Croquet Club

The Marlborough Express