Letters : Clean toilets

00:51, Feb 06 2013

Clean toilets

It is with interest that I read an article on the front page "Dirty loo flushes out potty protest" [Marlborough Express, January 30]. Barry Davidson has raised an interesting point about the state of our newly built toilets at the pocket park in Blenheim.

I fully support his findings regarding the disgrace of the toilets. However, I don't believe that the council should be held responsible for the way in which the toilet was found by Barry.

As a repair contractor for the council's toilets, I, too, have found this situation of abused use a serious ongoing problem.

Surely the issues of keeping the toilets clean and serviceable for all to use is the responsibility of the user.

Knowing of the problems first hand, I can only sympathise with the council and the cleaning contractors for the arduous and thankless job they perform in trying to keep toilets in a clean and fresh condition for our use.


It only takes a couple of minutes after the toilets have been cleaned for them to be found in an unsatisfactory state. I ask those who use these facilities to have some consideration for other users.

Come on, Marlborough, have some pride in our facilities. Think of others. Do we want our rates to increase once again to cover the cost of a continuous cleaning programme of our loos?

Stand up be counted. Be responsible.



Bulbs stolen

To whom it may concern:

To the woman seen digging for bulbs on our boundary fence at Bay Paddock Road. I hope you enjoy your beautiful flowers and when visitors ask where they came from you will be able to tell them where you took them from.

Helen Morton


The Marlborough Express